Method: Gongfucha with 4 grams of tea to 100 ml of water with a quick rinse.

Looking into the bag, you seed countless little grey-green pearls with streaks of white. The dry leaves smell of Jasmine, but it’s a bit strong.

First Steep (10 seconds): The Color is a golden shade of yellow. The liquor Smells like I’m inhaling Jasmine flowers whole. The Taste is more gentle the the scent, the light taste of a green tea with a light layer of Jasmine on top. There isn’t much of an Aftertaste, which is a bit disappointing.

Second Steep (15 seconds): The Color has changed into a sort of burnt-yellow. The Smell hasn’t changed much, still smells like I’m being suffocated by a Jasmine plant. The Taste also hasn’t changed too much, maybe a little more Jasmine, but I’m not really sure. The Aftertaste has shown itself, kind of a weakly lingering Jasmine.

Third Steep (20 seconds): The Color still has that burnt-yellow shade, and magically, the Scent has gotten more overpowering. I don’t know if this is how all Jasmine teas are like, or if I just don’t like Jasmine. The Taste has remained virtually unchanged, but the Aftertaste has picked up a strong Jasmine presence in the back of my mouth.

Fourth Steep (25 seconds): Color’s the same, Scent on the liquor is letting up a bit, but I’m getting a headache from smelling this tea. The Tastehas turned a bit bitter(?) with a sickly Jasmine overtone. I don’t even know how to describe the gross aftertaste.

I’m not even steeping this a Fifth time. It’s just nasty.

Summary: The leaves themselves are of relatively fair quality (Better than how most Numi teas look after being steeped). It is, however, a horriblyt insipid concoction. I can’t imagine myself ever enjoying this tea at any time.

180 °F / 82 °C

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I am going into my second year of college, majoring in Horticulture at The University of Georgia.

I have been described by friends and family as a tea-freak. I do love my tea. :)
I brew all of my teas in Gongfucha with 4 grams to 100 ml of water. I always have the first two steeps at 20 seconds, and add 5 seconds for every subsequent steep.

I hope to graduate from UGA with a Master’s Degree in Horticulture and take up a position at the Georgia State Botanical Gardens, drinking my tea all along the way.


Athens, Georgia, Untied States

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