Backlog from this morning and a few hours ago.

I dialed down all the variables this time; cooler water temp, less leafage, shorter steep time. It seems to have done the trick. The tea isn’t quite as astringent or in-your-face.

I… don’t really have much to say about it though. My concentration is not the best right now, and I completely forgot to search for that evolving-flavor effect. I still think I prefer their regular Dian Hong.

Damn I’m tired. And out of it. I feel like I’ve been removed from reality for the last 52 hours and I don’t wanna go back. I think my hormones have been a little kookoo the past several days. Among other things. At least I’ve mostly been optimistic and happy and excited about stuff. Can that be a permanent change?

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The name’s Holly, and I’ve been a tea drinker since spring of 2013. Tea is my happy place – it picks me up, it calms me down, it helps me focus, it helps me loosen my grip, it’s a little bit of positivity in each day. I do not drink alcohol, so tea is my recreational beverage. I love learning everything there is to know about it and sharing my experiences.

When I’m not drinking or writing about tea, I’m working at a music store and pursuing a Master’s degree in professional writing. You may also find me reading, writing, trying to learn French, cycling on the weekends, being a klutz, or making horrible puns and Star Trek references. Likely all at the same time.

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