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I liked this tea the first time I made it, but after a while it developed an extremely repulsive smell. Then the smell started to carry over to the taste and that’s when I actually threw out the tea after repeated instance of painful cups of tea. I really wanted to like this tea considering I love pomegranate, but it really fell on its face.

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This is my backup for my Caribbean Calypso Maté tea when I want to switch things up for a bit. The smell is phenomenal but the actual taste feels like there’s something missing. Regardless, I never dislike drinking it or else I wouldn’t put it in my morning wake up routine hehe

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Well priced and full bodied taste. Every morning I make a Maté tea and put it in my thermos and take it to school as my drink for the day to replace soda. This is my favorite breakfast tea especially when I steep it with a half stick of cinnamon in the pot while it’s brewing. I will recommend this to everyone I meet as a morning tea

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Here’s what justifies the price:

$20 for 2 ounces. Seems really out of proportion, right? Well, as opposed to 1 teaspoon for eight ounces, you use half a teaspoon. This effectively cuts the price in half in relation to how teavana prices their tea. By using only half the amount of tea than usual, you have to attribute that to the price. In relation to everything else: only ten bucks for 2oz. Extremely fair considering the quality.

I just bought this tea today and I can’t get enough of it. It has a very vegetal and grassy flavor with a wonderful scent. The flavor is so unique to me that I can’t compare it to anything else. For an extra kick, I tried adding Teavana’s Morrocan Mint to it and it is a match made in heaven. Next I’m gonna try adding in jasmine and see how that goes :D

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Jameson Foster

To add something to my review: .5 teaspoons makes 5-7 pots of tea depending on what your personal cutoff for taste loss is with 10 being so subtle that you’re almost drinking how water. This will get you to have .5 teaspoons per day or per two days. You get 30 teaspoons per 2oz of tea, that’s 30-60 days worth of tea for 20 bucks of extremely high quality tea. Give it a try :D


Gyokoro tends to be more expensive as the quality goes up anyway. $28 for a little over an ounce is not uncommon.
Yours is a mass market lower quality but still drinkable grade. I’m not being a snob. Most of us can’t afford the expensive tea’s very often (especially me!). It’s important that we drink what we like.

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