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90 Tasting Notes


Today is one of those days I am hurting so badly, I am unable to brew some tea.
Thank God for tea bags! It is just that kind of day.
This tea is starting to give a smile to my morning :-)
I have a terrible sinus infection which is giving my chronic pain a run for the money.
Back to this tea, I have previously done a legit tasting note on this tea,
But I just had to say, I REALLY like this tea…
I think I like it more each time I drink it.
This tea reminds me of when myself and my late husband were married in Jamaica…
with the traditional wedding breakfast.
This is a sweet morning pick me up.


I hope the day gets better for you!


Thank you Tigress…it is already…
I checked my blood sugar and it was 276….WAY HIGH!
When I got my sugar back into normal parameters the pain lessened quite a bit.
The sinus infection made my sugar level high which increased the pain.
Thanks for the kind thoughts and I hope your day is super sweet :-)


Hope you feel better soon, sounds terrible…


Hope you feel better!


Thanks friends…nice to get an encouraging note :-)


Hope you’re feeling better!!

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I received 2/3 of this $1 sample via Lariel through a very lopsided swap.
I didn’t care for this tea any more than she did… it is horrible.


Looks like you are having a rough tea day.


Love your sense of humor…

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drank Ginseng Green by Adagio Teas
90 tasting notes

Disgusting…dry smell is also puke worthy…blech

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drank Pumpkin Spice by Bigelow
90 tasting notes

Much better than Celestial Seasonings Sweet Harvest Pumpkin!

This has a much richer pumpkin flavor, whereas the CS pumpkin
flavoring is much more artificial. This is warm cinnamon and nutmeg
Pumpkin pie in your cup…truly YUM!


You should try the Stash Pumkin spice. it’s a favorite at my home.


Hmmm…I am going to make a note of that because Pumpkin is my favorite since a baby and sleepytime go to…unless not well, then it is chamomile. Thanks for the tip :-)

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drank Perfect Peach by Bigelow
90 tasting notes

I think the hibiscus makes this a bit tart, something about it is a bit off…
By itself, I do not care for it, but steep it in some hot apple cider and it is super nice.


Mix for 12 cup pot***

2 teabags Perfect Peach
2 teabags True Blueberry
BOTH from Celestial Seasonings
1 teabag “I love lemon” herbal tea from Bigelow
1 packet of stevia per 10oz cup
This is really good…
All ingredients: lemon verbena, lemon peel, rose hips, hibiscus, peppermint leaves, orange peel, hawthorne, chamomile,
natural peach, blackberry leaves, peaches, natural blueberry flavor, wild blueberries & blueberry leaves
Truly refreshing and caffeine free…Peppermint is not tasted

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drank Chai Spice by Verdant Tea
90 tasting notes

mmmmmm…..just had this in some hot apple cider…..YUM!

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After a quick rinse, I am drinking steeps 1-3 together (steeped 5 seconds each time)
The aroma to me is a bit muddy with an uncooked sourdough bread flavor.
The taste is complex, unbelievable, and I am blown away by the flavor.
This is woody, deeply earthy and smokey…my first time to try a smokey flavored tea…
it is all this, but with the sweetness of sourdough cookies.
Drinking with 1 packet Pyure Stevia (best stevia, no aftertaste)

(NEWBIE in the world of Pu-ehr,please forgive if my tasting notes are not the most sophisticated.)
Slightly dry aftertaste, but so0oO worth it :-)


Steeps 4-6 (20 seconds each)
A smooth, smokey and spinach aroma & flavor…
Hmmm…I wonder if all Pu-erhs have this magical quality of changing…


lots of them do :)


Thanks Sil :-)
I am learning and loving this tea


Not sure if you’ve tried mandala’s puerhs but there are some fantastic ones that Garret has that will knock your socks off :)


Agreed Mandala’s are pretty fine teas!


Thank you!
I am not sure who to ask, but:
If I am leaving the wet leaves to "sit"between steeps 6&7,
is there a proper way to store it (refrigerator) or is it ok
to leave wet leaves in Gaiwan and place in tea cabinet?
Thank you to whomever answers this tricky question…


Leave them in the Gaiwan just tip it up so any excess water runs out. I usually just leave it out. When you hit it with boiling or just below boiling on the next infusion it will sterilize anything of question.


bug me in the new year once all my orders are in, celebritea and i’d be happy to send some of mandala’s puerhs to you to try.


Thank you both!
Sil, that is very generous ;-)
I did just as you said MrMopar

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drank Earl of Anxi by Verdant Tea
90 tasting notes

This tea is quite lovely.
As an Earl Grey fan, I could say the taste of Bergamot was lacking, but only slightly…
and to be perfectly honest, it perfectly suits this tea.
You can taste the perfectly balanced Bergamot & Saffron (I love BOTH)…
The Frankincense is ever so subtle, but definitely there both in taste and in the perfume
of this tea. I am finding I am loving this tea more at room temperature.
I might add, it only takes one packet of Truvia to sweeten the entire pot.
This tea leaves the lingering feel of silk on your palate…mmmm….
You MUST try this tea.
The more I drink, the more I want…not one tinge of bitterness or astringency.
What a smooth, creamy, oh so lovely tea.
I love every element of this tea~
saffron, cedarwood, frankincense,jasmine, goji berry,bergamot~
what a lovely balancing act performed within this one tea.
This feels like Christmas, and my silly mind can imagine
the three kings who traveled to see baby Jesus sipping THIS tea.


The frankincense unfolds from steep to steep, becoming stronger as it melts. It is a medicinal. Used still in Africa for antiseptic properties, as toothpaste, to ward off bugs, as an aid during childbirth, anti-fungal. Not bad!


I know, right.
Plus it is just luxurious.
This tea is like liquid silk ♡

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drank Cozy Chamomile by Bigelow
90 tasting notes

Not a bad cup at all,especially when it is FREE…ahhhh….relaxing

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drank Passion by Tazo
90 tasting notes

I just needed to stop in and give the “number” a nod and a boost.
I had this again at my Auntie’s for Thanksgiving.
I first had given it a lower rating based on the fact the resteep is not really drinkable.
BUT~ I TRULY love this tea!
I am now out of the samples my Auntie gave me, and I must purchase some.
Wondering how this will taste (iced) come Summer?


This is my absolute favorite iced!!!


Thank you, I will have to try it that way :-)

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48 yr old retired nurse from Indiana.
I have 5 kids, 8 GrandAngels,
{Expecting a new GrandAngel}
an African Grey “Tanzi”

My favorite teas are
Earl Grey,
(Super Love Verdant Blends~
The Jolly Earl & The Earl of Anxi )
(Buttered Rum~
David’s Teas~
being my new FAVE)~

I am also loving the
Creamy Eggnog from Butiki ♥

Sweet Dreams
from David’s Teas
Is the Best Chamomile I have tried

Bigelow’s Pumpkin Spice OR
Celestial Seasonings Sweet Harvest Pumpkin
For a Delish, yet,
inexpensive,Quick Fix.

I have recently tried the organic Blueberry Jam
from David’s Tea and love it!
but it is time for me to get adventurous….

Soon & very SOON, I will be putting in time with some Pu-erhs,
I look forward to learning and tasting.
I love Verdant, Butiki, David’s, AND
I really love Harney & Son’s for providing quality tea in bags…
makes it so much easier to carry a quality tea with you ….wherever you go :-)
FYI, on swaps and such I would
no Darjeeling, Tulsi, chocolate
or toasted rice, thanks



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