First time trying ripe Pu-erh.
Infuses very well, washed a few seconds and water was already brown.

I did aprox 15 infusions in 100ml Yixing Zini Pu-erhpot.
The 12th infusion started to get lighter in color. And im certain i could have gone on for quite awhile. However since i was drinking by myself… :)

The taste was earthy, thick. Since i dont have anything to compare to i really cant say much other than it had a very complex taste.
I do prefer raw pu-erh to this, by far.

Ziniclay went rather well with ripe Pu-erh.

Boiling 0 min, 15 sec

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33yo from gothenburg, Sweden.

Recently discovered japanese black tea and are exploring as many as i can get my dirty teacraving pawn on :)


95+: Permanent residents of my cupboard, restock before they run out so i never have to go without!

90-94: Like the girlfriend that make sure to leave a toothbrush at your place, pretty much lives in the cupboard and i see to it i restock when im out.

80-89 : Good tea that i occasionaly restock.

70-79 : Decent tea that is enjoyable but only restock sometimes.

50-69 : Drinkable but sorry it was a one night stand, no more.

0-49 : Seriously, dont come near me ever again!



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