71 Tasting Notes

drank Ceylon Spring by DAVIDsTEA
71 tasting notes

Delicious, sweet and tantalizing to the senses. When I heard about the new “Garden to Cup” campaign I had to admit this really had me excited to see how this idea would play out. The Ceylon Spring didn’t fail to deliver on the excitement. It tasted fresh and healthy straight up. The deeper notes are also well accented in this way.

When a bit of the hazelnut International Delights cream was added (I have a sensitivity to milk so alternatives are key for me.)the tea was given an extra level of richness. Balanced and exquisite. I liked it both ways and found a soothing quality to it as I sipped it during my dance break. My fellow dancers also raved about how lovely it was. Both to taste and to hear the story behind this special tea. Bon Appetite.

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drank Kokomo Green by DAVIDsTEA
71 tasting notes

With the heat wave and summer conditions in Victoria as of late this one definitely hit the spot. Hot, the tea tastes similar to Daydreamer and carries that nostalgia. Cold, ah it is just right. I made this as a straight iced tea once and then the second time I had it I made it as a tea lemonade with the mango lemonade that has just come out from Minute Maid.

It just perked up even further and after doing some gardening that is just what I needed to rejuvenate my energy in time for dance. As a May tea of the month I have to admit Kokomo was the perfect name to choose. For the weather has fit the description for both the song and this new tea. Hope everyone got a chance to be out in the tropical conditions and enjoyed this blend at the same time.

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drank Bollywood Chai by DAVIDsTEA
71 tasting notes

With a pending Edmonton trip on Wednesday thought I’d catch up with the backlog of reviews. Hope everyone has been having a great May so far and are planning special treats for Mother’s Day. On the note of treats, singing and dancing this chai definitely fits the bill for all three. It’s mild and refreshing hot and cold.

The bright hues of the candied fennel gives the image of the silk saris that those in the Bollywood movies, so that is a win there. It also gives the comforting notes that the tea has on the taste buds. All in all out of the chai teas I’ve had so far this one stands out as a great starter chai. Enjoy. :)

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Now this of the three I picked up on the weekend at Teavana really does send the message of spring. The alluring aroma and the taste are just heavenly. It’s a little tart but a little sweet at the same time. You taste more of the champagne notes than the strawberry that accents this special tea. The rose lends delicately over the predominant flavors that give this tea a slightly pink appearance.

Of the three I’d have to say this one is my favorite overall taste-wise. It’s just the romantic touch this one needed on this fine spring day. I hope everyone is enjoying the mild temperatures and the sweet sunshine. Cheers!

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drank Sakura Allure by Teavana
71 tasting notes

I have to say it was a worthwhile trip to try this tea in the gift set. The deep reddish pink of the sour-cherry elixir is pretty in the Japanese Sakura blossom tea set that the store used to carry back in the day. It’s like drinking hot cherry cranberry juice in a way. Not exactly “Zen” but what can you say? Unlike Snow Geisha it doesn’t give you a punch in the nose and make you feel like drinking medicine so that is another positive, right?

Which is ironic since the description given shows that this one is a sort of medicine for the immune system. BUT I digress. It is a very pretty and refreshing blend. Perfect for iced tea in the summer or for late spring. Especially in the thermos that comes with the gift set which is elegant simply on its own.

I have to hand it to them their tea accessories are par-none to most stores. I have yet to find anyone else who makes such pretty floral tea tins, cups and tea pots just like Teavana. I admittingly store a lot of my tea from David’s and other tea stores in their tins just because of the artistic mastery of their designs. I love them.

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drank Snow Geisha by Teavana
71 tasting notes

I admit ever since I went David’s a few years back I haven’t really gone back to Teavana but considering my border-line obsession with cherry blossoms I just had to go. While picking up my Sakura Allure box set (which was the reason I went) this was second on my list of must try teas. For someone who likes cherry and rose teas…I have to admit the scent is powerful.

Once you get past that and the wonder of where they got the idea that this was delicate, it’s not that bad. It’s actually quite good. I was sipping it most of this afternoon while serving tea at the lodge. In comparison to “Cherry Blossom” by David’s it is not the most natural of flavors but I expect that when going into buying blends from Teavana.

So…drinker beware it’s going to be quite the experience. Sip slow and it should have less of a medicinal kickback. Hopefully. (Yes, I am doing my best to convince myself about that. Haha.)

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drank Coconut Oolong by DAVIDsTEA
71 tasting notes

Imagine being at the beach seated by the shore. The smell of the ocean, the feel of the tropical breeze blowing through your hair and the sound of the waves as you wiggle your toes in the white sand. Take in a long deep breath, exhale and that is how a cup of Coconut Oolong transports those who enjoy its delicious liquor. It is very satisfying to the senses in both its dry and brewed form.

So far this spring being on the island, the tropical theme has been working for me. Especially with the coconut teas. I’ve been loving the smooth flavors and the balance of tones that offer a refreshing touch. It just has upped the energy level immensely. If this is a preview of what is to come in the summer I’m all for it. Happy drinking everyone!


Ok now, you have me drooling! Need to get myself some sun and coconut :-)

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If you are trying for something very traditional in flavor or quality this is a good option. I was downtown on the 23rd of February for a bit to take pictures of the architecture and the blossoms when the morning chill really got to me. (Bad thing to admit doing a day after recovery but I digress) Being close to Murchie’s Tea Shop I popped in to get warm and the first variety to test was this one.

It was very delicate in its floral notes and has a bit of an English breakfast sort of flavor. The scent just warms from head to toe. I was tempted so much to get this as a latte but I decided on the new Black Forest tea latte. A latte that was just as nice and did taste a lot like its namesake. Just to let you all know for future visits.

As I had a dance event in the afternoon after the photo shoot I also picked up some Marzipan squares at the same time while at Murchie’s. If you haven’t tried the small bakery café there I tell you that it is well worth it. The freshly baked treats are light and delicious. The use of the most exquisite of ingredients definitely shows.

For smaller events I’d also recommend their French Macaroons as they really are very delicate and are just the right touch. (I think they might be one of the few places in Victoria that sells them, please correct me if I’m wrong.) All in all Murchie’s is always worthwhile to visit. Cheers!

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drank Coco-Lemon Thai by DAVIDsTEA
71 tasting notes

March and spring is in full swing already. Time flies so fast! For me battling a return to Bronchitis all throughout February it is a relief to be healthy again. I am thanking David’s and his “Bubbly” tea for that. The Mullein blossom kept the coughs under control a lot of the time. It was a savior in the midst of all the sleep that the illness brought.

Now onto the review, ne? Stopped into David’s this morning and picked up this new white tea with vested curiosity. The warmth of the lemon really does come out and the healthy beneficial notes of the ginger just set it off pleasantly. But what really did tie everything together was the coconut and its creaminess. I could really imagine sitting by a palm tree as I savored this one. And in good old Victoria this is -very-possible with the various palm trees all over the city.

I couldn’t put my to go cup down throughout my morning shopping rounds and had made a fresh pot as soon as I finished lunch to enjoy for the rest of the day (and night). So for anyone looking for something that is both healthy and delicious look no further than this tea. Cheers and hope everyone has a great start to Spring.

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drank Aloha Pu'erh by DAVIDsTEA
71 tasting notes

When I first heard about the ingredients I was taken back to a tea I had a few years back. It had similar ingredients but was a green tea and had added sugar hearts. It was tasty too. So suffice to say my curiosity was perked to see how this one would taste. The smoky quality and the deeper richness of the truly fragrant dry mix almost sold me completely.

When I tried it last night I found that it was a more pleasant experience than its predecessor. Very round and fresh to the palate. Not too much and not too little. A soothing gem if brewed in one of the DT specialized tea bags. I could see trying it flash-chilled and iced during the summer. Stay warm everyone!

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“The rich nuances and flavor notes, who could resist the healing powers of tea?” That is just one of the thoughts of this musical dancing tea lover. When not wrapped in some literary or artistic pursuit you’ll find her enjoying a cup while taking in the beauty of nature.


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