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After reading the positive reviews for this tea, I just had to try it. GiggleGoddess was kind enough to share a sample with me. But oh gee, is it NOT the tea for me. I don’t know what dimension everyone else tastebuds are lingering in, but this tastes like noxious weeds and I dunno, sugar snap peas maybe? Whatever it is, it made me feel sick after two sips and I had to dump it. Fortunately, it had no bad aftertaste so I was able to overcome the queasy feeling quickly. Not every tea can be a winner. :)


I liked this! ha ha


yes, your review being one of the many that prompted me to try this tea! lol. Something in it just didn’t agree with me.

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Another white tea sample here from GiggleGoddess :)

White tea became one of my first favorites after green. Most of the whites I had in the beginning were vegetal, citrusy, and even a touch floral while remaining mild no matter what the flavor notes. Only recently have I experienced the hay and barley side of the white tea world. The first one I had in this category was not to my liking. The second was alright, but not re-purchase worthy. This one is very similar to the second (that being Wild Honey Sprout also from Art of Tea) but lacking the honey aroma. It is my favorite of the “barley whites” as I will call them. The flavor is mild, just as I like from a white tea. I often think of whites as my palate-cleansing teas. The ones I go for when I’ve had way too many flavored blends in a row or when I’m simply not feeling in the mood for a loud tea.

Monkey Picked White from the Tea Spot remains my most favorite white, but this one could find a place in my cupboard at times too.

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I have one more sample left from Shmiracles after this one and only a few more from other people after that. The never ending box of samples is nearing it’s end. It’s almost time for more swapping! (^.^)
I’ve said before that although I like pu-erh, I find it an awful base for most sweet flavors. That being said, this is one of the better sweet flavored pu-erh blends that I’ve had, and from DavidsTea no less. If you are into flavored pu-erhs, I hight recommend this one. As for me, I’ll take my strawberries and blackberries with a black tea, thank you :)

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Well, you could always mix this blend with a black tea…

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One of my last few samples from Shmiracles

The leaves smell like fruity and alcoholic. Not a winning scent for me. But the tea tastes quite different than it smells. I can’t figure out how to describe it accurately. The best I can come up with is spices, possibly clove among them. But not spicy like a chai, it’s more delicate than that. The alcoholic scent that I detected before lingers slightly in the flavor. The rest I cannot describe. I can’t say that I am a fan, but is an intriguing flavor nonetheless.

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Hmm, I thought I’ve logged this one before. Guess not. Well, this isn’t the first time that I’ve had this tea. I like it more this time than before. Sometimes teas need time to grow on me. It’s smooth, slightly malty, and fruity. A very good every day black when you don’t want something too bold.

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Having a glum day and I thought this tea might make it better. It’s not quite as sweet as last time, but I think that’s just my mood getting too it. I have a piano recital tomorrow and I really hope it goes well and puts an end to my glumy spell.

For the time being, ordering some more of this tea might help, since my sample from Shmiracles has not quite enough left for another cup.

ETA: Oh hey, there it is! there’s the sweet that I was missing. It all fell to the bottom :p

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hahah it DOES fall to the bottom doesn’t it.
surprise ending!

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I got this as a free sample when I ordered tins from Annie’s Tea Time. I knew I wouldn’t like it, so it sat around in my cupboard until I decided to give it to my mother. She likes flowers in her tea :)

I was with her when she brewed a pot of it and she offered my some. I figured, might as well try it since it’s already brewed. It wasn’t so bad, but definitely tasted like roses, fruity roses, reminiscent of a dainty lady’s hand lotion.

Flowers or not, I prefer not to consume hand lotion. (^^)

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Enjoying the last of my Autumn Laoshan Green this morning.

I finally got to place a new Verdant Order. Yay! I made it a whole month without new tea orders (swapping helped me through it :p )

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My last mystery swap sample from BrewTEAlly Sweet and it’s a good one!

The flavors are nicely balanced, nothing tastes artificial. I was worried about the rose petals, because I generally don’t like flowers in my tea, but they don’t come through in the flavor. It tastes like pomegranate and green tea :)

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Thank you for the sample GiggleGoddess

I’m now discovering that white teas can have quite a range of flavor profiles. This one is quite nice, but not my favorite. It is similar to White Symphony from Adagio, having obvious hay and barley notes. I like this one better than White Symphony though as that one took the horse-food flavors a bit too far. This one also has a sweeter aroma (like honey), but it doesn’t come out in the flavor much.

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Name: Shelley Lorraine Limegrover
Location: Thornton, Colorado
Occupation: Graduate Student and Evil Genius
Ward: 2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, 1 Cocker spaniel, 1 super cranky but lovable siamese cat, one bipolar black turkish angora, and my husband’s black and white cat.

Hobbies: Learning, reading books, math, physics (have a degree in it), literature (have a degree in it too), anthropology, traveling, piano, and making TEA, of course (^o^)

Future plans: World domination >-)

Favorite teas: Kukicha, Green teas in general, aged oolongs, charcoal roasted oolong, taiwanese oolongs, Assam . . .

Don’t like: Genmaicha, Earl Grey, Darjeelings, ginger, coconut, smokey teas (even mild ones), nut flavors, overwhelmingly strong floral flavor (esp. Jasmine), most della derra and adagio teas. . .

My Rating System

100 My happiness absolutely depends on it

95 Will definitely repurchase

85: Might repurchase (teas that depend on my mood)

75 Won’t repurchase (but I would drink it again if offered).

65: meh

45: I reluctantly finished a cup.

15: Couldn’t finish a cup.

I simplified my ratings to single numbers rather than ranges because I can’t precisely compare so many teas with a system more detailed than this.

An unrated tea is most often one that I recognize as having significant notable quality, but that does not suit me personally. Sometimes, I leave teas unrated for other reasons, such as I am undecided or I brewed it wrong, etc.

Note: Boiling temp. barely reaches 200 where I am (and a few times it sticks at 195, I assume due to unexplainable shifts in altitude or the position of the moon. . .aliens?. . .).



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