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447 Tasting Notes


I killed this one today by forgetting about it. It just tastes like hot hibiscus juice with a salty nut lingering taste. Whoops.

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Ok, months have passed since Cavocorax sent me a sample of this. I dismissed it at the time as being too sweet and cloying for me, but shortly after I finished the sample I began CRAVING it. Nicole’s descriptive comment of an actual Pineapple Upside Down Cake on my old note reinforced that craving. I finally caved in last week and ordered some more, along with my staple Lime Chiffon.

Yep, It still tastes like rich citrusy cake. I’m actually getting some fruity pineapple before the finish/midsip, and their is a citrus sour aftertaste. This is not an everyday tea but I’ll keep it tucked away for when I really need a slice of cream-filled cake.

And here I was just complaining about how over-the-top sweet the winter blends from David’s Tea are. To give this tea some credit it’s less oily looking then RVC, Coffee Cake, etc.

Boiling 4 min, 30 sec

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I’ve since amended my ways, but as a six year old fruit loops, particularly the blue variety, were one of my favourite things in the whole wide world. I only encountered them when we stayed in hotels with continental breakfasts- aka, when we stayed overnight at the pit stop, Santa Nella, on our way down to Disneyland.

The smell of this tea brings back memories. Hello fruit loops. Hello Santa Nella. Are we at Disneyland yet? Nope.

The chocolate is a nice touch to the candied blueberry note; I never thought to try fruit loops with chocolate milk! I think there some pop tart undertones here too. Aw.. I haven’t had a pop tart since elementary school.

Quick Summary: the tea has a profile of candied berry fruit, limp chocolate, and malt. Like fruit loops, or pop tarts, there’s something cheap and fun about this tea. It has its own appeal and the ghost candies are cute. This cup is hitting that nostalgic satisfying spot right now.

Thanks for including this as a sample, Della Terra, and also for the speedy delivery! This got here in less than four business days.

Boiling 4 min, 30 sec
Tea Sipper

oh boy. I had a pop tart… yesterday. :D

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I could do without this in my life.

Tastes and smells a bit like bubblegum. Salty, smokey bacon pops into the finish and aftertaste, but the cup has more of a candied citrus thing going for it.

Not bad, actually kind of neat, but I still wish it would leave my life forever.

I’ll give it a rating when I finally work through my packet. Only then will my deepest, darkest feelings for this rooibos be fully realized.

Boiling 5 min, 30 sec

Hah! I got a sample of this one from Dexter3657, and haven’t had the courage to try it yet.


Candied citrus is spot-on. Thanks for the chance to try this!

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drank Caramel Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
447 tasting notes

It turns out I was doing it wrong. All I need is almond milk, a magic bullet-like shaker/blender, and maybe a banana. This Royal matcha grade seems less inclined to clump, which is optimal for mixing.

I’ve determined that the distinctive flavoring level is the best setting for me. It’s still incredibly rich and creamy, and a tad less ‘sour’ than my robust flavours. The caramel smells divine too, although I don’t know how to feel about the hostile invasion it launched in my room. It’s not going to stay like this forever, right?

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Distinctive level, white matcha base. I was worried this flavour level would be weak but the pumpkin spices are what they say they are, “distinctive” (Edit: correction, got my own flavour level mixed up). Maybe the gentle white matcha is playing a role in the prominence of the flavoring, or maybe this is just a good amount of pumpkin pie for me!

I used two scoops in almond milk, and blended it up with half a banana. This a rich and creamy beverage. It’s also mixes well with a little bit of spiced whiskey and some vanilla bean ice cream.

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drank Caramel Matcha by Red Leaf Tea
447 tasting notes

I am so disappointed and angry with myself. I had this small test that I should have aced in every way, but I failed to read the very fine print. I unwittingly didn’t write a quarter of it. Ah, I’m so choked! My friend also missed out on catching that “part” of the test. What are the chances? The two of us are clearly friends for a reason. I wonder if we were the only ones.

I can still get an A in this class if I work at it and pay attention to the elusive emboldened phrases in front of me.. but I need something to help me get over myself first. That’s where this matcha comes in.

My parcel finally arrived today- definitely the main highlight (it surely wasn’t watching Behind Enemy Lines in class)! It’s distinctive flavoring and royal grade. The aroma up close is a tad alcoholic, although if I waft the scent I only get caramel.

I debated whether to let the blend sit to see if it would become less alcoholic. However, my roommate insisted I try it out tonight anyways. I mixed up one scoop with some almond milk and half a shot of spiced whiskey, which turns out to be an amazing combination. I think this may become my official post-test, pick-me-up drink. Life goes on.


thinking of you my friend…… as i sit here writing for the 20th hour (not in a row) for a lab that no one else seems to work as hard for. my lab partner caught my near blunder with this one! i doubled up on something and never even saw it. can i help at all?


I missed the last page of my grade12 math final. I didn’t flip the page over. I got to rewrite though because the test was about 6 pages long and the only double sided page was the last page. The math teacher thought he was being smart. I complained to the principle and got to rewrite. To this day I think that math teacher was being at A-hole.


Oh no. That really sucks, I feel for you :(


Thanks, everyone! :)

Lala, that’s awful! I wish I had a good reason like that, but it’s all on me skimming the question. I was so excited about filling in columns and calculating the Positive Predictive Value that I didn’t realize the prof also wanted basic definitions of PPV, sensitivity, specificity, etc. There was a reason those words were in bold besides them being key concepts to the chart. Whoops!

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drank Gingerbread by DAVIDsTEA
447 tasting notes

This smells a lot like the Red Velvet Cake blend, with a flick of spice to it. I made up a cup yesterday, steeped in almond milk. It yielded an exceptionally sweet, rich cup, even if it was a bit bland.

Today I decided to throw in some raw ginger into the steeper and take it without milk. The cakey creaminess is still present but there is a load of fruit that I didn’t notice before. The pineapple and currants are definitely apparent. Maybe there’s more zing to it today, from the extra ginger (and the pineapple?). The whole citrus cream rooibos thing makes me think of Della Terra’s Lime Chiffon.

In the finish I do get some delicious cinnamon spiced gingerbread cookies. I wish it was more pronounced and spiced.

Boiling 5 min, 15 sec

I’m gonna have to try this once I get back home after my trip next week.

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drank Choconut Oolong by DAVIDsTEA
447 tasting notes

Backlog from last night. I would’ve preferred less licorice weirdness and more creamy nutella, David’s Tea.

190 °F / 87 °C 4 min, 0 sec

Booo. Sounds like the Winter Collection has been a fail so far. :(


Yeah, not overly impressed right now. The only one I’m ok with so far is the White Chocolate Frost. Tastes like Cocomint Cream, with white chocolate instead of coconut, and without the apples.

I haven’t even gotten to Coffee Cake yet.


I didn’t even pick up Coffee Cake. The scent alone so strongly reminded me of Red Velvet I just couldn’t :(


Courtney – it’s REALLY similar so if you didn’t like RV, pass on that one. It has the same oily cake notes as RV.

And CrowKettle, I wish they’d brought back Cocomint Cream! :O I miss that one…

Michelle Butler Hallett

Licorice … with oolong? GROSS.


Yeah, it’s not particularly appealing.

I miss Cocomint Cream, and even Merry Cranberry right now.


I really want to try Merry Cranberry still. I think it’s still on sale, but I don’t need that much!


I’d possibly split it with you If you’re ever tempted.


It’s the 8.8oz size, so.. I just. Idk. I’ll think about it. :)


If you’re really missing Cocomintt Cream, Jackie T had Simpson & Vail create a copycat blend based on a sample – http://steepster.com/teas/simpson-and-vail/36741-jaclyns-cocomint-tea She says it’s nearly identical!


I’ve been meaning to try that out actually. Thanks for the reminder, Cavo!

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drank Spiced Fig by DAVIDsTEA
447 tasting notes

Lots, of cloves, a little apple, minimal figs, and a dash of vanilla makes for a strange kind of spicy sugar water, not thick enough to be a cake. It isn’t amazing but I’ll finish it off easily enough. I might even grab a hot cup to go, if the fancy strikes me and I’m passing by.

I really want cider now.

Unlike Banana Nut Bread, it’s almost too sweet to be eaten like a trail mix (the clove note is not prominent when dry). The Figs and dates are delicious though.

Boiling 6 min, 0 sec

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I started my Steepster loose leaf adventure back in 2012. I guess I can’t say I’m completely new, but I still view oolong as a magical, extraterrestrial creature that unfurls in water.

My tea preferences have changed a lot since joining here. I swore I’d never love black teas, and now they make up some of my favourites, both flavoured and unflavoured. I prefer my green and oolong teas buttery and roasted.

A good Silver Needle is my desert island tea.


90-100: A Personal Favourite
80-89: Great, buy 25g
70-79: Enjoyable, may buy more
60-69: OK, with some problems
50-59: Flat, but drinkable
30-49: Possibly better in cooking
1-29: This cup found sink


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