72 Tasting Notes


A pot of this and my Ativan-on-steroids strength meds and I was down for the count last night. Not a restful sleep though, lots of nightmares.

It’s not my favourite tea, but boy does it do a good job at knocking me out!

Now to shower, change, and head back to the youth clinic to see the doctor, tell her the meds aren’t helping the way they’re supposed to, and if she has no other suggestions I’m off to the psychiatric emergency ward. Bah.

Sorry tea frens if I disappear again for a while.


I hope things turn around for you…

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drank Bubbly by DAVIDsTEA
72 tasting notes

I made this into a DIY-Tea Pop. I figured it was a bit of a fitting choice since I’m manic as hell.

I had this crazy dream about a friend and I being locked in the loony bin together, and we caused total mayhem. Making murals on walls out of mashed potatoes and gravy, running down the halls in our underpants, rearranging all the furniture in the common areas… I think we made some of the staff quit in that dream. oh dear.

This is great as a tea pop. It tastes like cheap champagne but without the burn of alcohol. a bit of sweetener makes it better, but I forgot to before I finished my drink.

I have a ton of energy and need to go run around or something before I explode. Wheeeeeee! :D

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Got new meds from a doctor at the local youth clinic yesterday, and unlike the ones the walk-in clinic gave me a week and a half prior, these ones don’t make everything taste like rusty metal, so I can actually ENJOY my tea!

Sadly, I taste absolutely zero peach in this. It’s a sweet, lightly floral black. Nothing to really write home about.

I’ll finish what I have, but it won’t be a restock. I prefer the Royal Abkhazi and Victoria 150 Anniversary blends better when I want sweet and floral.


That’s too bad. This one sounds pretty nice. Yay for new meds, though. :)

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I felt like this would be an ironic tea to sip right now, given how royally effed up life is at the moment. Well, not so much life, just my brain really. I feel so beyond hopeless, but I WANT to live. just….not like this…

Irony aside, this is a tasty cup of apricotty, nougatty, almondy goodness. It reminds me of the apricot nougat used to make ice cream sandwiches by a local small-batch creamery.

Crap, now I’m craving a rosemary and sour cherry sammy….


It is such a great tea. Offering you a bear hug, ok? ((HUG))


♥ Maybe we need to get a Butiki tea made. :) Mmm, ice cream inspired tea. Or really, mmm ice cream.


How about the Rosemary Sour Cherry that I submitted? I want to do it, I just can’t put the money up for it right now.


Though actually, the White Wine Melon ice cream is amazing. You should try some if you can find it.


The Rosemary Sour Cherry that you submitted is exactly it, Amariel. I just need to know how much tea it would end up being… :) Then I can start saving for it!


Minimum $50, likely. Would depend on whether extra ingredients were added like dried fruits and/or flowers, and whether she would need to bring in any special ingredients.


Ahh, ok. That’s not too bad.


Yeah, it’s just that I don’t have the funds to pay it all at once up front. Maybe come closer to my birthday, but I’d prefer to get tea that already exists first.

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Now that they’ve brought it back, I can comfortably sipdown what I have been hoarding since they discontinued it last! I’m so beyond broke right now, but I MUST STUFF one of their new bigger tins with Root Beer Float and Cotton Candy. A Pride tumbler would be nice too but we’ll see…I mentioned it to my sister and my birthday is in a week so i feel like she’ll probably get it for me…

Had this cold steeping in a 24ish oz mason jar from about 4pm last night til now (a little before 9am). I knew I was going to have a crazy night at work, and knew I’d need a pick me up in the morning and boy was I right. Ugh, so tired.

But dogs guys. Dogs are freaking GENIUSES when it comes to emotional crap. Bobo, a standard poodle, who I’ve known since the day I started at this job (though I’ve been “on call” for the last year and a bit after being laid off from my full time position due to cutbacks) back in early 2012, crawled into bed with me to snuggle for the first time EVER last night. I ended up sharing the single size cot with Bobo, Murphy (golden retriever), Mojo (another golden), Mudflap (basset hound), and Molly (labXdane). How we all wedged on there comfortably is beyond me but hoboy did I need it.

Still looking at heading to hospital on Wednesday morning though, blargle. :( Mental illness sucks guys, it really really sucks.

anywho, I stuffed a couple filter bags with leaf, filled the jar about 3/4 of the way, let steep for however long that was (math is hard..), then added a wee bit of fizzy water just to brighten it up a bit in hopes of the fizz waking my brains up a bit better.

Just waiting for the morning person to get her so I can go home and shower and get ready for the Pride parade. Don’t feel up to following it to the park at the end (too many people) so a buddy and I (who are watching the parade together) are going for tea and pho before I have to be back at work for 5pm. woo. I hope I still have Molly and Murphy here tonight…


mmmmmm tea and pho! sounds like a great time!


The Pride tumbler looks great, but it’s not leakproof. Alas.

It seems like you’re being really responsible about addressing your mental illness. That’s no small thing.

Enjoy the parade!


Hope you have a good day! :)

Bear With Me

All I can say is:
Tomorrow will be spent doing nothing but drinking tea in my papasan chair.
Is it Tuesday yet?
I REALLY hope Tuesday goes well so I don’t have to go to PES Wednesday…
It was a LOT “easier” to be a youth with a mental illness.
The government (specifically its cutbacks) is going to be the death of me.
Socializing is EXHAUSTING!!!
Animals > humans.

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Pulled this one out for my first cup of the day, partly because it called to me, and partly because in approximately one hour, the Netherlands plays against Costa Rica in the 2014 FIFA world cup.

I spent 3.5 years of my life in the Netherlands, and they were the best years of my life. Amazing people, amazing food (ohemgee the CHEESE!!!!), beautiful architecture and landscapes, and sooooooo much acceptance.

The Dutch national colour, for those who don’t know, is Orange, so an orange tea felt like a good hat-tip to the country I called home for a few years (and a country I’d love to return to someday and see it from an adult’s perspective as I was a kid when I lived there).

This tea definitely reminds me of the Netherlands. The brightness of the orange with the sweetness of the vanilla gives me the sense of being back there, where I felt so at home.

It’s a welcome comfort in the midst of an emotional shitstorm of epic proportions. Even though the moment of comfort and contentment is coming to an end as I finish my cup, I’m glad to have had a chance to simply breathe.


sounds sooooooo yummy

Bear With Me

it’s at the top of my list of things to send you when I’m better/working ;)

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It’s of the utmost importance that I figure out if I am a heffalump or a woozle, and what colour I am. I fear my brain may go BOOM! if I don’t figure it out ASAP. O.o

Either I’ve completely lost my mind, or my craving for black tea with honey had something to do with it.

I like to use a CTC tea when adding honey, so that it doesn’t overwhelm the tea itself, since honey is so strong. This one was a good choice. Good body, steeped it a wee bit long so that the honey dulled the mild bitterness without camouflaging the lovely black base.

I need to get my hands on some more Whittards blacks. They’re quite lovely and versatile and some of the nicer CTC teas I’ve had. A friend brought me a 3 pack of adorable tins of Whittards tea when she went to England last year. I wonder how bad shipping would be….


You can get them at Winners/Homesense fairly regularly. I don’t think there are many right now, but in a month or so they should get more stock. But you never know. (Also, elephant tins!!)

Bear With Me

Were the elephant tins Whittards teas?!?! OOH! Even more reason to get them! I mean, uhh, I don’t like elephants and fun tins, not in the slightest…


I’m pretty sure yes. But if not (what other tea company starts with a ‘wh’ sound?!) they do carry boxes sometimes too. (Googled.) Williamsons. :( Thise are the elephants. Darn it!

Bear With Me

bummer, but possibly still worth checking out! worse comes to worse I use the tea to make kombucha if it’s crappy tea, then fill the effelants with something more awesome! (kind of like how I want the rainbow DAVIDs pink lemonade special tin, but I want to dump the pink lemonade into a plain tin and fill the tin with Janet’s Rainbow Rooibos. I mean come on, rainbow tins need rainbow teas!!)


Rainbows! :)

Bear With Me

need ALL the rainbow things!

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drank Toasty Oolong by Unknown
72 tasting notes

I stopped into the local “boutique” tack shop (shop that carries higher end/higher quality horse gear) to get a hug from my friend who owns it. She’d heard I’ve been having a rough go of it, and excitedly handed me a little washi tin with a mysterious toasted oolong inside. She had picked the tea and tin up in separate countries during a backpacking trip through Asia last year but couldn’t remember where the tea itself came from. But she gave me a GIANT hug (I had a bit of a cry) and we hid in her office and shared a pot.

It’s LOVELY. It reminds me of a houjicha mixed with a tie guan yin. It’s toasty rather than fermented, and in lovely little curls which unfurl to reveal a lovely crinkly leaf as it steeps.

I need to search for something similar for when I run out because I can see myself drinking it regularly. Toasty and nutty yet a touch creamy with a fresh finish.

Random acts of kindness. They make crappy days sooooo much less crappy <3

Flavors: Nutty, Roasted, Sweet, Toasty


You changed your name! I love it! :D
Also yay for random acts!

Bear With Me

Figured it was suiting since Pony’s no longer going by Ceylon Star since it’s being discontinued (Bear With Me is his new show name. Like the double entendre? ;) ) and the timing worked out because I’m sure people are sick of my going insane-ness so, uhh, please “Bear With Me”?


I love your pony’s new show name. :) So cute. Also ♥

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Part of the Heffalumps and Woozles brigade!
I’m also a tea addict. Oolong, Pu’ehr, and Lapsang Souchong are my favourites. I share tea with my pony, Java (Competes under the name “Bear With Me”). I’m pretty sure I’m the only person ever to buy matcha JUST for their horse, haha!

I’m on the hunt for the PERFECT peach tea. Something juicy that screams “I am PEACH!” when you take a sip. Ideally a Green, White, Oolong, or Yellow base (I find peach black teas to be too much tannin not enough peachy goodness). Suggestions are appreciated!


Vancouver Island, BC

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