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204 Tasting Notes

drank Double Chocolate Decadence by 52teas
204 tasting notes

On the 8th Day of Christmas…

I steeped this tea for 3 minutes and it is about as bitter as if I’d steeped it for 10. It has a lot of good reviews, so maybe I did something wrong, but I followed the time/water temp of many of the people who really enjoyed it. Strange.

After putting milk and sugar in, it is enjoyable. There is no way I could ever consider drinking it any other way. Sad :(

On a happier note, today is the first day of my VACATION!!!


yay vacation!!!! Treat Yo Self!
tomorrow is the first day of my vacation. i work for a university and i get paid for the whole next week but get to lay around and watch MI-5 in my jammies drinking tea instead of coming to the office.

i have had a hard time adapting to the 52teas steepings.
basically i now steep all of their teas for 2 min or less, and never boiling water. i always let the water sit for longer than i normally would before i pour.
it seems to be fixing my issues.
i never add milk or sweetener to my tea if i can help it.


Ha! Now I wish I watched Parks and Recreation. Sounds like you’re going to have a great week :)

Thank you for the advice on the tea. I’ll try that with the rest of the 12 days :)

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drank Organic Fit and Active by TheCozyLeaf
204 tasting notes

I found this seller on Etsy and thought I’d give it a shot. She hand blends her teas.

This is a really wonderful tea. The tea is pale in color and smooth in flavor. The earthy oolong is definitely the flavor in the foreground. The lemongrass and hibiscus are mild and in balance with the oolong.

Putting this on my shopping list :)

Update: The more I sip this the more I can taste the sour (in a good way) lemongrass. YUM!


oh wow, etsy tea, i never would have thought of that. i’ll probably get a sampler pack to try!


I’m such a bad influence on you tonight :)


The best bad influence! Ideal for the end of the world! Hah ;)

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Another winner from Della Terra. I don’t think I’ve had a tea from them that I didn’t like.

This tea has everything I like about chocolate covered cherries and makes it work with the tea :) A wonderful dessert tea and a great way to start my vacation.

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drank Cotton Candy Black Tea by 52teas
204 tasting notes

I really really want to love this tea because I love cotton candy, but I just don’t. The cotton candy flavor that should be there just isn’t for me. It’s better when I add milk and sugar. Thank you to LiberTEAS for sending me a sample so I could give it another go. I’ll be passing the rest of this on to Kim :)


Sorry you don’t like … but, that’s what’s nice about being able to sample a bit like this!

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This is a tea I’ve wanted to try for a while. It was so sweet of LiberTEAS to include it in my Christmas Swap box.

Does anyone else do this? I heat my water while I’m blow drying my hair. Then I pour it over my tea to steep and go back to getting ready. Sometimes I forget my tea. AND then over steep it by 10 minutes. GAH!! That’s what I did this morning with this tea. Bummer. I can tell it’s a great tea, so I look forward to my next brewing. I hope I don’t mess it up again.


Short hair. My a.m. routine takes about 5 minutes (there’s only so much you can do with this face :) which may be the real reason I have black tea in the morning!


i have to FORCE myself to set a 3 min timer on my phone. i usually don’t want to cuz i’m lazy, but if i don’t i will end up steeping every single tea for 15 min.
like last night i made some creme caramel rooibos, and then promptly took a 30 min nap as it took a 30 min steep. hah!

Butiki Teas

I do that all the time. I always put a timer on but its so quiet that I often forget about a tea for a few minutes up to a half hour. I usually will just dump out some tea and add water until it tastes right.


For times like this … this is when I absolutely LOVE my Breville. (although I don’t usually steep Oolong in my Breville) I love that i don’t have to babysit the Breville, or worry about not hearing the timer or worse … forgetting to set the timer all together. It does all the work for me. :)

Anyway… I hope your future attempts with this tea offer a more pleasing cup for you! :)


Glad to know I’m not alone :) I know I’m getting a timer for Christmas, so hopefully this won’t happen much in the future! Shmiracles, it’s a good thing it was rooibos. Sounds like a delicious one :) Good idea about adding water, Butiki Teas. BTW, I feel so awful for ruining one of your excellent teas. LiberTEAS, Breville sounds amazing. Maybe if I get a raise or Christmas bonus I should get one. Wish they were a bit more affordable.

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drank Earl Black by 52teas
204 tasting notes

After reading the description of this tea, I thought for sure I would hate it. I couldn’t fathom how earl grey would blend with fruit. Beautiful blend of flavors. Now I have to decide if I should buy more. Tough decision.

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Re-steeped yesterday mornings tea for work today :) Still delicious. This is going to be a good day!

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drank Pumpkin Cheesecake by 52teas
204 tasting notes

On the 5th day of Christmas…

I haven’t had a chance to try the 4th day Earl Black yet. Must taste it this afternoon. Kim and I went ahead and had today’s tea this morning.

It was a nice smooth nutmeg/vanilla black tea. I couldn’t really taste pumpkin or cheesecake. Pumpkin pie is a favorite of mine and I was hoping to have a bit of that flavor in it. I can do without cheesecake, so I was happy not to taste it. It is a good flavored black tea, but doesn’t really taste much like its name would suggest.

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Received some great news tonight. Felt like celebrating by enjoying a cuppa rooibos while watching the series finale of Gossip Girl.

This was one of the many generous sample I received in my holiday sampler box from Nicole. I LOVE this tea! It doesn’t have the greatest of reviews here on Steepster, but I’d like this to be on my shelf always :)

It is wonderfully honey flavored with a hint of lemon. I like that the honey is the dominant flavor. Honey has always been a favorite of mine. It needs to become the sweetener I use more often with tea. I can barely taste the rooibos, but I think it works as a base. It is calling for a second steeping.

Kim, you need to come over tomorrow night for a cuppa :)


This is actually one of the only rooibos blends I like – maybe because it isn’t very noticeable. It’s very calming to me. A good pre-bedtime tea.


Thank you so much for sharing it with me!!! I’m hoping it puts me to sleep tonight :)

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drank Sun and Cloud Mist by 52teas
204 tasting notes

On the 3rd day of Christmas…

Okay, so my friend Kim and I are a day behind. Hoping to catch up this evening with Earl Black.

At first sip, this reminded me of Adagio Teas Lemon Cloud Rooibos. It has a very similar flavor. I can definitely taste the lemongrass. Green tea is not my favorite, but this was enjoyable. The more I sipped it, the more I could taste the grassy flavor of the green tea.

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