252 Tasting Notes

drank Kabusecha by DAVIDsTEA
252 tasting notes

I’m back! And boy, have I been busy since I last posted!

In baby news: a week after my son’s due date I finally went into real labour… after drinking gallons of raspberry leaf tea (to no avail) and going for a labour-inducing acupressure massage (which seemed to do the trick). Baby boy, Finntan, was born at 8am on April 12th. I won’t go into great detail about the labour, but it was one of the hardest things I have ever done. Thankfully we were discharged that night since:
a) my mom is one of the delivery Doctors and I used that to my advantage…
b) the hospital was short on rooms already, why keep us there when we had no complications?
c) it’s hard to relax and/or sleep when it seems like every time you settle down someone must check on you or the baby for whatever reason.

Settling at home, with a toddler and newborn has been smoother than expected, but my husband went back to work today and the in-laws leave tomorrow… so we’ll see how much of my sanity remains at the end of the week.

On our first excursion out we went to the mall and I just had to stop by the DAVIDsTEA to refill my Creme Caramel Rooibos tin (the tot has been drinking this one like there’s no tomorrow!) and pick up some others: Pure Vanilla and Bollywood Chai. Yet, lately I’ve been craving straight, pure tea and since I haven’t drank this since last year it’s about time I had some (plus it’ll probably get stale soon).

It’s smooth, lightly vegetal, hints of cream or butter, with a fresh, sweet finish that lingers and exactly what I’ve been craving during this crazy week of newborn/in-laws/adjustments.

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Congrats! And that’s great that you didn’t have to stay!

Also, I should try this tea!


Really belated congrats! I’ve been on here too sporadically to have caught this post (or any of your other ones). I hope things are still going well with baby :D

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Sigh… I’m still here. Baby is now 5 days overdue and I’m on day 6 of pre-labour contractions, but nothing regular enough to send me to the hospital to deliver this kid! I’m exhausted. I’m weary. I’m ready to meet this little boy of mine!

I’ve tried everything: walking, cleaning the bathroom, cleaning the kitchen, climbing stairs 40x, walking some more, driving on bumpy roads (effects my bladder more than my uterus), more walking, shoveling snow, eating pineapple, and now… drinking mug after mug of this tea.

I’ll be honest. This tea tastes… like… leaves, but not in a vegetal, spinachy kind of way. It tastes like vegetation. Not the most pleasant taste, but if it advances my labour then I’ll drink as much as I can stomach! Let’s get this baby out, shall we?

Boiling 8 min or more

Eeeek!! I hope everything goes well!! Sending well-wishes your way :)


I hope it works!

Rachel Sincere

This is probably TMI but I used to belong to La Leche League and they used to recommend massaging your nipples or trying to get your milk started could help release those hormones and get the baby out!


Oh dear! can they induce labour for you? can’t wait to hear about your little one :)

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Made this into a London Fog, since I was gifted an entire tin of the loose-leaf tea bags. It’s alright and it’ll satisfy the London Fog cravings I occasionally get, but there are definitely better Earl Greys out there.

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drank Strawberry Shortcake by DAVIDsTEA
252 tasting notes

I’ve had this tea in my possession for AGES, brewed it a couple times, but never got around to actually logging it here! Probably due to the pregnancy and that it just doesn’t ‘wow’ me in any way.

However, my tot was clamouring for tea and I thought this one might be one that pleases her. And I was right. I brewed it up, let her stir the leaves around in The Steeper, then waited for it to steep. Once steeped I poured 1/2 tea + 1/2 milk + pinch sweetener into her sippy cup and watched her chug it down barely pausing for breath!

Hmmmm… so while I won’t bother restocking it, Strawberry Shortcake has a fan in my daughter. And at least I’m serving her tea instead of a big ol’ plate of cake!

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drank Pom Tango by DAVIDsTEA
252 tasting notes

My 2-year-old is driving me bananas… time to break out a tea we can both drink that will distract her from pulling all the books off the bookshelf.

So, I brewed this according to the directions a couple days ago, poured it in a mug, then got distracted by something and forgot about it. Thus, it turned lukewarm and rather “special” tasting. Like a mix of iced tea + juice that’s been left out and turned room-temperature. To remedy this I poured the tea into a jar and left it in the fridge until now…

And my intuition is correct, it tastes much better ice cold. Like I brewed up some black tea and added pomegranate + mango juice to it! Yum, yum! And I haven’t even added any sweetener. I do taste slightly more mango than pomegranate, which is okay since I like mangoes more than I like pomegranates. That being said, I don’t think I’ll restock. My iced tea preferences tend towards the citrus or melon persuasion, but I have no qualms about using up the rest of this when the weather warms up (if it ever does).

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drank Honeydew Mate by DAVIDsTEA
252 tasting notes

Let me begin by saying that I am aware maté is not recommended for pregnancy… however, today was just one of those days.

Long story, short(ened): I’ve been working on a poetry chapbook with a friend, she wrote the poems, I make the chapbook. We send in prototype + proposal by April 15th and wait to see if we get the funding to make an edition of 75. Seems simple enough, right? WRONG! First, it’s taken until last week for her poems to be edited and finalised. It’s hard to come up with layouts and such when you don’t know how long the poems will be or how they are to be structured (poetry can be tricky like that, with all it’s lack of conventional structure, punctuation, and whathaveyou). Luckily, she figured out the layout for me, I just had to come up with the artwork (I’m carving stamps), binding, paper, and printing. Unfortunately the paper we fell in love with—a Japanese paper that’s very tempermental—can’t be printed on using ink-jet or laser printers, so I’ve spent this past week wracking my brain as to how to “make it work” (in the words of Tim Gunn). I decided to go with vellum, instead of the Japanese paper, breaks my heart to surrender like that, but we have no choice. So, I waddled my 39-weeks-pregnant self—accompanied by my toddler daughter—over to the printing place and got everything sorted.

Today, I picked up the printed vellum and everything looks awesome! BUT my 2-year-old accomplice was getting whiny (nap-time, you see) so I decide that instead of waiting for the bus, we’d walk to the children’s library… 1.5 km in the Saskatchewan snow. Bad idea. Neither my body nor hers were up to the task, but I didn’t know when the next bus would be, so we did it anyways. We arrived, she played for 30 min, then it was time to catch the bus home… which meant more walking since our bus stop is a couple blocks from the library. And of course, my girl got tired and wanted to be carried, but have you ever tried carrying a 25 pd toddler when you’re 39 weeks preggo?? Not. Happening. So, I had to be harsh and make her walk, promising her we’d be on the bus soon (she loooooves the bus!).

If you’re reading this, then you can guess that we made it onto the bus okay and are now home, but maaaaaan. I. Feel. Exhausted. So, I’m drinking the jar of this that I had chilling in the fridge and hoping for the magical maté boost that it promises. The tea itself is delicious, reminding me of Luscious Watermelon, but obviously more of the honeydew persuasion. And it is excellent iced. Haven’t tried it hot and not sure I want to considering the thought of drinking hot melon tea makes me shudder.

So, here’s to the most exhausting day of this pregnancy ending on a slightly better note, to delicious iced melon-y tea, and to getting this chapbook prototype completed before baby #2 arrives! Oi.

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Wow. That doe sound exhausting. I hope the mate helped! Sure it might be a no-no, but if you’re drinking it once every so often I can’t see that hurting the baby. And keeping your stress levels down is probably just as important. (That’s how I justified all the ice cream I ate while pregnant – but 70lbs later I sorta shook my head!)

That book sounds pretty exciting though! That’s great it’s working out for you.


It’s actually the first time I’ve had mate in the past 9 months! Not sure about the “buzz”, but it definitely lifted my spirits a bit…

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(Received this in a swap 5 months ago, but for the life of me I can’t remember who sent it! For that, I apologise, generous giver.)

I like to call this the “hippopotamus phase” of pregnancy—I’m 38.5 weeks pregnant which means that baby could arrive at any time… so they tell me, I’m not going to hold my breath though, considering my daughter was born 3 days after her due date (I was in false labour though for 2 days, fun times!)—since I’m very large and cumbersome and everything seems to annoy me, especially my 2-year-old. If I could, I would spend all my time at a swimming pool or spa, just floating my girth in weightlessness (I can see why it appeals to hippos). Instead, I’m stuck indoors with my tot, who is at the “Why, Mamma?” stage wherein everything I ask her to do requires an explanation. Also, here in Regina, SK, Canada we’ve received a record amount of snow… more than 6.5 feet. It’s supposed to be “spring” but the snow just keeps on falling and not melting, also not conducive to diminishing my grumpiness.

So, I drink tea… a) in order to appease my doctor and get more fluids in my system and b) because it’s still #$@*ing snowy outside and I crave comfort. Tea = liquid comfort.

This tea reminds me a lot of DAVIDsTEA’s Nepal Black, in almost every way: malty, easy-drinking without anything added, slight honey undertones. The only difference would be it seems to be slightly more astringent, but then again I brewed it with slightly too hot water, so that might have something to do with it! It’s delicious though. Delicious in a pure, unadulterated kind of way… plus, when I drink it without milk or sugar my daughter doesn’t feel the need to down my entire cup when I’m not looking. Because sometimes… you don’t want to share.

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Ooooh, hopefully new baby arrives soon, so you can feel less hippo-like! (And instead, get no sleep?) Haha :)


I hear you on the snow part. Lousy smarch weather! Hope your baby comes soon!

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drank Citron Oolong by DAVIDsTEA
252 tasting notes

On my fourth steep of this while I work on this (http://worseforwear.blogspot.ca/2013/03/hippocampus-zebra.html) and still getting plenty of citrus-y goodness! I forgot how much I love this tea hot and it has the added bonus of lasting me well throughout the day! Yay for finding delicious ways to stay hydrated in this 37th week of my pregnancy!

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drank Read My Lips by DAVIDsTEA
252 tasting notes

Drinking up the last of this, since according to my tasting notes I haven’t logged this since August 2011!! Oi! Good thing I finished it too, the flavours are super stale… ugh. Maybe my toddler will enjoy this more than I…

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I received this tea from Alphakitty months ago, but with moving house, plus pregnancy, plus being home with a toddler means I sometimes forget things. Today, though, I’ve been nursing a cup of this all day, thanks to being able to multi-steep. However, I can’t write a long note since my 26-month-old has decided that she wants to avoid napping in favour of throwing every blanket + plush toy out of the crib, THEN testing her mattress for weaknesses via repeated jumping. This nap = not happening.

This tea = getting me through it all! PLUS, since it’s an oolong and I can steep it multiple times I get to stay hydrated as well. Win/win. I’m loving the caramel paired with creamy oolong… interesting how with each consecutive steep the caramel slowly fades until all I’m left with is the oolong. Yum, yum.

Now, to check on this manic tot of mine… uuuuuuuurgh.

200 °F / 93 °C 1 min, 0 sec

Glad you’ve been enjoying this one! This is definitely one of the better flavored teas to resteep.


Sooo good! I’ve got to ration it so I can make it last!

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Hi there! I am a big fan of tea in it’s many forms: white, green, black, red, herbal, etc. Since the removal of my gallbladder I am finding I sway more towards straight teas, such as black or oolong, and dessert-like teas.

I hope you find my reviews helpful…

Organic Ever Green (4 tsp) • DAVIDsTEA
Dragonwell • DAVIDsTEA
Mint Julep (15g) • DAVIDsTEA
Choconut Oolong (25g) • DAVIDsTEA



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