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I enjoyed two cups of this this afternoon to finish off the workday before a week off to celebrate our first wedding anniversary <3!

Loving this one with some coconut simple syrup and homemade cream. It’s just delicious! I made it hot this afternoon, but I also enjoy it cold like this. I’m so thrilled to have discovered this unique drink.


happy anniversary!


Thank you :)

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Rough start to the workday that started with an email late last night. Sigh. A real lesson in removing my email from my phone.

However, all that calls for only the best tea! So this one I didn’t get to until it was lukewarm, but still so tasty nonetheless. I love how the sweetness comes out as it cools.

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I just brewed this one up for a wee treat this afternoon. This one, along with Coquelicot Gourmand from DF were ones I really went through quickly. I have only a small amount of this one left after taking a hiatus from it between last winter and now.

The scent is very cookie-like, with a nice chocolate to it. The taste is more lightly flavoured and a bit thin/delicate, but it really translates from the scent. For me at least, I’d much rather a lightly flavoured tea than something over the top, so this one is overall quite lovely.

I’m always impressed with DF’s ability to make a tea truly what they say it is.

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I steeped this one for my first cup this morning. So tasty, especially on a chilly, grey day. I’m actually in my pajamas answering all the work emails haha.

I just love the sweetness of this paired with the maltiness, this is just such a great tea all round.

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Today we decluttered the house and listed some things for sale on Kijiji. I steeped one cup of each lot (641 & 864) and then received a message that someone could pop by tonight for a sale (covid-safely, of course!). Naturally! So, by the time I got to these teas, they were lukewarm, however, my notes are below and I’ll try for a more detailed/at least a hotter cuppa later in the week!

Lot 864: Maltiness and oat-y with a hint of a savoury note mixed in at first sip, a hint of sweetness and no astringency. As it cools (even more), notes of floral come through, though very subtle.

Lot 641: Maltiness and oat-y with a hint of sweetness in the background mid-sip, absolutely no astringency at first sip. I would say this one has the barest hint of floral as it cools (a little sooner noticeable) and some fruits in the background, though I can’t say which fruits.

Overall, very similar in taste with only the barest hint of difference, at least at this temperature. I have only a limited amount of 641 remaining, so I’ll have to postpone any and all things when I steep these two the next time around!


That does sound like different harvest times and possibly sections. This is reassuring!


i think 2015 is the one year i wasn’t a fan of for tea and wine lol

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The Taiwan Tea Crafts have arrived! Four days early, and no custom fees (Sil)! :)

This one is super tasty! I was interrupted and managed to get half of it in while hot and the other half while ice cold haha — but it was tasty both ways! Such a great ‘mix’ of black and oolong flavours. I saved the leaves for a second steep, so hopefully I can provide a more detailed review soon!

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Just whipped up a mug of this for the afternoon of work. I’ve been switching between cups of this, Yuchi Wild Mountain Black, and ice coffee basically all day, every day. It’s been a delight.

I have so many Dammann Frères though, I should probably try to expand and drink some of these ones too.

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I’m finally polishing off my 250g package of this after hoarding the remaining bits of it during COVID. I bit the bullet and ordered another 250g earlier this week and now I can comfortably finish this off knowing more is en route (unless something happens with the post…).

This is one of my all-time favourite teas and I usually order the 250g package once per year to enjoy throughout the year. I would describe this as waffle-y and delicious. I can’t wait to see what the new lot (864) brings!


i was literally looking at placing an order because i’ve seriously missed this sort of black tea


It’s my favourite type of black tea! And I swear it’s perfect for any season. I can’t live without it, so when I saw their sale go up, I had to take the opportunity! Also, I think the sale is until 8-September. :)


yeah i’m just cart building lol


not a fan of having to get tea via DHL….but i messaged them and they’ve inspired some level of confidence in not being dinged with extra fees…so i’m going to try it


Hahah, that’s excellent to hear. I’ll let you know if mine arrives and I owe any extra at the door. The approximate delivery date is currently next Tuesday (8-Sept).

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I had this one yesterday — after the Dandy blend and before my ice coffee. This one is so nice to have when I want a herbal tea. Usually I drink this in the evening, but quite enjoyed it in the late morning.

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I’m really enjoying this one in the morning before my ice coffee. I’ve been adding simple syrup (made of coconut sugar) and homemade creamer and it’s such a treat!

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Lover of animals, the ocean, science, travel, all things summer, and of course – tea!

I love black teas. I pretty well always drink my tea straight. I’m also fond of herbals, but they rarely make my permanent collection. I prefer my tea hot, but occasionally I’ll cold brew.

Oolongs I enjoy, but I’m not generally in the mood for them. I only truly enjoy subtly flavoured greens. Whites are also enjoyable, and I’m always looking for a replacement for my all-time favourite Butiki’s White Rhino.

Pu’erhs, rooibos (specifically red, I’m more open to green), honeybush, and matés are not my favourite. I tend to avoid them altogether unless others find them so amazing I just have to try.

Creaminess, toffee, cacao (true dark chocolate flavour), coconut (true coconut flavour), and rhubarb. I’m open to flavoured teas but they can’t be cloying or fake/candy like.

Any smokiness at all, bergamot, flowers (rose and jasmine), hibiscus is hit and miss.

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