Method: Gongfucha with 4 grams of tea to 100 ml of water with a quick rinse.

Looking into the bag, you seed countless little grey-green pearls with streaks of white. The dry leaves smell of Jasmine, but it’s a bit strong.

First Steep (10 seconds): The Color is a golden shade of yellow. The liquor Smells like I’m inhaling Jasmine flowers whole. The Taste is more gentle the the scent, the light taste of a green tea with a light layer of Jasmine on top. There isn’t much of an Aftertaste, which is a bit disappointing.

Second Steep (15 seconds): The Color has changed into a sort of burnt-yellow. The Smell hasn’t changed much, still smells like I’m being suffocated by a Jasmine plant. The Taste also hasn’t changed too much, maybe a little more Jasmine, but I’m not really sure. The Aftertaste has shown itself, kind of a weakly lingering Jasmine.

Third Steep (20 seconds): The Color still has that burnt-yellow shade, and magically, the Scent has gotten more overpowering. I don’t know if this is how all Jasmine teas are like, or if I just don’t like Jasmine. The Taste has remained virtually unchanged, but the Aftertaste has picked up a strong Jasmine presence in the back of my mouth.

Fourth Steep (25 seconds): Color’s the same, Scent on the liquor is letting up a bit, but I’m getting a headache from smelling this tea. The Tastehas turned a bit bitter(?) with a sickly Jasmine overtone. I don’t even know how to describe the gross aftertaste.

I’m not even steeping this a Fifth time. It’s just nasty.

Summary: The leaves themselves are of relatively fair quality (Better than how most Numi teas look after being steeped). It is, however, a horriblyt insipid concoction. I can’t imagine myself ever enjoying this tea at any time.
I recommend this to anyone who enjoys the taste of liquid death.

175 °F / 79 °C 4 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

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Hi, I’m Dylan. :)

I’ve been really into tea for a couple of years now. I started out with Twinings tea bags from Publix and now I’m having Taiwanese Gao Shan and Sheng Puerh. That’s a /massive/ step up.

I much prefer the lighter oxidized teas like greens, green oolongs, and sheng puerh, but I do keep a fair stash of shou puerh and a red tea or two for when I feel like it.

I usually brew my teas gongfu style (I have a bamboo tea tray, yixing pots, gaiwans, the whole nine yards), but I’ll also brew tea “grandpa style” in a pint glass if I’m feeling particularly lazy that day.
If you go by volume, I drink around 2.5-4.5 liters of tea in a day, which usually comes to around 10-25 grams of leaf in a day, a lot of tea, I know. :)
I hope to learn all I can about tea and drink some fine leaf along the way. :)

My Brewing Vessels:
1. 85 ml gaiwan for when I want to use less leaf
2. 120 ml porcelain teapot for green oolongs
3. 120 ml gaiwan for Chinese green tea
4. 140 ml Yixing teapot for Sheng Puerh
5. Identical 140 ml Yixing teapot for Shou Puerh
6. 12 oz Kyusu for Japanese green tea
7. 40 oz glass teapot for ultra lazy grandpa brewing!
8. A Chawan for matcha

I also have:
A white Cha Hai
6 white tasting cups
A cup that matches the small gaiwan
3 150 ml cups (best cups ever!)
A chashaku
A chasen


Athens, Georgia, Untied States

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