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I haven’t quite gotten the hang of this tea yet. I have tried it hot and cold brewed now and either way it still has this uneven edge to the taste that turns me off just a little. I love chocolate and orange, and I get that in every sip, but it just doesn’t balance out as well as other chocorange teas I have had. I bought a pound of it during Ovation’s closing sale, so I’ll have plenty of it around for a while to try brewing different ways in the hopes of a better cup.

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drank Golden Honey Dew by Lupicia
404 tasting notes

Cold brewed in the fridge for a few days with a touch of sugar turns this tea into the most mouthwatering juicy tasting honey dew drink ever! It really is weird how dead on the taste is without actually being fresh squeezed fruit. I can’t taste the rooibos at all.

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I have been drinking this stuff cold brewed in a mason jar and it is fantastic! I try to let it sit for a few days before I drink it, but the wait is difficult. The genmaicha is surprisingly refreshing when cold. I have been sweetening it lightly and it really goes well with the cherry. I still have a hard time picking out the cheesecake aspect of cheesecake flavored teas. Is it just a creaminess to it I wonder? Either way, I need to slow down on this so I don’t plow through the whole bag in one week.

Tea Sipper

I’ll have to try this one iced!

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drank Pom Tango by DAVIDsTEA
404 tasting notes

This tea smells amazing, but brewed it ends up really tangy and tart. I’m not a huge fan of tangy and tart. There were very few tea leaves leaving the dried fruit to dominate the mix. It disappoints me to pay tea prices for dried fruit. It needed some sugar to be enjoyable and it ends up tasting more like juice than tea. Not for me.

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drank Mudslide Rooibos Tea by Teavana
404 tasting notes

Thank you for this sample Mitch! I have been wanting to try it for a while, but didn’t want to buy 2oz without taste testing!

This tea has a strong artificial banana flavor to it and artificial banana flavor is one of my favorites. It has a pretty good mixture of banana and chocolate and tastes good on it’s own, but it tastes even better done up as a latte with some sugar. It really makes the mudslide taste complete. On the last few sips I noticed a nutty taste which was nice. I really like it, but it tastes very similar to The Republic of Tea’s Banana Chocolate rooibos. In my opinion it is just a little better than the RoT, but after finding out more about Teavana’s poor ethics I think I’m going to try avoiding that business in the future.

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drank Winter Fire by Butiki Teas
404 tasting notes

I got this as a sample from Shelley_Lorraine! Thanks for sharing! I just realized that this will be my first guyusa!

The first few sips bring the word FINAALLYYYYYYYYY to my mind! This is spicey! Like really spicy, not just spicy but really only has a hint of spice to it. This has kick and I like it, but it’s not so intense I can’t drink it. I can pick out some cinnamon and the burn lingers for a minute or so. I’m getting over (I hope) being sick right now and even tho I can’t taste all the flavors, this tea is perfect! I would love to find a chocolate tea with this level of heat!

Sadly tho, I’m learning the hard way that I shouldn’t drink guyusa until I have weaned the baby. The child hasn’t slept all day and won’t go to bed. It’s going to be a long night!

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Thank you so much to Mercuryhime for this sample!

This is the first red matcha I have tried. I’m loving that I can drink this late at night and not have to worry about being up all night! I prepared it as a latte with some milk and sugar and oh man it’s good! The cheesecake flavor is nice and creamy and smooth. I’m not able to pick out a rooibos flavor, which I expected. I need (yes, need) to order some of this soon because I can’t stop thinking about it and wishing I had more! Must finish off more teas before making another purchase! We shall see how my will power holds up against the desire for this tea!


Funny! I definitely taste the rooibos in this, which makes me like it less than classic matcha. The fact that you can drink it any time of day is pretty exciting though.

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This is the first tea I have been able to taste in almost two weeks! I had sinus surgery and just got the packing out that was preventing me from smelling and tasting. I came home and opened up a few of the new teas I got and was able to smell them for the first time! This tea won the sniff test of what I was going to drink first.

When I smell the dry tea, I’m hit by a huge sweet smell that I can imagine being the marshmallow part of the treats. I taste the toasted rice flavor when I sip the tea, but don’t get a sweet flavor translating from that sweet smell. Adding a little sugar really completes the taste, bringing out more of the marshmallow flavor for me. This is a really fun tea! I can see why so many people love it!

175 °F / 79 °C 0 min, 30 sec

Glad you feel better :)

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Thank you for this tea Shelley_Lorrane!

I didn’t know what to make of this flavor combination, but was intrigued enough to want to try it. I’m not aware of any dish where apples and potatoes cross paths, so it strikes me as a curious marriage. It’s like an odd couple that don’t seem right for each other and you wonder what on earth they are doing together until you spend some time with them and then it dawns on you how strangely perfect of a match they are. I get this tea now. I don’t think it is something I will want to keep stocked in my cupboard, but I get it now.

I can easily pick out the applesauce. It isn’t a fresh apple taste, it’s a cooked apple taste. I think I can taste a touch of cinnamon. I have never had potato pancakes, but I can definitely taste the creamy starchiness of the potatoes. I’m not tasting the green tea base at all and that’s okay. It’s pretty good without sugar, but it’s nice with it too. I could really go either way on the sugar part. Overall I’d rate it as interesting.

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Three minutes in boiling water make this black tea bitter. I wish these teas came with brewing instructions on the box or tin so I wouldn’t have to guess. It smells really nice, a chocolate scented tea. The bitter taste is less as it cools, but it is still not smooth. I’ll have to try a lower temperature next time. For some reason instead of dumping my cup and trying again I’m making myself drink it. Penance for ruining a cup of expensive tea? Life is too short for bad cups of tea.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec


I tried this for about a minute and a half because I heard it’s pretty strong and easy to oversteep…. Seems to be pretty good at that time :)


Cool! I’ll have to give that a go. Did you use boiling water or a lower temp?

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My name is Dustin and I like tea.

I’m an added flavor kind of tea fan. I want my tea to remind me of cookies and cakes with coconut and almond slices with a hint of chocolate drizzled on top. I want dancing ponies and flying monkeys shooting off fireworks! I like a little sugar in my tea. I love caffeinated tea, but since I limit myself to one cup a day, I have been exploring more rooibos and honeybush teas.


Austin, TX

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