543 Tasting Notes

drank Pommier by Lupicia
543 tasting notes

First impression as I inhale the dry leaves: kimyou. This is going to be weird.

I think I can smell the maple in the dry blend. But once brewed, phew! This tea is stinky! :P

I’m pretty sure I’m not going to enjoy this one. I have to make myself try it and not just immediately dump it out. But I’m not holding out hope.

The verdict: it doesn’t taste quite as bad as it smells. I definitely taste apple as soon as it hits my tongue. But the aftertaste is strong, just like the aroma. It’s a very heavy, spice-laden tea.

Overall, it’s gross red rooibos & I’m not a fan. Time to brew something else!

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

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drank Tsugaru Green by Lupicia
543 tasting notes

I can’t help but take deep breaths of the dry leaves. Mmm, apples!

As it starts to steep, the sweet aroma reminds me of apple cider. I’m already smiling.

Upon tasting it, there’s no bitterness. Definite acidity from the apples. Green apple comes to mind, these can’t be red. But those are all pros.

This tea brings me to an all-apple happy place. Apple pancakes, apple pie, apple picking in early autumn. The more I drink it, the more I notice sweeter notes. This is a really lovely tea. Maybe the best of all the flavored green teas I’ve tasted.

I know lots of people have complained about the bancha base, but I really like it. In my opinion, a fresher sencha would not complement the pairing with San-Tsugaru apples as much. (But I don’t particularly love the grassiness of senchas in the first place).

This is one of those teas where freshness is paramount! I found a few forgotten tea bags in the back of my cupboard, still sealed air tight. But upon brewing, the aroma and flavor was quite bland. It had lost all its apple flavor and acidity, leaving my mouth dry & almost flaky feeling. Make sure to drink all this tea upon receiving it because it won’t keep for long periods of time.

I’m curious to see how it would turn out when brewed at a lower temperature. Lots of people said they like this tea iced, but I’m not sure. It seems best enjoyed piping hot. As my cup cooled off, I couldn’t taste the apple as much.

205 °F / 96 °C 2 min, 0 sec

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drank The au Chocolat by Lupicia
543 tasting notes

Mmm! Smells like dark chocolate!

The aroma of the tea leaves amongst the chocolate is almost surprising. It reminds me that I’m about to drink a cup of tea, not sink my teeth into a Godiva chocolate bar.

Even straight, it tastes smooth and chocolaty. Part of me loves it! And part of me says, “This is so weird! I’m drinking chocolate tea!”

Adding milk and sugar makes it very much like hot chocolate, but nowhere near as thick and sweet. It’s really good!

I wonder if I served this as hot chocolate, would anyone guess it’s really tea?

What? My cup is empty already? How did this happen? Who drank my tea?! :)

Boiling 3 min, 15 sec

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drank Keemun Queen's Hope by Lupicia
543 tasting notes

This tea has a distinctive aroma! It’s hard to describe. It almost smells peppery.

Something in the aroma is off putting, but I can’t put my finger on what it reminds me of. Gander described this tea as smoky, and that’s probably it. Smoky is an apt description.

I bought a Lupicia sampler kit for my mom a while back. She said she loved every tea except for one, which she described as tasting like dirty diapers. As soon as I remembered that story, I started laughing. I think this might be the same tea!

Okay, I’ve put off actually tasting it for long enough. I’m not brave enough to try it straight first, so I’m adding milk.

The verdict: the aroma is scarier than the taste. I’m adding a little sugar now.

Yeah, this is not my cup of tea. On subsequent tastings, I’m afraid this one is going down the drain.

If you like smokiness, then this is the tea for you. I just can’t get “dirty diapers” out of my head. Thanks, Mom! ;P

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec

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drank Assam Calcutta Auction by Lupicia
543 tasting notes

This is a strong, fairly bitter tea straight. It definitely needs milk and sugar.

But even with milk, this tea still isn’t the best in my book. I like Assam mixed/blended with other black teas rather than alone. It’s not a very complex tea.

To me, it’s nothing special. There’s no unique, distinctive flavor that stands out. It’s just all right. I don’t see myself craving this one.

If you like strong black teas with milk, I recommend Lupicia’s The au Lait instead.

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec

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drank The au Lait by Lupicia
543 tasting notes

Pro: a very pleasant tea experience! “Beautiful golden tips” is a very apt description (although I would favor to say luscious golden tips).

The dry leaves smell really interesting. I wish I could identify the base, but I’m not quite there yet in my current level of tea expertise. The brewed tea aroma was at first slightly disappointing because I felt that it had lost that unique, unidentifiable, interesting smell. It smelled like a normal, average black tea.

But when time came to taste it, I was pleasantly surprised again! (Which was only slightly spoiled since I had just brushed my teeth. Is there mint in here?! face palm).

But this is a very pleasant tea! I drank it with lots of milk and a little sugar, as suggested. It’s a beautiful black tea and a nice change from all the green and oolong currently in my cupboard.

Again, I apologize that I can’t describe the finer details of this tea due to my inexperience as a tea connoisseur. But it’s a good one to keep around for days when you’re not craving any one tea in particular but definitely know you want something flavorful.

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec

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drank Earl Grey by Lupicia
543 tasting notes

It’s that time again: TEA TIME!!! Today I’m going with a classic: Earl Grey.

The dry leaves bring back memories of Paris when my friend, Juanita, and I stayed with a French family for a week before going off to the Cannes Film Festival for the first time. Beautiful, luscious earl grey!

The family we stayed with drank this tea out of bowls instead of cups! At the time, we thought it was a French thing. We came to learn it wasn’t, which just led us to believe we had stayed with one weird French family! Now I think they were probably just fine lovers of good tea.

But I digress while impatiently waiting for the tea to cool. The brewed tea’s aroma is heaven! It tastes sweeter than expected, which is a pro for me. I find Twining’s Earl Grey to be a little strong for my tastes.

This tea goes great with a little honey. Just a little though, or it overpowers the core flavor of what makes this tea distinctly Earl Grey.

Simply put: it’s perfect! It’s exactly what I wanted and expected, and I can’t help but be enveloped with memories of a summer exploring Paris with one of my best friends.

Boiling 2 min, 45 sec

For the longest time, this was my favorite Earl Grey, until I tried the Earl Grey from thepuriTea. Now this one is neck and neck with thepuriTea’s Earl Grey. Oh… and of course, there’s Lord Bergamot from Steven Smith…


I definitely like this one more than Twinings’ version.

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drank Strawberry & Vanilla by Lupicia
543 tasting notes

It smells delicious! This is a yummy green tea.

It’s much less bitter than other flavored teas I’ve had lately (see Sakurambo Vert). But the strawberry & vanilla flavors are less strong than the cherry flavor in Sakurambo Vert.

Still, a good tea on its own without milk. Honestly, I don’t see how you could add milk or sugar to this. But I’m not sure I’m tasting any of those matcha notes in there.

It probably should be brewed with a water temperature less than boiling (even though that’s what the package suggests).

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec

This is one of my favorite flavored teas from Lupicia. I often use it to make matcha.

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drank Cinnamon by Lupicia
543 tasting notes

This tea doesn’t just smell like cinnamon, it smells like an Atomic Fireball!

Even though the aroma is ferocious, the tea is pleasant. I added a little milk to it and it’s good. It really does taste just like tea with cinnamon (surprise surprise, right?).

The cinnamon flavor is not overwhelming though. It’s a very good balance.

I’d probably grow bored of it if I drank it on a daily basis. But that might be attributed to my recent vast consumption of cinnamon lattes.

Boiling 2 min, 45 sec

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drank Tokio by Lupicia
543 tasting notes

It has a very fruity, sugary aroma. It smells amazing!

But I don’t think my tongue was made to drink tea today. It tastes pretty bland, which seems impossible with the way it smells.

I definitely watered it down too much. I think this tea is probably amazing. I need to give it another chance. Although I have noticed a trend with Lupicia that the aroma of their flavored teas is often much stronger than the flavor.

Boiling 1 min, 45 sec

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Entering the sweet blissful world of tea aromas!

Having discovered this website at the end of July 2011, I’m so excited to share my tea adventures with all of you! I grew up with my grandmother serving Twining’s English Breakfast with cream and sugar.

But on a trip to Seattle in 2010, I stumbled into a Chinese teashop and tried my first oolong tea. I was forever changed! I embarked on a startling new love for green and white teas.

With a world of teas to discover, I was inspired to keep a tea journal to record my thoughts and new favorites. Let’s get brewing!

My ratings are completely subjective and 100% my opinion. All ratings are given in relation to each other (ie. teas are rated in the order of my enjoyment of them). Therefore, my ratings will constantly change as I try more teas.

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