1281 Tasting Notes

drank Raspberry Oolong by A C Perch's
1281 tasting notes

I’ve already reviewed this tea earlier and I’m having some now because it’s bloody cold around these parts tonight!

I just wanted to say: Comments! Comments on Steepster! YAY! tosses confetti

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drank Earl Grey Green by Pickwick
1281 tasting notes

this would be the sort of tea I get at my parents’ house unless I bring my own. Teabags of comparatively okay quality. I haven’t in teh past been all that impressed with the green teas of this brand, but I can think of stuff that are significantly worse quality.

I’ve never had a green earl grey before and I’m not really sure what to expect. It’s steeping right now so I haven’t tasted it yet.

It doesn’t really smell at all like earl grey as I know it, but I can definitely pick up the citrus.

Tastewise it’s a bit of an O.o experience. I could have sworn I picked up a hint of chamomile! It’s drinkable, sure, but I don’t think it’s a flavour I’m feeling inclined to go seeking out. There is of course the possibility that it has become perfumed by other teas as it came from a variety sampler pack.

It’s just that I have a very fixed idea when I think ‘earl grey’. And this is not it. This isn’t even remotely anything I consider earl grey-ish.

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I don’t really like rooibos. But my throat hurts and real tea tastes weird. I’m drinking this sweetened with a bit of honey which is good for the throat and also helps mask the flavour a bit.

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I’m very fond of Genmaicha. It’s one of my favourite greens. This one is from A. C. Perch’s in Copenhagen and a completely unexpected addition to the cupboard. I bought a book from there, which I think I mentioned in my previous post. It’s partly about tea in general and partly about the history of the shop. Apparently, as I discovered when I got it, when ordering the book on the publishing day they added a tin of Genmaicha. Freebie tea! I’m a fan. :D

It smells lovely. A delicate fragrance that smells more of tea than it does of rice. It’s been a while since I’ve had any Genmaicha, so it might be that my memory is playing tricks on me, but it looks to me like there are more unpuffed rice in this one. I’m rather amused by the fact that the puffed rice are actually green too in this one. Never seen that before. It looks funny. :)

The steeped tea smells more or less like the dry leaves. Delicate and mild and more tea-like than rice-like. I like that. It rather pale in colour too.

The flavour seems very mild to me. It’s been a while since I’ve had any green, or white for that matter, so my tongue is probably temporarily ruined by black, oolong and pu-ehr. After a few sips, I stareted getting over that, though, and I started picking up a little more flavour. At first it’s mostly just the flavour of the tea, and then when swallowing the rice comes into play. It can’t under any circumstances be allowed to over-steep though, because it turns bitter really quickly.

I like this Genmaicha a lot, and I’m very likely to come back for more. And I’m not just saying that because it was free and came in a nice tin. Win!

Also, it feels absolutely wonderful for my mysteriously sore throat. Double win!

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drank Nepal Top Oolong by A C Perch's
1281 tasting notes

Turns out Nepal has a tea production. Who knew? I didn’t. Apparently Nepal produces quite a lot of tea, mainly black and green, and the tea from the easternmost regions are very similar to Darjeeling (and has in fact been sold as such due to the Darjeeling name being so valuable).

Quite by coincidence when looking for something else, I came across a Nepal Top Oolong at A C Perch’s in Copenhagen which was definitely something I wanted to try. Fairly expensive with nearly 100 kr per 100 grams. This translates to about €13.4 or $19.2 for 100 grams, which was the smallest quantity they would allow me to buy through their webshop.

The leaves are relatively dark and look nicely twirled. There isn’t really a lot of scent to them though.

The steeped tea is very light and yellowish in colour for an oolong and it smells sweet and somewhat nutty. The scent of it promises so much more than it actually delivers. It’s a very mild flavour and almost no aftertaste at all, which makes it a nice tea, but it gets boring pretty quickly.

As it develops there is a little more aftertaste, but still not very much. It wasn’t until the last few stewed dregs that I really got anything of the sort, and by that time it was turning slightly bitter.

It’s definitely not a good morning tea, it’s much too delicate in flavour for that. I’d take it for a tea break later in the day and probably not while eating something, since that would overpower what flavour it has.

It’s a nice enough tea, but it’s just not interesting enough for me to get more of. Especially not at this price.

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drank Raspberry Oolong by A C Perch's
1281 tasting notes

I just received this in the post yesterday (along with a GORGEOUS book on tea and the history of the 175 years old teashop in Copenhagen with lots of lovely pictures in it). I couldn’t resist ordering some of this. I’m a sucker for a berry tea, and I haven’t come across very many flavoured oolongs before.

The dry leaves smelled divine. I couldn’t stop smelling the bag last night. The steeped tea smells very fruity, but I still feel like I can pick up the scent of the tea underneath.

It doesn’t taste very fruity. Mostly it’s tea and with a note of something not-tea that must be the berries. The danish description on their site says it’s also good on ice and I’m very inclined to believe it. I’ll have to try that some time.

All in all, I’m happy with this.

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drank Passionfruit by Adagio Teas
1281 tasting notes

The smell isn’t overly fruity, but you can tell there’s definitely fruit in it. It’s discreet and unless you’re looking for it, you might miss it, but it’s there.

The taste is very fruity, but not unpleasantly so. Passionfruit has a rather special flavour I think, and it’s coming through nicely in the tea. Not too fond of passionfruit as a fruit, but the flavour suits the tea and vice versa. I like this tea a lot better than I like the fruit.

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drank Guanabana by Adagio Teas
1281 tasting notes

While I wasn’t completely convinced of this when I first reviewed it, I have an addendum to make.
It is absolutely splendid iced!

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drank Guanabana by Adagio Teas
1281 tasting notes

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I was given this tea as a freebie when I made my first order with Adagio. They asked me for my birthday and gave me a sample of the corrosponding tea.
I like peaches as a fruit, but so far I haven’t been all that fond of it in tea, so I’ve put of trying it for a while. If I had checked beforehand instead of afterwards, I might have told them a fake birthday in order to get a different tin.
The leaves are large and you can clearly see both the white and the oolong. It smells very much like peach though, so I’m a bit sceptic and I’ve only made a small pot.
After steeping it smells more like oolong than it does of peach. It’s still peachy but it’s just an underlying note rather than the overwhelmingness of the dry leaves, and I’m pleased to find that although it does taste of peaches and it’s not a tea I’ll ever be especially fond of, I think, it’s not nearly as bad as I had feared. The oolong and white peony definitely makes up for the peach.
I’ll probably not buy more of this, but I am likely to eventually try some of the other zodiac blends, if for nothing else than collecting the tins.) It’s a great idea for a gift for someone, definitely.

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Ang lives with Husband and two kitties, Charm and Luna, in a house not too far from Århus. Apart from drinking tea, she enjoys baking, especially biscuits, reading and jigsaw puzzles. She has recently acquired an interest in cross-stitch and started a rather large project. It remains to be seen whether she has actually bitten off more than she can chew…

Ang prefers black teas and the darker sorts of oolongs. She has to be in the mood for green and white, and she enjoys, but knows little to nothing about, pu-erh.

Her preferences with black teas are the Chinese ones, particularly from Fujian, but also Keemun and just about anything smoky. She occasionally enjoys Yunnans but they’re not favourites. She has taken some time to research Ceylon teas, complete with reference map, and has recently developed some interest in teas from Africa.

She is sceptical about Indian blacks as she generally finds them too astringent and too easy to get wrong. She doesn’t really care for Darjeelings at all. Very high-grown teas are often not favoured.

She likes flavoured teas as well, particularly fruit flavoured ones, but also had an obsession with finding the Perfect Vanilla Flavoured Black and can happily report that this reclusive beast has been spotted in a local teashop near where she works. Any and all vanilla flavoured teas are still highly attractive to her, though. Also nuts and caramel or toffee. Not so much chocolate. It’s a texture thing.

However, she thinks Earl Grey is generally kind of boring. Cinnamon and ginger are also not really a hit, and she’s not very fond of chais. Evil hibiscus is evil. Even in small amounts, and yes, Ang can usually detect hibiscus, mostly by way of the metallic flavour of blood it has.

Ang is not super impressed with rooibos or honeybush on their own. She doesn’t care for either, really, but when they are flavoured, they go usually go down a treat.

Ang used to have a Standard Panel of teas that she tried to always have on hand. She put a lot of thought into defining it and decided what should go on it. It was a great idea on paper, but in practise has been discovered to not really work as well.

Ang tries her best to make a post on Steepster several times a week. She tends to write her posts in advance in a word doc (The Queue) and posting from there. This, she feels, helps her to maintain regularity and stops her from making five posts in three days and then going three weeks without posting anything at all.

Angrboda is almost always open to swapping. Just ask her. Due to the nature of the queue, however, and the fact that it’s some 24 pages long at the moment, it may take a good while from she receives your parcel and until she actually posts about it.

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