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1190 Tasting Notes

drank Women's Tea by Yogi Tea
1190 tasting notes

Another one of Yogi’s that I was lured into. The lime mint went so well, so I felt brave. I’ve been eyeing this at the shop for a while because I wondered if it might offer a little bit of help with Certain Female Issues, henceforth referred to as TMI.

I’m giving it a go. It’s not like there are a hundred bags in the box, so I should get through it quickly enough if I stick at it, and I have to stick at it, otherwise I can’t tell if it’s working, can I? Well, I’ve experimented somewhat with it now and discovered that I can drink a small cup but not a whole mug.

This stuff has ginger in it. Ridiculous amounts of ginger. One cup of this and my mouth feels like someone made a fire in there. I have also discovered that it needs drinking fast, because the more it cools the stronger the ginger tastes and the more difficult it gets to drink it. So a weak-ish brew in a small cup and drunk fast.

Good thing I didn’t buy this because I thought it would taste awesome, isn’t it?

As for how it worked with TMI, well, it… sort of did and didn’t. Okay, I don’t know if that was the tea or not, but the point of it all is that I had the same issues, only some of them behaved a little differently. Mostly they seemed a tiny bit milder. Or at least easier to shift with paracetamol. Or rather, possible to shift. That might not be the wonder cure I was hoping for but it was enough that I’m willing to try this out a little further. I need more time to see if there was a difference here or not.

But this stuff will never ever be a comfort drink. Bleh.I realise that this was probably not the exact right blend for this particular experiment, but it was what was available and so as close as I could come. Given the right foulness of the ginger in this, I might in the future see if I can find something closer to the mark in one of the health food shops that are available to me. I’m thinking either the moon cycle one or some raspberry leaf. (I know I can definitely get the latter, as I have seen it before, but I’ve heard that’s right foul tasting as well. When it comes to TMI, we just can’t win, can we?)

Now some time later, I’ve given up on this. There is just TOO MUCH ginger in it. I found I could drink maybe half a cup if it had only just had two or three dips of the bag in it and wasn’t allowed to cool off in any significant way. Obviously that’s not the way its meant to be drunk and other herbs and things in it couldn’t come to their right when I was trying to temper the ginger. I just couldn’t get that much ginger through my throat! Blech! As for TMI, well, we’ll just try something else. Or live with how it usually is. I’ve managed that for 20 years already, I’m sure I can manage it for 35 more.

Husband gave it a shot and as he is more tolerant of ginger than I am, is making a valiant attempt at it. Therefore this is now only referred to as Manly Man Tea of Manliness! He too is having doubts as to whether he can finish it of, though. I’ve told him to just bin it if he doesn’t want to drink it.


I don’t mind the taste of raspberry leaf, actually. I don’t love it by itself, so I either drink it in blends or add it into something else. I used a rose black tea, but I would imagine it would work with any type of fruity black. And it does seem to help with, well, you know.


Raspberry leaf has been pretty effective for You Know in my experience. Throw in a little peppermint and it is not unpleasant.


I found that Get A Grip tea from Republic of Tea did seem to help a little with the desire to strangle someone…


Thank you ladies, I’ll definitely get hold of some raspberry leaf and try that. Most people I’ve seen mention it before seemed to have found it unpleasant, so I feel encouraged that this is not a universal experience.

Ashmanra, I can’t get Republic of Tea things here. Do you know some of what’s in it? Perhaps I can find or reconstruct something similar. I don’t get much of that particular symptom, though. Sometimes, but mostly it’s just aches and pains in various places for me.


Here is the ingredient list! And I think it as pretty good for taking the edge off of a lot of symptoms – backache, bloat, etc.

Organic Rooibos (leaf) Licorice (root), Eleuthero (root), Parsley (leaf), Black Cohosh (root), Chaste Berry (fruit), Chaste Berry (fruit) Extract, Dong Quai (root) Extract. Other Ingredients: Birch (bark), Roasted Chicory (root), Natural Honey & Coconut Flavor


I had a sample of something with eleuthero in it once that was supposed to be a good stress tamer. I don’t remember it tasting notably awful…


Hm. I haven’t got the first clue what some of those things are, so maybe not reconstructing after all… I have heard birch bark is good for aches and pains. In the clan of the cavebear books they drink tisanes of the stuff constantly, and I’ve just been reading another book where they used it similarly.


Birch bark has compounds like salicylin (related to aspirin), so it’s good for general aches, lowering blood pressure, and stomach maladies. I think there are other Yogi teas that have eleuthero — I remember having one (something like Green Tea Energy?), and it tasted distinctly like oat straw (which is good for depression, supposedly?). Yogi teas usually are hit or miss when it comes to taste, though…

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drank Lime Mint by Yogi Tea
1190 tasting notes

I bought this mostly because I needed an easy and convenient bedtime tea for when I don’t feel like messing about with rooibos. Lately I’ve been using peppermint bags, cheap brand, but I actually bought those for those occasions when one needs something medicinals. Husband seems to enjoy his chamomile at bedtime though, so I’m trying to follow his lead here.

So, I’ve been eyeing the brand for a while, but never bought any before. The ingredients list is soooo long, and that scares me a bit. Plus it contains confirmed dislikes such as ginger.

This one seemed the most inoffensive of the choices on the day in question, so I decided to give it a go.

To my relief, it’s not actually that bad. It’s very lemon-y and lime-y, and although the ingredients list is as long as my arm (nearly), I can’t really taste any of the other things in it. Peculiarly, Husband, who normally enjoys almost anything that just smells remotely of lemon and is also fond of mojito, didn’t care for this one at all. Me, I find it okay. It’s hardly a revelation in a cup, but it’s quite tolerable.

Terri HarpLady

For bagged teas, I tend to enjoy this brand, although I LOVE ginger :)

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Here is an EG that came from Auggy. Who lives in the US. This is relevant because Whittard of Chelsea is an English brand, so they sent European tea to America where she bought it and then sent some back to me in Europe. Detour-tea!

I remember when she wrote the email telling me that this year’s care package (I’ve noticed it’s been almost exactly a year since we last exchanged boxes) would be largely EG themed that she had some comments on this particular one, but I’ll be damned if I can remember now what they were. After I have had a cup, I’ll look it up, but right now I will treat those comments as I do other people’s posts in general on any given tea that I’m writing about. Ignore them and check afterwards whether anybody agrees with me.

The leaves of this one smell rather strongly of bergamot, and it’s bergamot and not just generic sort of citrus. There’s almost a slightly smoky aspect to it as well underneath the bergamot which makes me wonder what the base could possibly be. Another thing I’ll have to see if I can look up afterwards.

After steeping the bergamot seems much milder and the kind of smoky note much stronger. It even seems to have a sort of fruity-sweet sort of quality to it. How peculiar! I associate fruity-sweet in combination with smokiness with LS only, and this is most definitely not LS. I should be able to tell if it were, I rather think.

The bergamot is not really particularly mild in the flavour, but it’s not really strong either. It’s rather perfectly in-between. Obvious, but not overwhelming. It somehow manages to be dusty, floral and semi-smoky all at the same time, which is actually kind of weird. It’s okay, though. It’s quite drinkable. EG will never be a preferred flavour for me, but it’s not impossible that I’m warming to it a little bit.

Husband was quite pleased with this one. He found it greatly enjoyable, but did comment that it comes in direct comparison with a Lipton EG he had at work earlier in the day (against his better judgment) which he had found rather unsatisfactory. Fortunately for him, Auggy provided me with a large-ish amount of it, (in a tin which I’m actually quite certain was sent to her by me last year. Seems very familiar. I think I got it from ssajami originally, so it really is quite a travelling little tin. The stories it could tell!) and it’s something we could easily stock up on should he decide he wanted more of it. It’s just a question of remembering the next time we go to the UK as they have a shop in Cambridge and it’s not uncommon to take a day trip there to do a bit of shopping.

Now, the first part of this review is a few days old, and it’s not actually its turn to be posted yet, really, but I’m bringing it forward anyway because we had it again this afternoon. With a cream tea. That I made. Yes. Well, obviously, I didn’t make the clotted cream myself and I didn’t make the gooseberry jam myself (I bought them myself though!), but I did make the scones and the biscuits and the tea and laid the table. I bought the jam and cream at the newly opened AC Perch’s shop here in Århus and the scones recipe was from the AC Perchs 175 years Jubilee book. They were very easy to make and Husband said they were excellent. If anybody is interested, I’ll translate the recipe and put it in the comments.

Unlike the first time I had this tea where I thought it was okay but not really super-spectacular, THIS is where it really came to its right. It matched the scones and cream and jam perfectly, and felt very much like a luxury item. I honestly don’t think this would have worked as well with any other tea than an EG.

Of course, I had Husband take a photo before we dug in. We are ever so full now (and the biscuits actually all went straight back in the tin.)



Oh so lovely! That looks luxurious, indeed!


What a nice spread for the tea! I would love to see the scone recipe.


For 6 scones:
50 grams butter
225 grams flour
25 grams sugar
½ tsp salt
1½ tsp baking powder (and that’s baking powder, not baking soda. I say this now, because someone almost always asks me to clarify whether I really did say what I said here even though it says so right there.)
150ml milk

1. Mix all dry ingredient, and rubber butter into it.
2. Add milk and mix. (I thought the dough was a little too sticky at this point, so I added a few sprinkles more of flour until I was pleased with the consistency. Not super-sticky, but still somewhat sticky)
3. Shape six scones, 2-3 cm tall.
4. Bake at 220°C for 15 minutes.
5. Eat.


Does sound very simple. Thanks! Will try it soon.


Beautiful setup!



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drank Almond Tea by A C Perch's
1190 tasting notes

So the new AC Perchs shop opened on Friday! YAAAAY! I stopped in there on my way home from work this afternoon. Work. Yes. Nose to the grindstone once again. I want more summer holiday as I was not finished with it thank you very much. Anyway. I was rather looking forward to this shop opening as it’s one of my favourite places to shop online even though I have to get at least 100 grams of each item. I was hoping with a real shop where they would measure it out on scales for me, I could get less at a time, and maybe have a sample of whichever tea I might be interested in but not certain I would care about.

Well. Tough bloody luck. I was told I could still only get a minimum of 100 grams. And yeah, I could get samples, there were a basket of pre-packed ones to choose from, which at a glance of course turned out to be the same ones as they offer online.

I’m having a really hard time wrapping my head around the logic of this, and I have to say I’m now feeling rather disappointed.

So, having spent a few minutes scouting out all the things I’d have liked to get samples of, I was forced to control myself with one certainty (vanilla, which I would probably have got in that amount anyway, as self lurves vanilla black and even if it was Awesome, it’d definitely get used) and one new one which is this one.

It smells like marcipan and sweeties both before and after steeping. I reckon this would be pretty good around Christmas as it reminds me strongly of Christmas marcipan confectionary.

I’m expecting a marcipan-y taste as well now. Creamy and sweet and sort of thick-ish. I’m fearing that it’ll turn out to be a lot more sort of raw almond-y, which like other nuts, can be slightly astringent in flavour. For me, anyway. (This is why I don’t much care for hazelnuts on their own. Feels like chewing wood)

Strangely enough, it’s sort of a middle-y thing between the two. It’s definitely thickish and creamy and somewhat sweet, but it’s not particularly marcipan-y. It strikes me as rather more nutty than marcipan-y, but doesn’t have the astringency that I was afraid of.

I had to have a few sips before I could come to any conclusion on this, but I think I’ve decided that I rather like it as it is, BUT that, like vanilla, it will probably be excellent as a ‘mixer’ with other flavoured teas as well. I want to try it with my hazelnut brittle!


Our “local” tea shop does not tell unless you ask, but they will sell samples as long as you buy at least four and it has to be fifty grams each. They have pre packaged ones as well, but fortunately I asked about samples and I have bought them four at a time on number of occasions now. Maybe they will do that for you at ACP!


I’m so excited for you that it finally opened there! But that sucks about the 100g minimum. Perhaps some companies would think that forces customers to buy larger quantities if they want a tea badly enough, but in actuality, I’m sure they’d be making more money if they decreased the minimum quantity.


Often I manage to whine and nag and complain my way to buying only 50 g each when I buy several teas, but NEVER at A.C. Perch’s. They are seriously very evil when it comes to that particular thing. (Also shipping. Ugh.) I read about a really good marzipan tea on my dash, but I can’t remember which one it was now. Also, I forget if you’ve tried Pleine Lune by Mariage Frères (and I’m too lazy right now to check), but I think that’s a good, elegant take on bitter almond, if you don’t want to go full-on marzipan dessert, and still want to avoid the bark-like flavour of certain almond teas.


Pleine Lune is the most perfect tea on Earth :) to be more impartial, this is my perfect tea.
100g is the minimum here in Paris except on small shops…it’s too much just for taste and they do no sale samples as well


(Ysaurella: I know… and I just got a Pleine Lune delivery!)


50 grams is not a real sample, 50 grams is plenty, americans sell things by the ounce with full seriousness and that is only about 30 grams.

I feel the pain of the 100 grams as well. I sort of understand their dilemma, a proper bag for tea, even if only a paper bag, nevermind lined paper or my favorite those opaque foil lined plastic with ziplocs is sort of expensive. If they worked their price per 100 grams taking that into account then their price for 50 grams can not be half of 100 grams maybe that is why they do not want to do it. But I really wish they would do it, even if pricier by the gram.

regarding almond teas, I got a crazy infatuation right now by Tribute, all thanks to Ysaurella!


Teresa I am happy you redrink some tea and I was sure you would love Tribute, this is a great great tea, I love it almost as I love pleine lune even if so dramatically different.


Oh, is that Tribute by Theodor? Well, I HAVE to try that, if Ysaurella deems it almost as lovely as Pleine Lune…


I started to redrink some tea yesterday – though admittedly only one hot one, the other were cold brewed. There is a smell of end of summer in the end, it´s lovely!

Anna, Tribute is indeed lovely IMO, funny how with the same flavourings, good blenders can make so very diverse delicious things!


I’m looking forward to read a review from you about Tribute Teresa :)


I already had, i think! A new one, you mean? Hmm, maybe, you sent me such a large sample, I have enough for several taste notes indeed.


yes because you gave a 85 rating which is not really a crazy infatuation ;)


But there are no tasting notes for Tribute! Write one pleeease.


we did it’s at THE O DOR tea name Tribute and not theodor (complicated Steepster sometimes)


Wow, that sounds so good. I need that.


85 is pretty high for my ratings! It´s rebuy stuff :) Now I feel cruel.

But it is all pretty subjective and some teas do grow on you (aida for example, this one) everytime one has it. I will do another taste note one of these days.

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drank Almond Tea by A C Perch's
1190 tasting notes

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drank Royal Black Tea by Lahaha
1190 tasting notes

Came home from England a few days ago where we, among other things, spent a day in London, visited family and took the fast lane down the stairs. Again. I was told my undignified descent was marked by a certain amount of resignation, because having done it before, I know that once you slip, there’s no way you’re stopping before you reach the bottom. Fortunately for me the steps are carpeted, so in spite of a spectacular bruise to my rear, it wasn’t particularly painful. This visit was then followed up by a visit to the bank with regard of finding out whether or not they would be willing to let us borrow a LOT of money, which they were. Then this morning I finally remembered that I’ve actually got a handful of these pre-written posts and I ought to post one. And tomorrow it’s back to the grindstone.

Another one from Auggy. The leaf of this tea smells funny. It’s heavily chocolate-y and kind of… I want to say jam, really. Chocolate and jam. The steeped tea smells more keemun-y. Heavy, thick and grainy. Very much like Danish rye bread (which, people who have never been to a Scandinavian country, is not what you understand as rye bread I don’t think. It’s dark, dark brown, very grainy and eaten in thin slices.) and still with a strong note of something… jam-y. Rye bread with jam. A peculiar (but rather good, don’t tell my mother) combination.

So the aroma is just awesome. The flavour, however, is a little more controlled. I’m still getting all the same notes, but they don’t feel as full and heavy. There’s also a smidge of something nearly smoky in here, which may or may not turn totally floral when swallowing. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t.

This one is nice. I like it. It went well with breakfast.


OMGsrsly, I really enjoy it whenever you like one of my posts. “OMGsrsly liked your post about X” sounds so wonderfully enthusiastic. :D


I’ve been in Sweden and I just loved so much rye bread…I miss it very much !
I miss too the scandinavian pear cider, I am unable to find this in France…


This may be my favorite description ever of falling down the stairs (which I’m sure I will be stealing sometime in the near future, because I’m prone to doing stuff like this!) Also, I’ve been wondering, how do you make the text smaller at the beginning of your posts?


TeaKlutz, you put a ~ in front of and behind the text. There’s a FAQ post on the boards which have all sorts of formatting things you can do, although you have to scroll down quite a while to find it.

Ysaurella, I haven’t had pear cider for ages. I tend to be partial to apple myself. :)


Ah, sweet. Thanks!


Hmm dark rye? reminds me of Pumpernickel.


Awesome! :)

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I had to give this a good nudge upwards, because I’ve been drinking it a lot lately, and every time I have it, it seems to be growing on me. It’s gone from something that was vaguely disappointing to something that tastes quite home-y and safe, sort of. It’s rather inspiring me to explore more nut-flavoured teas.

I used to have it rated at 75 points, so up it goes.

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Next to my computer I have a cardboard box with all the teas that I haven’t posted about yet. That is to ensure that nothing gets truly forgotten without at least a post. Auggy’s care-package was so large that it made me think I needed a bigger box. And then I did a reality check and realised that it’s not the fact that the box is too small that’s the problem. It’s the fact that I’m not always very good at emptying it.

This one also came from Auggy. I could have sworn I had had it before, but apparently this is not the case. I can’t seem to find any posts about it at any rate. I’ve had the spring harvest before, and I remember this because it was sent to me by someone who told me that the spring harvest was WAY BETTER than whatever it was I had had before which apparently wasn’t autumn harvest.

This one smelled all vegetal and spinach-y. I’m not very experienced with green tea, so I can’t do much in the way of flavour analyses here, but it reminded me of sencha. Somehow it just sort of felt like it wanted to be Japanese. This is very difficult to explain why, so just try to suspend disbelief here and accept that it just felt Japanese.

The flavour was almost exactly the same as the aroma. Again, vegetal, spinach-y and a funny wannabe-Japanese vibe.

And that’s all I can think of to say, really. I’m not sufficiently used to green tea to go any further than that (although it seems to me that I once was?) but it was an enjoyable cup


I’m curious now about this spinach-y tea :)


I know it sounds peculiar. :) But it’s really the closest thing I can think of. :)


I like this tea especially because of that Japanese vibe that you mention. :)


It’s difficult to explain, though, isn’t it? I’m glad I’m not the only one who had that experience because I sat there for a while wondering if I could really say that. I have no problem with assigning colours, genders or even personalities to a tea if it comes across like one of those, but for some reason assigning nationality to it felt different. Possibly because it already has one.

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I tend to generally enjoy a flavoured oolong, but I’m not too keen on floral teas. I have, however, succesfully had teas with orange blossoms before and find them to be quite tolerable.

The dry leaves certainly smells like oranges. I suspect it’s not just orange blossoms, I suspect there is also some actual orange flavouring in here. It’s a very pungent smell. Almost perfume-y. And when I say perfume-y, I mean perfume-y as in sitting behind a woman on the bus who used the same perfume every day for so long that she no longer has any idea of how much perfume she’s actually wearing. (There’s a woman like that on the bus I take to work. I try to avoid sitting within two seats of her if I can. On a particularly bad day, it’s like I can almost taste it.)

Then, when I poured the tea, the strongest floral aroma wafted up from the cup. Very floral. Dusty and grey smelling and highly suspicious.

This lead me to study the ingredients list a little closer. True enough, it said ‘natural flavours’ so it’s definitely been just flavoured with orange. It also said ‘jasmine petals’.

Jasmine petals?!

I abhor jasmine flavoured teas! Why are there jasmine petals in something that’s supposed to be orange blossom? Why do the words ‘orange blossoms’ not even feature anywhere at all except for the name of the blend? It does not look like the picture and the description on the site even says it’s got orange blossoms in it. Now I’m sitting here with a cup that has managed to sorely disappoint me before I’ve even tasted it.

This is not at all an old tea in my collection, but it’s definitely going on the Consider-This-First shelf regardless, just so I can get rid of it quicker. Unless anybody wants it, in which case I’ve got somewhere between 20 and 25 grams, I think, and I will happily give it away.

Right, I’d better taste it.

It’s not actually as bad as feared right at first. At first I’m getting a strong orange flavour but none of the jasmine. The orange is so heavy that I can’t actually find much in the way of the base tea. I can only tell that it’s something rather more delicate than a black base, but I can’t say anything about the oolong used as such.

Just when I think it’s not actually going to be so abysmal, I swallow. And hello, jasmine! It doesn’t seem like it’s completely overwhelmed with jasmine, but for someone who dislikes the stuff even a little jasmine comes across as lots. Impossible to ignore it.

Yeah, I don’t like this tea at all.

Why is this stuff not sold as ‘Jasmine and orange oolong’? Because that’s what it is.

Seriously, Steepsterites. If anybody wants it, let me know. Husband is currently drinking the rest of my cup. I’m going to make something else.

(edited for grammar error)


Ugh. I feel your pain. Nothing as vile as surprise jasmine.


I feel the same about jasmine, and can’t stand when it’s randomly snuck into supposedly non-jasmine blends. Ugh!

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drank Silver Buds Yabao by Verdant Tea
1190 tasting notes

Auggy sent me another care package. It’s huge! She spoils me rotten, that woman. Note that I’m not complaining. It’s very hot here at the moment. I’ve heard rumours that there’s a chance we’ll hit 30°C Sunday and/or Monday, but I sincerely hope it will remain a rumour. I know that’s nothing compared to the around 40°C that I’ve heard the East Coast of the US is dealing with these days, but it’s still WAY too hot for me. (40°C? I would melt and I would be incredibly miserable while doing so! Just warm enough that I don’t have to wear a jacket, that’s my ideal temperature).

Given the sunny weather, I thought we should start with something not black, and I went for this one.

This stuff is funny. It’s not really leaf. It’s more like… small fat buds, several of them put together. It remids me mostly of a miniature sheaf of wheat or some such. It has a funny aroma too. I swear it smells almost exactly like warm sugar. Strange.

The tea is nearly colourless after brewing. I wonder if I should have used more not-leaf? Maybe I should, although Verdant’s description says it supposed to be very pale. It also doesn’t really have much in the way of aroma at first, but after it has been allowed a short time to rest and develop, I’m getting a minty note. Sort of spearminty, I think. I’m not superkeen on spearmint so this is where I’m hoping I haven’t just made a cup of liquid toothpaste.

It’s not liquid toothpaste, it’s… It’s… It’s a bit like if you take a coffee pot, well used and none too clean, and pour boiling water in it. Then leave that to steep for a while and taste the outcome. I imagine it might taste something like this. Or perhaps if you then steeped some chamomile in it as well, that might be closer. Chamomile with coffee notes.

The description says that this is a type that has never really won the hearts of Chinese consumers, so it’s relatively rare. I have to say I can see why. And I wouldn’t particularly mind it if it stayed that way. This is definitely not for me.


Long time no see. :) The way you describe the tea makes it sound totally wretched, BTW. I’ll remember to avoid that one.


Indeed. :) Bear in mind, though, that I seem to be the odd duck out. Most people appear to have liked it.

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Ang lives with Husband and two kitties, Charm and Luna, in a house not too far from Århus. Apart from drinking tea, she enjoys baking, especially biscuits, reading and jigsaw puzzles. She has recently acquired an interest in cross-stitch and started a rather large project. It remains to be seen whether she has actually bitten off more than she can chew…

Ang prefers black teas and the darker sorts of oolongs. She has to be in the mood for green and white, and she enjoys, but knows little to nothing about, pu-erh.

Her preferences with black teas are the Chinese ones, particularly from Fujian, but also Keemun and just about anything smoky. She occasionally enjoys Yunnans but they’re not favourites. She has taken some time to research Ceylon teas, complete with reference map, and has recently developed some interest in teas from Africa.

She is sceptical about Indian blacks as she generally finds them too astringent and too easy to get wrong. She doesn’t really care for Darjeelings at all. Very high-grown teas are often not favoured.

She likes flavoured teas as well, particularly fruit flavoured ones, but also had an obsession with finding the Perfect Vanilla Flavoured Black and can happily report that this reclusive beast has been spotted in a local teashop near where she works. Any and all vanilla flavoured teas are still highly attractive to her, though. Also nuts and caramel or toffee. Not so much chocolate. It’s a texture thing.

However, she thinks Earl Grey is generally kind of boring. Cinnamon and ginger are also not really a hit, and she’s not very fond of chais. Evil hibiscus is evil. Even in small amounts, and yes, Ang can usually detect hibiscus, mostly by way of the metallic flavour of blood it has.

Ang is not super impressed with rooibos or honeybush on their own. She doesn’t care for either, really, but when they are flavoured, they go usually go down a treat.

Ang used to have a Standard Panel of teas that she tried to always have on hand. She put a lot of thought into defining it and decided what should go on it. It was a great idea on paper, but in practise has been discovered to not really work as well.

Ang tries her best to make a post on Steepster several times a week. She tends to write her posts in advance in a word doc (The Queue) and posting from there. This, she feels, helps her to maintain regularity and stops her from making five posts in three days and then going three weeks without posting anything at all.

Angrboda is almost always open to swapping. Just ask her. Due to the nature of the queue, however, and the fact that it’s some 24 pages long at the moment, it may take a good while from she receives your parcel and until she actually posts about it.

The Formalities

Contact Angrboda by email: [email protected]
Contact Ang on IM on Google chat

Find Ang on…
Steam: Iarnvidia (Or Angrboda. She changed her display name and now is not certain which one to search for. She uses the same picture though, so she is easily recognised)
Goodreads: Angrboda
Livejournal: See website.
Dreamwidth: Ask her

Bio last updated February 2014





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