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585 Tasting Notes

drank Toasted Marshmallow by DAVIDsTEA
585 tasting notes

Thanks to Shmiracles for this sample :)

I love that the marshmallows melt right into the tea. This one smells really wonderful. It really is reminding me of camping (though the last time I was camping was years ago). It brews up a bit murky but the scent makes up for that.

Hmm I’m getting a bizarre medicinal taste that’s reminding me of rooibos. Perhaps that is the roasted green tea in there? Or the allspice? I’m honestly not sure. I’ll let it cool some more before I take another sip.


i’m glad you kinda liked it?? hah i know what you mean about this tea having a taste around the edges that’s not quite right.


Haha yes it was good but there was something else going on there. I’ve been wanting to try it for a while thought – thanks for sending it my way :)

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drank Creamy Eggnog by Butiki Teas
585 tasting notes

The steeping scent of this is confusing my brain. It smells like eggnog but also delicious! I do not care for eggnog at all. In fact, I despise it. I’ve noticed some people have been saying it doesn’t really taste like eggnog or it’s bang-on eggnog. Mixed opinions. So I had to give it a shot.

It’s definitely creamy. I’m not getting too much of an eggnog taste here. I’m tempted to add the brown sugar recommended to see what happens.

Update: Doing a second steep this afternoon to see what happens. Very similar to the first steep, with less flavour. I get an egg-y taste but not necessarily eggnog. It’s interesting, but I don’t think it’s for me.


Yep, that was pretty much my opinion, too. But I can totally see why other people love it so much, it’s very well done.

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This tea is so smooth and delicious. I thought I was enjoying it straight, that is, until I added a wee bit of brown sugar as suggested. Gah. So creamy and amazing.




This tea sounds awesome. A couple of my favorites are fine alone, but add a little sugar (brown sugar when pumpkin is involved) and it is life-changing.

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drank Chocolate Rocket by DAVIDsTEA
585 tasting notes

Thanks to jessiwrites for this one too!

I can smell the raspberries and chocolate as it’s steeping. I despise fruit and chocolate together but this one has quite a high rating so I had to give it a shot.

The chocolate seems to be overtaking the scent now that’s it’s steeped and I’m waiting for it to cool.

Well I can see why most people would enjoy this tea, and it’s certainly smooth, but it’s not for me.


Yeah, if you don’t like chocolate with fruit, you would totally not enjoy this. :(


Aw, that’s one of my favorites for work because of the caffeine (and the deliciousness)

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Thanks jessiwrites!

Gah the deep pink steep colour of hibiscus :|

But it smells so delectable. Like a cross between strawberry rhubarb and warm apple pie. Both of which are delicious.

First sip and I’m actually enjoying it. What?! Enjoying hibiscus? According to David’s website it’s actually hibiscus flowers. There it is.

It’s looking good for this tea. Yum!

The second steep is not as flavourful but still drinkable :)

Update April 17/13: I’m so upset now that I’ve decided I love this one enough to keep around, it’s gone. Bleh. jessiwrites was awesome to send me a few more cups of it, thank goodness.


i feel the same about this one. i love the white base, i love the warm spice, and i love the bright fruit.


Gaaaaaaah, I am glad you liked this one! It’s so delicious. I must buy more.

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drank Perfect Pear by DAVIDsTEA
585 tasting notes

I love pears but this tasted nothing like pear to me. It tasted almost like some sort of weak syrup maybe? Bleh.

I put some in the fridge to cold brew so perhaps that will be the saving grace for this tea.

Thanks to jessiwrites for such a generous sample :)

Update: I let this one chill for at least 7 hours in the fridge. It’s definitely an upgrade from before but still not all that amazing. With a name like Perfect Pear I was expecting it to taste just like a pear! Perhaps pear is a hard taste to master. But this is only my first pear tea and often when they don’t work out it just spurs me on to find the perfect one :)


I had a sample of this in store once and it was SO good, totally pear. Never been able to recreate that at home though sadly.


Hm I wonder how they did it. I’m always reluctant to add any type of sweetener.

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Oh yes. There are no words.

Okay maybe I have a few words. So this morning I drove my fiance to work at 6:15a. Now normally I come home and get ready for my class. This morning I was exhausted, which has been a near permanent state for some time. So I decided to lay down, just for 5 minutes. I think we all know how that went.

Two hours later I woke up and yep, I had missed my first class. But there was a silver lining. I went outside to empty the recycling when the mailbox caught my eye. What was in there but two tea swap packages! I have so many new teas on my counter at the moment it’s slightly ridiculous but I’m so excited! Thanks to jessiwrites and Shmiracles for turning my Monday back around :)

And this tea is amazing. I’m quite sure Butiki could make anything taste amazing. This will be a permanent in my collection.

Having my second steep of this to motivate me to study. But it’s making me daydream of summer days at the beach. Oh summer. Beach. Happiness.

The second steep actually turned out well. Still a fair amount of flavour.


I’m so excited that you finally got to drink this! Maybe now I will have some tonight… hahaha!

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drank Bamboozled by DAVIDsTEA
585 tasting notes

This is so good cold brewed! How have I already used half of my tin of this in a week!?

Update: Looks like someone else discovered just how amazing cold-brewed Bamboozled is. I went to get a cup and half my jar has disappeared! Still enough for a cup tonight. And I just put together a fresh batch to be ready for tomorrow.


your appreciation for this tea inspired me to throw some in with my recent order, and it arrived today! looking forward to my first sip later tonight.


Yay! That’s awesome. Yes I really love this one both hot and cold. There is some cold brewing in my fridge until 3pm this afternoon and I can’t wait to enjoy it. I hope you like it just as much :)

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drank Copabanana by DAVIDsTEA
585 tasting notes

Duuude. This one smells amazing. Like some sort of homemade banana baked good my mom would be baking. Maybe banana chocolate chip loaf. Yum. I can only hope it will taste as it smells. Though I’m pretty sure I could just have the scent waft at me all evening and be perfectly happy.

Oh yes, this one is delicious. I don’t know that it tastes as it smells. But it does taste good. Very good. I imagine it would be good chilled as well but boy am I enjoying it hot. I know what I’ll be drinking for the rest of the evening (perhaps interspersed with Coconut Oolong).

Update: This one is pretty good cold but I think I may prefer it hot. The chocolate comes out a bit more when it’s hot. Yes the flavours are definitely more muted when it’s chilled. And on that note, I’ll steep myself a hot cup of this now.


I am super excited for this one, too. I have a little bit more of Banana Nut Bread, and I really enjoy it as an evening treat. So this will be a good replacement!


I can’t wait to try this one out too (once I finsih my coconut oolong m looking forward to this joining Cocomint Cream on the shelf!

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drank Daydreamer by DAVIDsTEA
585 tasting notes

This one is nice and light. This one will be easy on my upset stomach.

The flavour is very light, I’m getting a hint of mango but nothing overwhelming. I was hoping for a little more mango flavour to be honest. I may try steeping it a wee bit longer to see if I can get a bit more flavour. I’d say this one’s pretty good but not amazing.

Update: I steeped this one longer this morning to see if I could get some more mango. No dice. I’m getting lots of green tea, but no more mango. Then I tried adding some agave. The agave got me slightly more mango but nothing spectacular.


Hmmm, if it’s not heavy on the mango, I might not mind this one. I like light green teas!

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Lover of tea, animals, the ocean (http://eastcoastbest.tumblr.com/), travel, science, and all things summer.

That’s my mug! I may have a slight love of Star Trek.

I love black teas. I pretty well always drink my tea straight. I’m also fond of herbals, but they rarely make my permanent collection. I prefer my tea hot, but occasionally I’ll cold brew.

Oolongs I enjoy, but I’m not always in the mood for them. Greens and pu’erhs I’m working on, but they’re coming along at a snail’s pace. Whites have to be pretty amazing (see Butiki’s White Rhino). Rooibos/honeybush have to be well hidden for me to enjoy them. Mates and are not for me at all.

Coconut, creaminess, yogurt, toffee, cacao (true chocolate flavour), rhubarb, to be continued…

Any smokiness, bergamot, flowers (rose, jasmine, chamomile), hibiscus is hit and miss, to be continued…



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