My day off begins with some comfort food: buttered toast and ice cream for breakfast, me looking at floor plans for the Enteprise NCC-1701D, ambient noise of the 1701D bridge playing in the background, and a bit of English Breakfast. Dammit! I should have done my Earl Grey this morning to complete the theme! Ah well. I have an Earl Grey, but everything I’ve heard seems to hint it’s not the best one out there. I don’t think I’ve had a legitimately great Earl Grey yet.

Back to English Breakfast! The flavor I’m getting this time around is on the tip of my mind. It’s some kind of fruity thing. Not raisins, but similar kind of profile. What the hell is it?!? I’ve tasted it before in something else but for the life of me I can’t remember! Gaaah!

I need to start using my timer. I’m traditionally slightly haphazard when it comes to steeping times and temperatures, which is part of why I’ve veered away from green teas in recent history. I’ll watch the clock to make sure I get five minutes, but sometimes I go a little over and get some kind of flavor I wasn’t planning on getting! My boo boo.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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The name’s Holly, and I’ve been a tea drinker since spring of 2013. Tea is my happy place – it picks me up, it calms me down, it helps me focus, it helps me loosen my grip, it’s a little bit of positivity in each day. I do not drink alcohol, so tea is my recreational beverage. I love learning everything there is to know about it and sharing my experiences.

When I’m not drinking or writing about tea, I’m working at a music store and pursuing a Master’s degree in professional writing. You may also find me reading, writing, trying to learn French, cycling on the weekends, being a klutz, or making horrible puns and Star Trek references. Likely all at the same time.

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