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I think I have some kind of stomach bug but I’m dragging myself to work because I need my days off for the holidays. So I’m drinking a lot of this, tastes like ginger ale and has stomach settling rs.rooibos. Using tea to get through the day.

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drank Strawberry Zabaglione by 52teas
156 tasting notes

I had to try this based on the reviews and my affinity for dessert teas! It smells strong and sweet like strawberry candy dry, then brewed its a bit perfumey but still sweet. The flavor is so sweet and creamy and I cannot wait to dry it iced!!

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I’m obsessed with this tea and I’m guessing the only reason I haven’t logged it is because I’m savoring every teaspoon of it. This is the perfect cinnamon and nutmeg pumpkin spice with a subtle and not overtly strong chocolate that balances nicely to create a decadent creaminess to the tea. This is dessert, literally. And the little sprinkles are killing me with cuteness. I need epic amounts of this in my stash.

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Backlog and making sure I rate and review everything in my cupboard. I got this as a sample from Della Terra and this was also my first pu-erh tea ever. At first, the smell really turned me off but the flavor was enjoyable. I tried again a week later after going through a bunch of other tastings and found that I love this. The chai spice is warm and cozy, plenty of cinnamon and cardamom without being painfully spicy, and the chocolate is so well balanced with the spice. No artificial chocolate flavor at all. I’m still a little weirded by the smell, but maybe it’s a pu-erh thing so I’m really interested in trying more pu-erh teas.

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At first I thought this was too medicinal for me, but I let it brew a little longer and the flavors I wanted came out! Brewed, it smells like a hot spiced apple cider. It tastes like a cinnamon apple sauce but with a creaminess to it from the yogurt. I would let it cool a bit before drinking to get the optimum flavors from it. Not my favorite, but I will definitely enjoy this as a bedtime tea!!

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drank Spiked Eggnog by Compass Teas
156 tasting notes

Backlog! I sipped this while watching The White House Christmas 2012 on Saturday night. I don’t think it tastes much like eggnog or rum, but it’s a creamy vanilla type black tea. This is great for flavored tea drinkers who want to taste the TEA!! Fabulous quality, plus this company has a strong mission and donates proceeds, which I appreciate.

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drank Red Hot Cinnamon Chai by 52teas
156 tasting notes

Thanks The DJBooth for sending this one my way. I’m not a huge chai drinker but I’m trying to get a taste for the companies that I see the most on here, so I wanted to try a 52teas blend. I like this, it’s a good morning tea for me, but I expected a bit more cinnamon. It smells like a red hot when it’s brewed, but tastes like a basic chai. I like it a lot, I just wouldn’t call it “red hot cinnamon”.

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Backlogging a bit. I like this but I don’t love it, so it’s somewhat of a bummer that I accidentally ordered an extra 2oz bag of it. It’s very true to it’s name, you can taste and smell both the fruity zing of the raspberry and the rich chocolate. There’s a chocolate shop back where I grew up called Munson’s and my favorite thing from them is their milk chocolate raspberry creams. I think this is actually fairly similar, but it’s more of a dark chocolate flavor. I’ll drink it and I’ll enjoy it, but there are other teas I enjoy more.

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I was just looking through my cupboard and realized I hadn’t logged this yet. I’ve had it a couple times and its definitely a taste that has to grow on me. It tastes a bit like it’s spiked to me and not much at all like chocolate. I did not like the smell or taste at first, but the more times I sip it the better I like it. I’m not going to rate it until I have a cup with me while I’m writing.

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drank Banana Pancakes by Compass Teas
156 tasting notes

I was so excited to try this today. The dry leaves smell like a banana cream pie, but the fragrance definitely lessens once brewed. I was afraid that would mean there wasn’t much flavor, but luckily I was wrong. It’s not a strong flavor, more like someone dipped dried bananas in your Assam tea for a bit…not that anyone does that. It’s a deliciously subtle flavor with a kick of caffeine, definitely going to drink it every morning during the work week. I got it during their 50% off Cyber Sale, I think it’s regular price now, but I’d say it’s worth it!

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Born and raised in Connecticut, went to college in Vermont, and moved back to work after a year of service.

I love sweet, decadent, desserty teas the most but I also appreciate a strong refreshing cup of green or white tea. I recently started a matcha smoothie morning, sometimes mate or black tea, then black tea and rooibos throughout the day, and whatever my little heart desires most when I get home from work!

I’m obsessed with Della Terra, DAVIDs, and 52teas because they have the best dessert teas but also have a selection of some more straight things too. Recently tried Simpson and Vail and LOVE them too!!

I don’t have a rating system, I just kind of guess. I think I should make a rating system…

85-100 I want this in my cupboard always
75-85 I like it but I’m not rushing out to buy more immediately
60-75 Probably not going to want more than the sample
40-60 I don’t like this tea, I wouldn’t recommend it, and I won’t drink it again
0-40 This wasn’t even worth the sip.

Ok let’s try that for a bit now.



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