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My fiftieth tasting note! * dance * (…That’s scary.)

I’m debating on whether I’ll get this tea after I sip it down. Probably not right away. I’ll probably go on pursuits for other jasmine-flavored things, or just stick with my normal jasmine pearls.

The thing about my tea obsession at this point is that when I was starting out, I had a couple of things I liked, and I was willing to try everything. I’ve only been doing this for about three months now, but I’ve found a niche (malty black teas!), and it makes me kinda “meh” about having anything else. Nooooo…

(meanwhile, looks at tea description)

Wait a minute WHAT? Oolong?!? Since when has this tea been an oolong?
It was listed as a green tea on Adagio’s website! Are they lying to me, or have I had an oolong in my cupboard this whole time and not known about it?


Woot! Congrats!

Holly Faye

Thanks! :D

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Yup. I knew it. I did goof this tea by putting it in the tin that used to have chai. Oh well. Still tastes grassy and sweet – until I knock it over with my bass guitar and spill it all over my guitar amp. Damn!

Terri HarpLady

I hate when things like that happen! :)

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Methinks this is turning into my go-to white tea for my pre-bedtime routine.

180 °F / 82 °C 1 min, 30 sec

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This is my second lapsang souchong, and one that came as a free sample with my significantly more sizeable order of their fenqqing dragon black pearl. I have to say I am more impressed with this version than the one from Mountain Rose Herbs. It is a LOT more subdued… perhaps to the point of being a little too mild. O.o What that means, though, is it’s easy to control your variables so that you can adjust for a tea that’s a little more or a little less smoky, especially if you’re not into OH DEAR JESUS IT SMELLS LIKE A WILDFIRE tea. In fact, the aroma was so subtle I could barely smell it from the opening I’d cut in the bag. … I might try a little more tea next time. But highly recommended if you like a bit of smoke but not a lot!

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 0 sec

“OH DEAR JESUS IT SMELLS LIKE A WILDFIRE” and that sums up my problems with lapsangs :)

Holly Faye

That’s the thing about lapsangs! People either love them or hate them because of the smoke, and it’s interesting to see the wildly varying reactions. I think I like the subtler ones, but the punch-you-in-the-face ones are a little much for me to enjoy.

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No notes yet. Add one?

175 °F / 79 °C 1 min, 15 sec

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Okay. This time I did three pearls for two cups of tea. I’m on infusion one, cup one, right as soon as it reached drinkable temperature. It smells cocoa-y and heavenly, as any black dragon pearl should. At this point, it’s earthy, a little astringent, with an undertone of the maltiness that I really came for. From my experience, though, the cup I like best is usually the second one, the one that’s had the chance to sit and cool for a bit. That’s where the maltiness and the cocoa undertones really come in.

Isn’t it funny how different flavors become prominent as temperature changes? Tea is awesome!

Edit: Infusion 1, Cup 2: The tea had cooled down enough that I reheated it a bit… by the microwave… (lights and sirens) (Tea Police pull up outside and surround the premises) THIS is the tea I bought this big bag for! Astringency is toned down and the smoothness is more prominent.

Infusion 2: I added one more pearl, boiled water, and let this steep for about a minute, seeing as the liquor was the deep dark red color almost instantaneously as I poured the water. The cocoa aroma has intensified. There’s still a bit of astringency (perhaps a bitty bitty bit more than the Adagio version of this tea?), but this is the black dragon pearl tea I fell in love with.

The thing about this tea is that it’s just off to the side of being perfect. I find that foods and beverages that are like that, that have a good flavor that’s just off the center, are the ones that hook me the most. Good in the morning, good in the afternoon, good in the evening. Love this tea love this tea love this tea.

Boiling 6 min, 0 sec

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Why did I have this rated so low earlier? Mmmmm!


I know it’s amazing how our views of a tea can change.. Sometimes it’s our tastes that change but sometimes it’s simply a case of a change of preparation that makes the tea really shine!

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I’ve resisted Iced Tea Season for a few weeks here, but today after finishing a decent-length bike ride, I decided I’d give the cold brew a try. The damn pearls would not unfurl to save their lives, but mmmm nonetheless!

Iced 8 min or more

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Take 2. Brewed this a bit long, but mmm! Nice and malty this time around, but still with that bit of fresh astringency. My opinion of this tea is going up. We’ll see if it becomes a staple.

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