721 Tasting Notes

This is the first rooibos without ANY hint of a medicinal taste! Not even a hint. YES!

Thank you jessiwrites for this awesome sample, you’re too good to me :) I’d like to try Lime and Lemon Chiffon next to one another to see which I prefer. I do have some Lemon Lime Cream Tart I may get to later to at least try that against this lovely. I can see this being a permanent part of my collection.

Just steeping a second infusion, I may add milk this time to see what happens.

I enjoyed half of my second cup straight, then added some milk. It really doesn’t taste all that different to me, just slightly subdued at most. I think I’ll be enjoying this sans milk from now on since it’s delicious that way.

The third steep of this is still just as delicious. Perhaps this could be steeped forever?

Update March 27/13: jessiwrites was awesome and sent me some of this AND Lime Chiffon AND Lemon Lime Cream Tart to hold me over until the next Della Terra order. And it was waiting for my in my mailbox after a frustrating day at school. Ahh yum :)


Oh, yay! So glad you liked this one, I quite enjoy it. I think my favorite of the three is Lime Chiffon, but I am partial to lime.


I haven’t had the lemon but I really like the lime. It’s so easy to get lemon teas that I thought lime was more exciting! You make the lemon sound very good though.


I also really enjoyed the lime :) I’ll have to try them next to one another to determine which one I’ll be keeping haha.

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drank Cookie Dough by DAVIDsTEA
721 tasting notes

This is the fiance’s current favourite, so in making him a cup I also made myself one.

The scent of this one dry is so sweet it always turns me off, but I should know better because the taste is much better and not nearly as sickeningly sweet. I always reach for other teas but I’ll have to somehow embed it in my mind that this one is delicious and not to smell it dry haha.

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Thanks to Stella for sending this my way :)

I could definitely smell the ginger when the tea was dry, which I don’t like, but now that it’s steeped the mixture of scents really compliment one another for a great smelling tea.

The ginger is certainly in the taste but the creaminess of the coconut and subtle vanilla tone it down and makes it this quite a nice tea. I’m impressed.

The second steep of this is nearly as flavourful as the first, perhaps with ever so slightly more ginger taste. And the third steep is also pretty good. I’m glad I got to try this one out.


Oh, this one looks so interesting. Yum!


sounds soooo good! I love coconut


This sounds yum! (uh oh I sent you ginger heavy tea in my box hah)

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So I’ve been averaging about 5 hours of sleep per night this week and it’s not doing me any favours.

I’m sure I could have gone for some Good Morning Sunshine but alas, I’m out. However this tea seemed to jump out at me instead. It’s so smooth and calming. The flavour of pumpkin-y sweetness is just what I needed to get this day started on the right note.

Update: Having this again this morning to get started my day, ahem, weekend of studying and paper writing.

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Thanks Shmiracles for this tea sample!

Dry, this smelled quite yummy. Some sweetness mixed somewhere in with black tea. Now steeped, there’s a bit of a different scent – and it includes the scent of pu’erh. I don’t care for pu’erh. At least not yet.

Initial taste is maple-y or hazelnut-y with something else there that is the pu’erh. But it doesn’t seem to be overwhelming.

In conclusion, there is a lovely sweetness to this tea and it’s quite bold. I think it would be best enjoyed in the morning.


the dry scent is kinda crazy huh!? over the top decadent!
steepster Em created this blend (http://steepster.com/EmiCreech) and i think she did a fine job :) i am a puerh appreciator though. precisely for it’s boldness.

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The pistachio here has a unique nutty flavour that makes me wonder why I haven’t come across more pistachio teas!

The green tea base is great for this tea. Again, a perfect balance of pistachio and green tea. I’m really enjoying it straight but I think I’m going to add some sugar to see if it really can taste like pistachio ice cream.

A wee bit of sugar makes this nothing short of amazing.

The second steep turned out quite well for this gem.


Hmmm, really? I will have to try this again…

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I can see how this would wake someone up. That lemon is lovely. All these Butiki teas are perfectly balanced! I’m amazed.

The lemon goes great with the guayusa. I think I’d take this one over the Cider Guayusa – not that that wasn’t good – just this one seems better placed. A nice wake-up call for rough mornings. This may be a reorder.

The second steep of this is pretty well just as flavourful as the first.


Yep, I’m thinking this is a reorder for me, too. Yum!

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This tea is fascinating. I’ve never had a tea with cilantro, or much of anything with cilantro really.

The pineapple is there, but is much more subtle than some teas with pineapple. I’m guessing this is the cilantro balancing it out. It’s actually quite nice. Sometimes I find pineapple to be a bit sharp in teas and this tea has created a perfect balance of ingredients so nothing is too overpowering.

Overall a nice creamy pineapple taste. Yum!

The second steep is less flavourful but still tasty. I’m going to cold brew some of this to see how it turns out.

Update: Definitely prefer this one hot. It’s refreshing cold but I’m getting much more of a cilantro than pineapple taste.

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drank Goji Pop by DAVIDsTEA
721 tasting notes

This is definitely one better to have cold in my opinion. It was alright hot, but nothing special.

One day on a whim, I asked David’s to make me whatever they wanted and I got a cold Goji Pop. It changed my view on this tea for sure.

So of course, when I was out yesterday getting tea for a friend I picked some of this up for myself and stuck a mason jar full in the fridge overnight to cold brew. It has an almost lemonade-like bitterness to it chilled, but it works so well!

Now I get to enjoy it whilst studying :)

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Thanks to jessiwrites for sending me a sample of this :) I know it must have been difficult since you love it!

First a story. I am so frustrated trying to figure out all my necessary graduation requirements! The science advisor is a very nice person, but if anything, I leave her office more confused then when I went in. So I’ve been calculating and contemplating all day about what courses I need and what courses go where and gah! The worst part is I have an exam on Friday I need to study for but my brain seems to be in overdrive about graduation. End rant. Perhaps getting that out will help.

As soon as I poured the water over the leaves the scent of maple and pecan wafted out. It smells delicious, but also very sweet. Hopefully it won’t be too sweet for me.

The first couple sips are definite maple, but not too heavy, which surprises me. A few more sips in and I’m getting a nutty taste alongside the maple.

I’m finding it very sweet and at the same time not sweet at all. How bizarre. It’s delicious though, and that’s what counts right?

The second steep is great as well. It almost tastes sweeter than the first actually.


Graduation requirements are such a pain! I found out at the beginning of my second semester of my senior year that I was 2 credits short (even though I had taken all of the required core, major & minor courses…)


Oh no! I totally felt like I had it all together but it always seems there’s another hoop to jump through. I’m so anxious to be done so I can move back home!


I feel your pain about the grad reqs! I’m so paranoid i’m missing a course or something silly like an online form that must be filled out, but at least we’ll be done soon! :)

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Lover of tea, animals, the ocean (http://eastcoastbest.tumblr.com/), science, travel, and all things summer.

That’s my mug! I may have a slight love of Star Trek.

I love black teas. I pretty well always drink my tea straight. I’m also fond of herbals, but they rarely make my permanent collection. I prefer my tea hot, but occasionally I’ll cold brew.

Oolongs I enjoy, but I’m not generally in the mood for them. I only truly enjoy subtly fruity flavoured greens. Whites have to be pretty amazing (see Butiki’s White Rhino).

Pu’erhs I’m working on at a snail’s pace, but so far I’m not loving them. Rooibos/honeybush have to be well hidden for me to enjoy them. Mates and are not for me at all.

Coconut, creaminess, yogurt, toffee, cacao (true dark chocolate flavour), rhubarb.

Any smokiness, bergamot, flowers (rose, jasmine, chamomile), hibiscus is hit and miss.



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