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drank Earl Grey Black by Teavana
302 tasting notes

The Benadryl Hangover, Part 2. Actually, my coworkers were laughing yesterday because I came in on the remnants of the Benadryl fog, and since I don’t drink, they were going, “It’s the one time we’ll see Holly hung over!” OK, so it’s not THAT bad, but it took me until like 3 PM to shake this yesterday afternoon. But hey! I have a Saturday OFF (say WHAT?) and that makes everything better!

So I’m doing the Captain Picard thing this morning. It’s pretty astringent, and the bergamot (I assume that’s what I’m tasting) is on the punchy side. Does anyone have earl grey recommendations? I’ve heard widely mixed reviews on this one. To me, it’s not bad, but it definitely tastes a little chemical-y or something and I can see why people aren’t as crazy about it. I’d like to try an earl grey that’s really highly regarded to see what it’s like.

Short Sorceress

Benadryl Hangover, I like that :) In fact, I think I’m going to steal it from you because I’ve got one right now.


Haha! I like it too; I stole it from our part-timer at work. Hope you feel better, both from the Benadryl and whatever is necessitating it!


Wheezybee has been doing some EG comparisons in reviews lately. Might follow and see what those recommendations are. I know at least one other person I follow is doing the same but I can’t seem to recall the name at the moment.


Followed her. Thanks, Nicole! It seems like any time I put out an inquiry you’ve always been very helpful!


Twinnings has a very decent Earl Grey (loose). I can heartily recommend any of the Earl Greys in my cupboard here.

Tea Sipper

This isn’t my favorite earl grey… depending on if you are looking for Earl Grey Creams: zentealife.com has a super good one. Tea Merchant’s French Earl Grey and for a non-cream: Teajo’s Earl grey.

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Revisiting this. Mmm, nice and fresh.

…Aaaaand I finally just ordered a gaiwan. See, I was thinking about doing a whole gongfu set. After all, we are in the beginning of the busiest and most stressful season of the year at work, and it would be nice to have that as a meditation form to come home to. But at the same time, I tend to be a bit slaphappy with small amounts of money, and I need to develop a bit more self-discipline when it comes to buying consumables. So I’m making the practical decision that the gongfu set will be a birthday or Christmas list item… but the gaiwan shall come now, as I’m sampling a lot of higher-end teas that I feel like I miss a lot of the subtleties from. (Would you look at that, I just ended a sentence with a preposition.) AND it was on sale!

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Waking myself up from my Benadryl grog. I was going to do some earl grey or Irish breakfast, but then I noticed I had just enough of this left to do a sipdown.

Boiling 5 min, 15 sec

Benadryl grog is awful! Hope the fog lifted after having this!

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Every single time I’ve tried to do Teavivre’s Laoshan green, I’ve been met with some form of bad luck. Time to let someone else take the rest of my sample, give up, and make this instead?

My big fun this week is that I’m covered in some kind of rash. I don’t know if it’s a grass rash, a soap rash, chiggers (can we please find them a different name?!?), or what, but it’s about made me f***ing crazy over the past thirty six hours. Tonight I took Benadryl. It seems to be working fine, but my boss may have made a point in advising me not to take it until I got home and figured out how drowsy it made me. Normally I don’t feel like I’m about to conk out as I’m pouring my tea. Whoo.


aerius is very strong, over the counter and works 24 hours while not either putting you to sleep or preventing you from sleeping either.


Hot water, as hot as you can stand, for until the itching stops, will drain your supply of histamine and get you up to eight hours relief. My hubby had to take scalding showers when he had poison ivy head to toe and it was the thing that helped him most. It was in or first aid book from our health insurance company.


Hot water? I haven’t heard that one before. I’d have thought it would have the opposite effect. I’ll have to try it this morning…

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Backlog. I had this at work this morning. Good thing I did, because today wound up being a busy, busy day! It’s at the point where it’s busy in a good way, but it’s going to get crazier over the next two months. We’re a music store that rents instruments for band, and this is back-to-school time… do the math.

I’ve been trying to log this for WEEKS, and every time I try, Steepster’s down. It’s OK. It’s a fairly brisk tea, and unless I’m mistaken, I got a hint of smokiness or something of that effect. A bit vegetal. Another it’s-not-a-restock-but-it’s-good tea.

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Sipdown! Gotta be honest, I’m not especially heartbroken. This was a good tea, but it’s not one I’ll miss, and frankly, I’m happy to have an excuse to make room for my new teas coming in. Speaking of which, oh lord I have been telling myself for months I’d organize my tea stash. Right now it’s a bunch of bags on one of my bookshelves.


me too!!! i can’t justify buying new blends until i polish off the old stuff.

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I finally figured out why this tea put me off the first time I tried it. It reminded me of that hojicha I tried a couple of months ago that I really didn’t like. I guess this means I’m not big on roasty flavors; to me, they just taste like burnt hay and it’s not really a flavor I want to have in my tea time. I’ve come around to liking this tea well enough, but it’s not really one I crave. I think it’s best when you can taste the butteriness in it, something I’ve accomplished exactly once. Maybe I should try more green oolongs?

I do have an oolong sampler from Teavivre coming my way. I’m looking forward to trying the teas featured in it, because my experiences with oolongs are seldom what I want them to be. (Of course, the other one was old as hell and it took me doubling the leafage to get any complexity of flavor.)

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Stepping out of my comfort zone. This morning, I registered for a songwriting workshop. I’ve been attempting lyric-writing for years, but only in the past year or so have I really been trying to write songs with music and chord progressions and stuff. I’m still a beginner and I don’t consider myself particularly good, plus I always get nervous when I have to present my creative work to people, especially when it’s not finished. I’m not sure whether I’ll have to do any of that at this workshop or not, but I figured it’s a chance for me to get out there and learn about something I love doing. And if I want to play my songs for people, I’m going to have to let them hear them at some point…

I knew I was gonna ruin this cup of tea this morning. I haven’t cleaned the strainer in a couple of weeks and I put it in the big mug that tends to subdue flavor, so it kinda tastes like metal. Dammit.


Seriously. I got like 11 teas. 5 of which are the oolongs in their sampler. Then some black teas, and a restock of this. SO excited to have a variety of new, quality things to try again!

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I think my boss hates me today. She thought she had the day off, and then I let her know last night that she’d misread the schedule and it was my day off, not hers. Then she snapped at me via text because the internet died last night, and I unplugged and misplugged some things in trying to fix it. Guilt complex! Guilt complex! Aaaaargh!

Moving on! Moving on! This is still a good casual tea, and it goes well with cereal. Don’t think I’m gonna keep the rating quite that high, though.

Boiling 5 min, 15 sec

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EEEEE the new episode of swimming anime is out!!!!

(shifts eyes) Of cooooourse I wasn’t obsessively looking forward to new swimming anime. What ever are you talking about?

This is the first time in almost a month I’ve had this tea (!!!) I figured it’d been a while, and the absolute last thing I need right now is lots of caffeine (work got busy right at the end and I was drinking black dragon pearl.) Think I understeeped it; it’s a mite weaker than my ideal, even for a white tea. Of course, I just decided it was of critical importance to eat cheese, bread, and cherry tomatoes as a late-night snack, so the effect is being undone anyway.

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Tea is my happy place. I drink tea when I’m at home, when I’m at work, when I’m waking up in the morning or winding down for the night or when I need a little boost in the afternoon. Tea is my official side hobby, and I couldn’t be happier that I’ve discovered such a vast world of flavors, aromas, varieties, and traditions – encapsulated by a beverage that I used to shrug at.

My taste in tea always seems to be changing!

Black teas are far and away my favorite. Great Chinese black teas are one of my weaknesses. I also like a lot of the Earl Grey relatives and I have an affinity for floral teas, especially rose-flavored ones.

I don’t drink green teas as often, but there are a few I quite enjoy.

Same with white teas.

I have some experience with oolongs, but not much. Most of the ones I’ve had taste the same to me, and I’m not huge on the roasty-green flavor. I kinda like the juicy-green ones, though.

I’m exploring pu erhs. I haven’t had many, but the ones I’ve tried have been really intriguing when done right, and it seems like the pu erh universe is a rich and complex one once you get past “IT TASTES LIKE FISH!”

I like rooibos, but I have to be in the mood for it. And it HAS to be in a sachet or a bag. Loose rooibos is more of a pain than it’s worth.

I go through different phases when I’m trying teas. Sometimes, I really want flavored stuff; sometimes I just want to try pu-erhs; sometimes I’m on a rose tea kick, etc. I enjoy building up my base of tea knowledge and even more the experience of finding a new and unexpected thing I love.

I have a tendency to ramble in my tasting notes. Sometimes it’s on topic. Much of the time it’s not. You have been warned.

As for me, I’m 25 years old and I work at a music store and play various instruments. Besides tea, I love bicycling, writing, teaching myself French, watching things from everyone else’s childhood, ASMR, Star Trek, cats, and awful puns. I’m an INFJ and a Libra too, for all it’s worth.

Steepster is absolutely the most positive, kind, and intelligent online community I’ve ever found, and I love meeting fellow tea enthusiasts through here. I look forward to meeting you!

P.S. Any rare soul who recognizes the profile pic gets bonus points forever.


One foot’s on the Holodeck. The other’s in Lancaster, Ohio.

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