I can’t believe I haven’t reviewed this before. I have had it a least half a dozen times. Anyway, the dry scent is really not that pleasant – it smells very artificial and kind of chemical-y. I can’t smell vanilla or apple, but the cardomom and the cinnamon are very prominent.

The steeped tea smells much better. The spices have mellowed out and I can smell the vanilla, and the apple as well, if I really concentrate (but I can also still smell the chemical-y scent, which has me worried). The tea is a light yellow colour.

The taste is not that remarkable. It mostly tastes of the white tea. The spices are very subtle, but even so, I can’t taste the vanilla or the apple, which is quite disappointing. As the cup cools, I can get a little apple, but still no vanilla. Overall, a decent tea, but not something I would drink every day.

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My love of tea began when I walked into a shop one day and they were giving out samples of jasmine silver needles. It was absolutely gorgeous, and I have been addicted to tea ever since. Jasmine silver needles remains my favourite tea to this day.

I think my favourite types are white teas and oolongs, though I will pretty much drink anything.

Aside from tea, I’m into Star Wars, music, furniture, food, Lilly Dache hats and vintage clothing.


Bolton, UK

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