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I really love this tea. It has been pretty reliably delicious, but all my tea has been tasting a bit off and less yummy lately, this one included. I had a cup of three friends the other day that just seemed weak and it’s not even old! What is wrong with me?! Or is it that I’m traveling and don’t have my variable temp kettle? What ever it may be, this tea was much less delightfull than in the past and it makes me sad. I hope my senses come back to me and I love my tea again.


Could it be what you are drinking it in?

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drank Napa Blanc by Lupicia
720 tasting notes

Hmmm, smells super fruity and grape like. Reminds me a bit of Lupicia’s Muscat tea, but more floral. I can pick out the bite of the jasmine, which I’m sure would be mellowed out if I added sugar. The green base seems pretty pleasant. So far I’m just ho hum about this. It’s nice enough, but not amazing. I’ll have to try it iced next!

185 °F / 85 °C 1 min, 30 sec

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drank Sakura Vert by Lupicia
720 tasting notes

I’m not sure what I was expecting with this tea. Salted cherry leaves?! What would those taste like? Turns out it is very savory and almost broth like. I’m not sure if the cherry leaves add any flavor or if they are only a vehicle to transport the salt. As it cools, it gets bitter and I have already had to reheat this cup twice. I’m going to have to say I really don’t care for this tea, which is surprising considering how much of a Lupicia fan girl I have turned into. Oh well, can’t love em all!

185 °F / 85 °C 1 min, 45 sec

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drank Té de Frutas by Lupicia
720 tasting notes

I didn’t even realize this was a decaf until I read the description here! It smells very muscat like, which after reading the ingredients I’m guessing is the lychee. I think I can pick up on the strawberry and peaches when I think about it. Adding sugar makes this much juicier. The black base is pretty mellow. I like it alright, but I’m interested to see what it can do iced.

200 °F / 93 °C 2 min, 0 sec

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drank Ripe Mango Oolong by Lupicia
720 tasting notes

I haven’t tried any of Lupicia’s oolongs yet and quickly chose this one out of four that smelled great at the store the other day. I cold brewed it overnight in my new David’s pitcher (which is another review of it’s own… so far I love it) with a little bit of sugar to round out the fruit. The result is fairly delicious. It isn’t as strong as some other Lupicia fruit teas, but it is pretty tasty. There is the unmistakable taste of oolong in there along side the mango flavor. They coexist pretty well together. I don’t get much on the sip and it is the imediate aftertaste that holds most of the flavors. I like, but unless it blows my mind between now and the bottom of the bag, I won’t be likely to buy it again.

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I love white chocolate. I even love it after a chocolate snob friend of mine scolded me for calling it chocolate when it has no cocoa and is really only a candy confection. Even so, I think white chocolate is the way to go with matcha.

The chocolate is sweet and creamy with pairs nicely with the matcha. The matcha is strong and present, but not bitter like it can get at times. The end of the bite is getting into overly sweet territory, but falls just short of too much. I’d love to see what deliciousness could be made with some of the flavored matchas that are out there. I’m glad to have tried this, but I don’t know that I will need another bar after this one. It is so rich that it will take some time to eat through!


I like white chocolate as well.


Love white chocolate also!

Roswell Strange

Another White Chocolate fan here! :)


I am an equal opportunity chocolate lover.

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My favorite chocolate (perhaps in the world) is the Firecracker bar from a company who’s name escapes me at the moment. It has chili, sea salt and popping candy. It is amazing! Now all spicy chili chocolate is compared to that in my mind, which is a little unfair to all the others.

I can taste dark chocolate first, then some cinnamon and then a really weak chili. I do like a lot of spice, but this almost has none. My mouth is just barely hot and only if I really think about it. The chocolate it’s self doesn’t strike me as anything impressive on it’s own either. There is a little more spice on the end when all the chocolate has melted away and I crunch into the remaining bits of chili. The pepper shells are a little rough on the top of my mouth as I turn the chocolate over to suck at the melty bits leaving my mouth a little raw. I don’t taste any tea in the chocolate, just the added flavors of the tea which is disappointing. It’s kind of a mediocre generic chili chocolate bar, similar to what I could find at a pharmacy or grocery store for maybe half the price.

It was an interesting venture, but I think David’s should stick to tea.


Oh my. If you can recall the name of that candy bar company, please share. I’m pretty much sold on anything with chocolate and chili, but the salt and popping candy sound amazing!


Excellent! Thanks for the link!

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drank Kashmiri Chai by Golden Moon Tea
720 tasting notes

I was super excited to find another tea that was called Kashmiri Chai. So excited that I overlooked the fact that this is black and my long lost love that I’m trying to replace, Zhi Tea’s Kashmiri Chai, was green. Got to tone down the blinding tea enthusiasm.

This tea is nice. It isn’t impressing me excessively tho. Smells nice and cinnamon like. When I sip, I taste the cardamon, clove and cinnamon, but it in’t really spicy and I do like spice. Zhi’s version had a ton of cardamon, but it is hard to pick out in this one. The black base seems okay, kinda lingers in the back. I added cream and sugar, but I might try boiling it on the stove in proper chai fashion.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

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drank Assam Calcutta Auction by Lupicia
720 tasting notes

This was a free sample from Lupicia’s monthly magazine. I love free samples! In that case of Lupicia, the result is often me making a purchase. And of course I want to get free shipping instead of paying for shipping when I could be spending it on tea!

I don’t know strait teas well, but without looking I’m wanting to guess it is an assam? Like most of Lupicia’s teas, it is very smooth and well balanced. It is slightly malty, but not unbearably so.

3m steep, just below boiling
Lupicia suggested adding cream and sugar to this tea, but I’m at my parent’s house where there is no cream or milk… but there is canned whipped cream so….

It is a little odd with whipped cream mixed in. Almost a little chemically. It is nice if I look past that. I’m enjoying this tea, but I don’t think it is going to spawn a purchase.

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As always, I’m a huge sucker for anything tiramisu, especially tea. I saw this tea on their website, but didn’t want to commit to a larger than tester size since so many DTs fall short for me. I made a trip while out of state to a DT retail store and picked up a sample of both the Coffee Pu erh and the Birthday Cake. I have had the Birthday Cake before and remember being so so on it, but I haven’t had the Coffee before. I’ll have to try it on it’s own, but it is pretty damn good with the Birthday Cake (even tho I have an aversion to sprinkles in my tea). It has a really good coffee base with a cream and chocolate taste mixed in. The pu erh is undetectable on it’s own and I’m guessing it blends into the hearty base of coffee and chocolate. It is pretty dead on taste wise and I bet it would be amazing if I dipped some lady fingers in it to complete the tiramisu experience. I have to hand it to DT on this one, they really nailed it and I will definitely be back for a larger portion before I go home.


Weird, I’ve never even heard of this one!


I have been considering trying the blueberry pancakes tea but I always forget to grab samples when I am at DAVIDs. I am glad to hear this one was successful though.


They have a couple of “perfect match” combinations of their teas. Three it looks like! Hadn’t really paid attention to the other two before, I was a little blinded by Tiramisu! Blueberry Pancakes, as was mentioned, and Apple Pie. They are sold under the “special packaging” category and are sold in one tin with a divider to seperate the two teas. I’m guessing in the case of tiramisu, the rooibos would sift to the bottom and mess up the balance hense the seperation in packaging.

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My name is Dustin and I like tea.

I’m an added flavor kind of tea fan. I want my tea to remind me of cookies and cakes with coconut and almond slices with a hint of chocolate drizzled on top. I want dancing ponies and flying monkeys shooting off fireworks! I like a little sugar in my tea. I love caffeinated tea, but since I limit myself to one cup a day, I have been exploring more rooibos and honeybush teas. Rooibos now = meh and I have upped my caffeine tolerance. BRING ME CAFFEINE!!!!


Austin, TX

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