732 Tasting Notes

drank Good Feeling by RiverTea
732 tasting notes

Were it not for the flowers, this one would’ve been tasty. I’m getting raspberry, but the flowers are just too overpowering.

This is a sample sipdown though, yay!

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I’m close to a sipdown here, but I haven’t anticipated clearing this one out before I leave. Partly because I drink it very rarely, and partly because we’re planning to go to California in August, so I have a few months before I can get more.

This tea embodies brioche perfectly. Liquidized brioche.

Also it’s 6am and it was one of those morning where I had to get up the second the alarm went off. Does anyone else get an upset stomach when they have to get up and start moving so quickly? I always do, bleh. Hopefully that will pass quickly.


My stomach also feels upset when I have to get up extra early.


Me too … you’re not alone in that :(


Also, I just ordered from American Tea Room. The coupon code TEAFIVE gets you $5 off if you spend $15 or more :)


Thanks for the heads up. :) The shipping to Canada is just too much for my one tea haha.

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I’m just finishing up a cup of Grandma’s Pumpkin Pie now. My tally for today includes sipdowns of:

French Butter Cookie matcha
SBT: Honey Ginger
Irish Cream Cheesecake
Grandma’s Pumpkin Pie
and 3 swap samples (The des Alizes, Pomegranate Sarsaparilla, and Pu Erh Gourmand)

I am happy with that progress.


Look at you go! Good job :)


Thanks! They were only 1 cup each, but I’m still thrilled haha.


A sipdown is a sipdown.


Nice sipdown marathon!


Thanks! I’m already at 3 today. Mwuahaha.


You’re a machine!


Well, since I’m picking up a bunch of teas in Vancouver, I need to make room haha. :)


Also, I’m taking advantage of the rare opportunity of being at the house all day since I’m studying for exams.


Sounds like a good plan!

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I don’t know about these pu’erh teas guys. I try to be open-minded, but once they’re steeped, the pue’erh scent just turns my stomach. Regardless, I power through because sometimes that strong scent doesn’t come through as strongly in the taste.

Unfortunately for this tea, it did. I just couldn’t get past the pu’erh-ness.

Thanks for the sample VariaTEA!

But on the upside, I just finished a sipdown of French Butter Cookie in matcha milk, and this one is a sample sipdown.


Yeah, I’ve only tried pu’erh once so far, and also found it was the scent that was hard to get past…


you should try a sheng puerh, does not have the same aroma at all


Okay to be honest, Sil sent this to me, and I really don’t like pu’erh either. I tried it, and it was very pu’erh heavy so I passed it to you because for some reason, I thought you were a pu’erh fan. Obviously not so I shall keep that in mind :P


TeaBrat I will keep that in mind.

VariaTEA no worries, I appreciate getting to try new things, even if they don’t turn out.

Aimee Popovacki

i get stomach aches from pu’erh’s … the only one i don’t is blood orange from davids, but i have to drink it in small quantities… i can bake/cook with pu’erh’s though and its been fine… i think when its just the tea and water though it does a number on me.


Hahaha all you puerh haters should try the strawberry chocolate one from lupicia ;)


I have! Definitely one of the better pu’erhs I have had but still not for me.


Strawberry chocolate pu erh….noms. I would love to try it. I’m gonna have to figure out a Lupicia order, I think.

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MirandaGou sent me this one. Thanks!

This is my first SBT. I made it according to directions. Well, I boiled 2 qts of water than allowed the tea bag to steep in said water for 3 minutes. It’s been sitting in the fridge the majority of the day and I just poured myself a mug with ice cubes.

I’m not generally enamoured with 52Teas, but Ive heard good things about the SBTs and I’m happy to say I’m enjoying this. The flavours aren’t in-your-face, but they complement each other well. The ginger is subtle and the honey a bit stronger but both are there, albeit subtle with the black tea base.

Now I have a pitcher of this in my fridge, but that’s one less envelope of tea in my swap-in box!

Edit: I just checked the tracking and my wellies just updated and they are now sheduled for EARLY delivery!


Yay for early delivery of new wellies! :)

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Another fruity tea for the morning. This one has a white base and the scent reminds me of when I bake coconut loaf.

The flavours are quite delicate and the scent of coconut loaf seems to come through, but it’s not distinctly coconut. I’m not really getting anything in the way of pomegranate, but this is a tasty cup.

Thanks Dexter3657!

P.S. This is a sample sipdown.

180 °F / 82 °C 1 min, 0 sec

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Some mornings I am so productive, and thus far, this is one of those mornings.

I’ve decided I’m going to get through all my swap samples, as well as any 1-2 cup sipdowns in my cupboard before we leave on Saturday. This tea was the beginning (I also brewed up a SBT and stuck it in the fridge and the last of my French Butter Cookie matcha is in the fridge too). It looks as though I have about 15 to get through, give 1-2 teas that have maybe 3 cups but I’ve filed them away to finish off as well.

This tea is quite tasty. It seems I’ve come to a green tea phase, which is great. Some green teas are just awesome, especially for the warmer weather and lighter mornings. Not straight greens, but delicately flavoured greens. This one has a subtle floral aspect that I can taste, but it isn’t overwhelming, and therefore not offensive. There is also a light fruitiness here, but I’m not able to differentiate the fruits. The green base is buttery and light. Overall a tasty tea for this productive morning.

Thanks KittyLovesTea!

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drank Bangkok by Harney & Sons
732 tasting notes

My stomach is a bit upset, and I want to be able to gorge myself on turkey in a few hours, so I thought this would be a good choice to calm my stomach.

I don’t drink this one very often, so as not to ruin it, but it’s one of my favourites. The ginger, coconut, lemongrass mix is delightful. The coconut and green tea base take away any edge from the ginger and lemongrass for a smooth cup.


Aaaaaaand that’s added to my wish list.

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KittyLovesTea sent me an ounce of this and I’m not down to one cup left (after this one). I’m not sure what happened, but I love this tea. I’m generally not a huge Della Terra fan, but this one I must have more of. I even commented on their Facebook to inquire when it would be back.

I’m not sure how exactly to describe this. It’s more of a candy-like pumpkin tea, but not artificial at all, or it never would have worked for me. It is delightful.

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I made another cold matcha and waited for the right moment to finally crack this bad boy open. I have been craving watching Skyfall for the last few hours, but instead I’ve been diligently working on my conservation cue cards. This is my treat.

It’s very similar to Peanut Butter, but for some reason my mind has decided I’m actually enjoying this one. Maybe because it’s delicate? I feel the Peanut Butter may have been distinctive (note go back and check). Either way, I’ll be ordering more of this in the future.

Also, in less than a week now (by a few hours), we will be in Vancouver! I think I have my list of teas to pick up complete.


What are you going to get in Vancouver?!? Divine Temptation? Creme Brulee?


Bayswater: Creamy Rhubarb, Creamy Coconut, Creme Brulee, & Divine Temptation
Steam Tea: Canadian Maple Seduction (LOTS) & Fresh Bamboo Mint

If I make it to Granville Island Tea Co. I’ll pick up some Market Spice. :)


OMG Canadian Maple Seduction! Another tasty choice :)


Would you like me to get you some? :)


That is a very kind offer but I think I am okay for now.

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Lover of tea, animals, the ocean (http://eastcoastbest.tumblr.com/), science, travel, and all things summer.

That’s my mug! I may have a slight love of Star Trek.

I love black teas. I pretty well always drink my tea straight. I’m also fond of herbals, but they rarely make my permanent collection. I prefer my tea hot, but occasionally I’ll cold brew.

Oolongs I enjoy, but I’m not generally in the mood for them. I only truly enjoy subtly fruity flavoured greens. Whites have to be pretty amazing (see Butiki’s White Rhino).

Pu’erhs I’m working on at a snail’s pace, but so far I’m not loving them. Rooibos/honeybush have to be well hidden for me to enjoy them. Mates and are not for me at all.

Coconut, creaminess, yogurt, toffee, cacao (true dark chocolate flavour), rhubarb.

Any smokiness, bergamot, flowers (rose, jasmine, chamomile), hibiscus is hit and miss.



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