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I’ve been wanting to try this tea for a while and as soon as I took a whiff of the loose leaf I knew this is what I would be brewing up today. The leaves are highly fragrant with citrus oil and visually the jasmine blossoms are startling. This tea brews up pretty pale, yellow/green, even if steeped over the recommended 3 minutes. I love the balance of floral jasmine, tart, natural citrus, and the smooth oolong body. One of my favorite teas I’ve tried at Davids Tea, partly because it is flavorful without being too sweet.

Flavors: Citrus, Floral, Green, Jasmine, Lemon, Mineral, Orange

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I went into Davids Tea looking for a mid-caffeine tea that might not be too sweet. I had oolongs in my mind so I asked to smell a bunch of the loose leaf. I like gingery things so I thought I’d try the ginseng oolong but it was intimidating, both in its chunky appearance and earthy/dusty smell. So I thought I’d give vanilla orchid a try. This tea smells gently of vanilla, and gets much stronger when brewed. The vanilla flavor is herbal but still sweet enough not to be medicinal. I don’t take any honey or sugar in my tea so this was definitely not sweet on its own but had a pleasant green/mineral flavors like an earthy green tea rather than being too vegetal. It was more like hay or leaves in the best way possible. This oolong brews up light, more yellow/green than amber, and I suspect I let it oversteep, so it was a bit strong for me. The vanilla is vigorous but authentic and not at all candy-like. As long as you know that going in, this tea is worth the try.

Flavors: Grass, Hay, Medicinal, Mineral, Vanilla

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I went in David’s Tea to try some kind of black tea to kick up my afternoon. I ended up picking Glitter and Gold. A small selling point was the fact that my tea would glitter when it brewed as the gold sugar balls melted. I didn’t think this would be a big deal to me, but the effect is deliciously pretty when brewed in a clear mug. This tea is probably too sweet for me on a normal occasion, but it was fun to try. The black tea makes up the body of the drink but vanilla bean takes the frontline of flavor. It’s like having a sweet milk/creamer in your tea without the dairy. The black tea and cloves came out more in the fragrance than in the brewing. This is the perfect gift for a sparkly, fabulous loose-leaf tea lover you know. It looks good as dry loose leaf and brews up with a little fashion show. As a tea, it’s sweet vanilla black.

Flavors: Astringent, Clove, Floral, Sugar, Sweet, Vanilla

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drank Just Peachy by DAVIDsTEA
54 tasting notes

I’m a sucker for peach flavors so when I heard this summer flavor was on its way out for the season, I stocked up. It is delicious iced, rich peach flavors along with more subtle raspberry or woody foliage notes. It’s a rooibos blend, so no caffeine, which means its drinkable any time of day. It doesn’t taste artificial, though I’m sure there’s added flavoring to pump up the peach. I was a bit dismayed to get home and read the label to see that there is 1g of sugar per serving. I suppose its better than me drinking a soda, but I don’t take any sugar in my tea on purpose. I’ll still love this flavor but I’d have preferred it be a bit more tart and natural if it would have spared me the extra sugar.

Flavors: Candy, Fruity, Peach, Raspberry, Wood

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Some people hate hibiscus in their tea; I get it, it’s sour and fruity and kind of one note. Besides, it is one ingredient that brews up flavorful and colorful no matter what, so it’s added in every fruit blend under the sun. I don’t have a vendetta against hibiscus, I think it’s pretty good. That said, this tea is only okay for me. I can taste the stevia and would have rather this been uber-tart than to have added sweetener, even if it’s a natural sweetener. I choose to get this tea over another flavor because hibiscus punch is caffeine free, so it has that going for it, and it is still pink and fruity and cool. This tea is just about what you expect, but be sure you like your tea sweet.

Flavors: Fruity, Hibiscus, Sour, Sweet, Tart

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*my review is for the midnight green perfect mug, ceramic, not clear glass

I’ll admit that I’m only a few brews in with this mug, but so far it is pretty perfect. I got a dark green ceramic version of this at a Davids Tea store having a sale on teaware. Now that I have a job with an office and a desk, I am going to be using this baby to brew up my worktime tea.

It feels well made to me, though I tend to only hand wash things since I don’t have a dishwasher, so my lifestyle might be a bit gentler on the mug than others. The mesh basket is amazing, heavy duty, large enough for proper unfurling and brewing of leaves, but fine enough that absolutely no bits get through into the tea.

The cover is nice to keep the water warm while it brews and it fits snugly on top of everything. It is handy to have it as a coaster for the basket when the leaves are done brewing, but my one complaint is that a pretty decent puddle will form under the basket as it slowly drains whatever moisture was left after it was removed. The drippings are contained on the coaster-top, but you have to be careful with clean up or you’ll spill the puddle out of the coaster and all over your desk. I know there’s not really a good way to fix this beyond me being more patient when I drain my tea, but it should be noted.

Overall, I am excited with my new purchase, looks stylish but highly functional. I had my eye on this for a while and am feeling no regrets.

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drank Pom Springs by DAVIDsTEA
54 tasting notes

Juicy and pink and fruity. This is still very sweet, despite the inclusion of tart things like rose hips and rhubarb. It brews up a rich pink and is low caffeine (green tea level). Nothing too outstanding on this flavor, sweet, fruity, refreshing. My money’s on it being better iced than hot, it makes it feel more decadent and dessert-like.

Flavors: Apple, Berry, Fruity, Sweet

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I have come to love red rooibos for the all the caffeine free blends it enables. This is a rooibos blend with orange blossoms and currants. There is a tour of sour currant and medicine-like rooibos, but mainly the natural orange flavor comes through the most. It is a little too tart to be an orange creamsicle flavor, but there is definitely a vanilla presence in among the orange. Sweet without sugar, this would be extra special with some milk or as a dessert late. Simple, comforting, caffeine free.

Flavors: Cream, Floral, Fruity, Herbs, Orange, Sour, Tart, Vanilla

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After a stressful job interview, I stopped by David’s Tea for some herbal soothers. On tap today was Redberry Tonic and I filled up my iced mug. Definitely red in color, and very sweet with fruit flavors. There is tartness in the mild hibiscus and less mild rosehip flavors, but mainly this is strong flavors of apple, lemongrass, and what I guess is the buckthorn berry flavoring. Once again, this is sweet without any sugar. It was a satisfying flavor to drink iced, and a nice replacement for juice or soda. Warm, I bet this tea will hit the spot if you’re feeling tired or sick, the vitamin C and fresh fruit punch healing you at the core.

Flavors: Apple, Berry, Fruity, Hibiscus, Lemon, Red Fruits, Rosehips, Sour, Sweet, Tart

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This was my pick for tea of the day at my local Davids Teas: tart with deep berry tones in a caffeine-free blend. The dark fruit notes are strong enough to compete with the medicine-like flavors of red rooibos. It is even more amazing as a tea pop, which brings out the zing of sour berry. If I made this myself I would steep it longer than recommended to get more of the tart currant flavors. Plenty fruity and sweet without sugar, it is a nice alternative to sweeter berries like blueberry or strawberry. I would be worried if it would taste too medicine-like when brewed hot, but I’ll have to order some and try it. Cold, the tartness of the currant works in its favor.

Flavors: Berry, Black Currant, Fruity, Rooibos, Sour, Tart

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Artist, writer, reader, nerd in fandoms such as: Beatles, Sherlock, Monty Python, Simpsons, Merlin, Hell on Wheels, Game of Thrones, Mega64, and Adagio teas.

I have fun designing themed blends and trying the blends made by others on Adagio. I’ve made themed teas for AMC’s show, Hell on Wheels and for the comedy gaming group, Mega64.

I don’t take any sugar or milk in my tea and have a habit of over-steeping. I tend to prefer black teas, but I have a soft spot for mint teas in hot weather. I would like to get more adventurous in trying more green teas or other genres of teas.


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