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drank Honey Bee by DAVIDsTEA
156 tasting notes

I got a very generous amount of this in a swap from Artp.

Upon first sniff I get literally just pure honey, which makes my mouth water. So I brew it up and the smell is similar but a little more bitter. The taste is fabulous- it’s smooth and sweet, but fresh. I love that it combines mate, honeybush, and rooibos for a worry free zero bitterness brew. I love to keep some fun flavored mates on hand and I think this one might be added to my permanent collection :)

oh right, it also reminds me of honey cough drops but in a good way.

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Seriously if my boyfriend weren’t so amazing I would marry this tea

Southern Boy Teas

I love it when we can make the ladies swoon. LOL.


Shoot I wish i ordered some!

Jackie T

Hahaha, this tea is serious competition

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reviewed Brewing Basket by Finum
156 tasting notes

using this lovely little basket for my Vermont Liberty Tea Company Jade Oolong :) best for resteeps

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Sometimes I want to appreciate the time I have during the day a little more, so brewing an oolong does that for me. I can appreciate the tastes of multiple steeps, see the beauty of the leaves getting fuller as they brew, and smell the sweet floral crispness :) I have about an hour and a half before my next appointment so I think I’ll sip slowly.

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There is a run in my new tights and the vending machine ate my dollar. It must be a Monday…hopefully this tea helps.


I hope today turns around!


Wow, that’s a bad start! Hope your day gets better!


You could make a country song out of that statement ! Lol ! I hope your day improves! Blessings ; )


It can only get better from here!


I had a rotten day too! Made better by receiving some tea in the mail and also by my Davidstea Vanilla Orchid which got me through the afternoon :) Hoping things look up for us tomorrow!

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drank Movie Night by DAVIDsTEA
156 tasting notes

yummm buttery! I’m drinking the sample of this that elizabeth229 sent me (along with bunches of Pumpkin Chai and a sample of Oh Canada). My first sip is a freshness and a buttery feeling and flavor. I taste the green tea, it’s a grassy tea which I really like. I think it’s too hot to taste the apple and maple right now so I will update this in a little bit :)

update—> ok so I still don’t get any apple flavor but I get a LITTLE LITTLE bit of maple. I love the smell of this tea, but the taste is just kind of whatever to me. I think I’d reach for it more if I wasn’t in the mood for a flavored tea (which is like, never). It’s not one I will re purchase but I will enjoy what I have of it.

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drank Banana Nut Bread by DAVIDsTEA
156 tasting notes

Now I was a little surprised that this tisane barely changed the color of my hot water…and was therefore afraid it would just taste like hot water. I was also afraid that it would have that artifical dried pineapple kind of taste that I find some company’s banana teas do. NOPE, this is freaking awesome.

It smells like its hot in the oven, and it tastes a little less like the breadiness that I smell and more like the warm toasty banana-ness I want! My non tea drinking boyfriend again liked a tea! He didn’t want a full cup of it, but he also had real banana cream pie so it’s probably not comparable to him.

I love this, but I’m bummed at how little of my tin it fills when I empty my two 50 gram bags into it. Guess I’ll just have to buy more!


This was yummy, I tried it last night, too! But I am also a bit let down by how little you get for the price. Sigh.

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drank S'mores by Della Terra Teas
156 tasting notes

This seems to go as fast as it comes in. I am swapping loads of this tea and not drinking nearly enough of it myself, so I sip now. Marshmallowy, chocolatey, graham crackery goodness. It’s smooth and rich without being bitter. It’s a summer bonfire in a grey kitten mug and I love it so much.

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Because who doesn’t want Buttered Rum tea for breakfast? Just logging my sips, and man were they good! I left all my DAVIDs teas at home so I can truly enjoy them later and also greatly appreciate them this weekend :)


Sounds delish!

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drank Birthday Cake by DAVIDsTEA
156 tasting notes

I got my DAVIDs order!!! oh my goodness I was so excited to have a cup of this after my shower last night, sitting on the couch with my grey kitty and my birthday cake tea! I’ve reviewed this before, just logging it, and also to share a story.

So last night my kitty, Jude, was feeling like he wasn’t getting enough attention, so I kneeled down on the floor with him and decided to play. Well his back arched, his tail poufed out, and he ran sideways across the apartment. He then crept back to where I was kneeling on all fours and tilted his head to the side, then rolled over on his back. So I did the same. He then stood up and proceeded to do this cycle 3 more times. I then put my hand out to him and without claws he batted my hand and ran. I think he thought I was another cat for a little bit last night, and I must say, I enjoyed it too. Oh cat people.


I think that you are his pet, and he was playing with you :)

Jackie T

ahhh hahaha I love that!!

Marcel Duchamp

I want to try this one, it will be on my next order.


That story is great. I LOVE kitties!

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Born and raised in Connecticut, went to college in Vermont, and moved back to work after a year of service.

I love sweet, decadent, desserty teas the most but I also appreciate a strong refreshing cup of green or white tea. I recently started a matcha smoothie morning, sometimes mate or black tea, then black tea and rooibos throughout the day, and whatever my little heart desires most when I get home from work!

I’m obsessed with Della Terra, DAVIDs, and 52teas because they have the best dessert teas but also have a selection of some more straight things too. Recently tried Simpson and Vail and LOVE them too!!

I don’t have a rating system, I just kind of guess. I think I should make a rating system…

85-100 I want this in my cupboard always
75-85 I like it but I’m not rushing out to buy more immediately
60-75 Probably not going to want more than the sample
40-60 I don’t like this tea, I wouldn’t recommend it, and I won’t drink it again
0-40 This wasn’t even worth the sip.

Ok let’s try that for a bit now.



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