732 Tasting Notes

Thanks jessiwrites for sending some of this my way :)

I love getting the opportunity to try any 52Teas blends since I’m just not ready to try these in full sizes, especially since they’re such limited time teas.

This tea had a lovely blueberry and vanilla scent dry. Once steeped it smelled much more like blueberries than vanilla. The taste was also much more blueberries then anything else, perhaps slightly creamy. I’m not so sure if the black base lends itself to this tea so well. It seems almost too strong and overpowers everything except the blueberry flavour? I could be wrong though. Either way this was an enjoyable cup, but I don’t think I need to order it myself.

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I just had this one after a 12 hour drive and I was expecting something pretty amazing from the citrusy scent. I was slightly let-down from the actual taste, seeing as it was next to nothing compared to the scent, even after a 5 minute steep.

The blood orange taste was clear but not as strong as I was expecting. It tasted great but I’d prefer if it had that great taste but in a stronger form.

Thanks jessiwrites!

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drank Tokyo by Harney & Sons
732 tasting notes

This one was quite yummy and for a while I couldn’t quite decide what it reminded me of. Then it hit me. It reminded me exactly of the second resteep of 52Teas Marshmallow Treat.

I really enjoyed this one. It was very genmaicha-like in the roastiness. I brought it along for my week away and I’ll be enjoying it again for sure :)

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I was really impressed by this one last night. The cinnamon was lovely and spicy but there was an awesome sweetness that went with it.

The sweetness was quite apparent but the spiciness really offset it perfectly. I’m not always in the mood for cinnamon tea but last night this really hit the spot. Of all the H&S teas I’ve tried thus far this would be the only one I’d consider re-ordering. Yum!

Thanks jessiwrites!

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drank Grand Cru Matcha by DAVIDsTEA
732 tasting notes

This morning I decided to try out a coconut matcha waffle recipe I discovered on Pinterest. I was a little wary but, it never hurts to try, right?

I substituted the coconut flour for regular non-bleached flour and make a pancake instead of a waffle since we haven’t gotten a new waffle iron yet. I’m sure the coconut flour would’ve made a slightly nicer consistency but I wasn’t planning on running out before breakfast on a Sunday morning. I’m thrilled to say it’s quite delicious (though it certainly won’t win any awards for aesthetic beauty haha). The matcha taste is very clear and with a little butter and syrup this pancake is quite amazing.

Here’s the recipe if anyone else wants to give it a go: http://www.living-mint-green.com/2013/03/14/coconut-matcha-waffle/


sounds delicious!

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drank Cidreira by Pingo Doce
732 tasting notes

Lemon balm infusion? I’m not quite sure what to make of that. In my mind that seems to say some sort of lemon-y creamy type tea. It’s certainly lemon but it’s more of a spicy lemon than anything creamy. But then again, I could be completely off base for what lemon balm infusion means, so perhaps take this with a grain of salt.

Also my Girl Guide cookies just arrived! YES.

Thanks cteresa for sending me this to try out!


Glad you found it interesting, it´s non caffeine and non hibiscus but not too wimpy.
There is no base, this is 100% leaves of a certain herb. Lemon balm is just the name in english, no real lemons involved at all. In Portuguese it is called cidreira (which now I think of it might be related to this distant relative of the lemon), and the real name is melissa officinalis.

It´s difficult to compare to other herbs, but well now you had those, you can compare.


It was interesting! Thanks again :)

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drank Coconut by McNulty's Tea
732 tasting notes

Thanks Artp for sending me this one.

This tea is good, but I wouldn’t say it’s anything special. It’s black tea with coconut and it achieves that perfectly. Black tea base, nice flavour, and coconut pieces, nice flavour. I’ll enjoy the sample Artp sent me but I wouldn’t go out of my way to order it myself.

Update April 21/13: Tried this again today with just a pinch of spearmint added to it. It was quite good that way.


I’m pretty sure that after watching The Wire, I can’t drink anything from McNulty’s Tea. I’d be afraid it would be 90% whiskey. :)


I should really watch The Wire. My fiance loves it and we have all the seasons, so I really have no excuse!


Peppermint? That’s genius


Look at you, adding mint to other teas! Mwahahahaha!

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drank Vanilla Comoro by Harney & Sons
732 tasting notes

So vanilla, fragrantly vanilla. And creamy black tea. It smells so good. I wasn’t very happy with their customer service, yet all their teas seem amazing. Gah.

The taste is lovely, but not quite as good as the smell. I’m thinking I may have steeped it too long at just over 3 minutes. The black base really comes through but it overtakes the vanilla just a wee bit too much. I’ve got more to experiment with so I’ll adjust the steeping time next round.

The vanilla does come out more as it cools.

Update April 20/13: The second steep is also pretty good. I find the vanilla more present, while the black is not quite so strong. It’s quite nice.


I haven’t tried my sample of this one yet, but it smells amazing.

Seriously, though, their customer service was horrifying. Sigh.


What happened?!


Was it something to do with shipping to Canada? Should we not order?


The shipping did take a very long time. I expect when things are coming from the US for shipping times to increase, however for the tea to actually be shipped out is what was bothersome. It took much too long and when we inquired about it, they were quite unhelpful. Their teas are delicious though, gah!


I had the same issue on my last order. By the time I was expecting the tea to show up on my doorstep, I got an email saying it was just shipped. Don’t quite understand what took so long. Also didn’t get any free samples in my order :(

But am so addicted!


Awww. That’s frustrating, but thanks for the heads up!

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drank Market Spice by Teaopia
732 tasting notes

Thanks jessiwrites!

I’m trying to finish off all my one or two cup sample bags before we leave next week – and trying to get as many swaps in the mail as possible – with any luck all the teas sitting on my counter waiting to leave will be in the mail by the weekend. I’m also trying to decide which teas to bring with me. Any suggestions would be much appreciated :)

This smells quite lovely steeped. This is a lovely black tea. The black tea base tastes like a breakfast tea, which I love. The peppercorns are so great in this just adding enough spice to make this perfect. I can taste the cloves as well, but I’m not so sure about the orange peel.

I’m really enjoying this tea. It’s a nice mid-morning tea that isn’t a plain black but not too flavourful either. A great balance.

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Thanks jessiwrites for sending me this to try out :)

This tea is fascinating. The dry mix looked bizarre – like some sort of holiday spice mix you’d use for the dressing. I made the first cup for the fiance while I enjoyed Watermelon Mint Chiller and he said it tasted like spices with a saltiness at the end.

My take is that the caramel is there, the chocolate is there too. And the salt. The salt is there. And that’s what’s making me not fully enjoy this cup. It’s so good up until the end of the sip and the salt comes out. I keep drinking it, hoping the salt will go away, but it’s not leaving. Gah.

I’d say the name of the tea is perfect, and if you like sweet offset with salt, this would be amazing. Evidently, I’m not that person. I’m glad I got to taste this to see what it’s all about though.

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Lover of tea, animals, the ocean (http://eastcoastbest.tumblr.com/), science, travel, and all things summer.

That’s my mug! I may have a slight love of Star Trek.

I love black teas. I pretty well always drink my tea straight. I’m also fond of herbals, but they rarely make my permanent collection. I prefer my tea hot, but occasionally I’ll cold brew.

Oolongs I enjoy, but I’m not generally in the mood for them. I only truly enjoy subtly fruity flavoured greens. Whites have to be pretty amazing (see Butiki’s White Rhino).

Pu’erhs I’m working on at a snail’s pace, but so far I’m not loving them. Rooibos/honeybush have to be well hidden for me to enjoy them. Mates and are not for me at all.

Coconut, creaminess, yogurt, toffee, cacao (true dark chocolate flavour), rhubarb.

Any smokiness, bergamot, flowers (rose, jasmine, chamomile), hibiscus is hit and miss.



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