drank Li Shan Oolong Tea by Yezi Tea
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Thanks to Yezi Tea for the sample!

While I really enjoy oolongs, I admittedly don’t have very much experience with them, especially the greener ones. I’ve basically only had a few milk oolongs, a couple tieguanyins, and several roasted oolongs mostly from the Wuyi region. Yezi Tea is currently doing a promotion where you can get three free samples of their teas and only pay a few dollars in shipping. I got two oolongs and a black tea, in the hopes of being able to learn to differentiate the oolongs. They also add an additional sample to orders (mine was another oolong which I believe I’ve already reviewed in brief).

Anyway, on to the tea. I’ve steeped this 5g sample four times so far and have enjoyed each steep. I wasn’t able to take notes for each specific steep, unfortunately, so I’ll just write my overall impression.

Very floral (orchid, specifically), but not overpoweringly so. Sweet, honeylike taste. Lightly grassy aftertaste. No astringency or bitterness. Smooth. Makes me think of spring meadows with wildflowers everywhere (minus the allergies!). It does taste different from the last oolong I had (Dong Ding Winter Peak), but I can’t quite place it. I believe the texture is slightly different but I’m not sure. Still working on figuring out how to taste oolongs!

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I enjoy black teas, pu’er, and oolongs (leaning towards aged, cliff/Wuyi, or roasted/dark), depending on my mood. I don’t usually drink green tea but do enjoy a cup every so often. I’ve had limited experiences with white, mate, honeybush, matcha, and rooibos teas/tisanes. I’m not much of a fan of jasmine teas.

I’m still trying to figure out a rating system to go along with my developing tea tasting skills, so pardon any inconsistencies in my numerical ratings. At the moment, my rating system is as follows:

96-100: This tea is a must-have (or at least, a must-try).
90-95: This tea is amazing. I love it!
80-89: I really like this tea, and I may be inclined to get more of it once I run out.
60-79: While I like this tea, I don’t plan on having it in constant supply in my tea stash.
50-59: I dislike this tea. It’s tolerable enough for me to finish the cup, but I don’t think I’ll be trying it again any time soon.
Below 50: I don’t like it at all. (Ranging from “I avoid it” to “You couldn’t get me to drink it if you paid me”)

Current favourites:
Irish Breakfast (Butiki, Adagio, or Golden Moon)
Grandpa’s Anytime Tea (Butiki)
Premium Taiwanese Assam (Butiki)
Special Dark (Mandala)
Xingyang 1998 Golden Leaf (Verdant)
Golden Fleece (Verdant)
Silver Buds Yabao (Verdant)
Milk Oolong (Mandala)
Hu-Kwa (Mark T. Wendell)
Paris (Harney & Sons)
Manistee Moonrise (Whispering Pines)
Coconut Pouchong/Oolong (Golden Moon or Zen Tea Life)

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