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Since there are no notes or ratings I thought I’d whip one up quick before my meeting! I tried this first with almond milk and german rock sugar and did not like it, not much earl grey and NO chocolate. So they other day I tried it with nothing added, which is how I typically drink my tea and it was much better. I got the bergamot, though not much it was still there, and the chocolate is like a melted hershey kiss kind of taste and smell. It’s an interesting combo, I don’t think I would reorder this but I love the name and it’s such a fun idea!

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ok so the first bag of this I had I wasn’t very fond of, but since it has such great reviews I thought I would give it another try. Point blank, I can’t imagine living without it. Maybe this bag is just better or maybe my taste is more refined (doubt that) but this is legitimately one of the most delicious teas ever. I am finally getting the mapley deliciousness and the true golden brown pancake flavor! This and Caramel Pumpkin Cheesecake are WONDERS!!

The reason I’m logging a review on this again is because my NON tea drinking boyfriend (a loyal consumer of NAS energy drinks and black coffee) asked for a sip of my tea last night to make some Advil while he was studying. Not a minute later he said “Can I have a full cup of that?” Ummmm WHAT?! He has taken a few sips of teas he has liked, or at least not hated (he likes Walter Bishop Tea too) but he has NEVER had a cup of tea. Well, he had a small cup of Walter tea when I had a pot of it, but he wanted a full mug of Pancake Breakfast tea. Miracles. Now I need to order more because I have discovered a new love of it and my boyfriend (Rick) actually enjoyed a full mug.


I love that you are convincing your bf to come over to the tea side!


I love when non tea drinkers suddenly see – even a little – why tea is so wonderful!


Yeah, I really need to try this one. Everyone raves about it!

Jackie T

It’s so yummy jessiwrites you should order a bag and try it out!

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drank Cookie Dough by DAVIDsTEA
156 tasting notes

I used the last of my samples of this over the weekend :( I was hoping I could hold onto it until my DAVIDs order came in. No such luck, I couldn’t resist it. I’ve logged a review of the flavor before, but this time the taste of chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven prompted me to make cookies…which turned out more like muffin tops but oh well:

1 banana
1 egg white
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 tsp ground flax
half cup flour
2 scoops of protein powder (I used chocolate)
1 tsp cinnamon
quarter cup chocolate chips
1 tsp baking soda

mix, blend, put in 1 inch drops, bake 8 minutes. Then I “frosted” them with almond butter.


Muffin tops are the best part! I hope they were tasty.

Jackie T

They are the best part!! I thought they were ok but my boyfriend liked them a lot more, I’ll probably make them again :p

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drank Pumpkin Chai by DAVIDsTEA
156 tasting notes

still going on this amazing sample from Vanilla Beans

I made a latte with this yesterday and I’ve been testing out different temps and amounts of original almond milk. So I used a little more than one third almond milk, heated in a glass container in the microwave for 1 minute and frothed with a hand frother. Put that in the mug, then put in the teabag that I made (1.5 tsp of loose tea), then poured hot water over it, and added a few rocks of rock sugar. I realize that with a latte you pour the water and milk together or you pour the milk second so I will have to try that.

Overall, I think it came out really well. I know a lot of people shy away from anything other than whole milk in lattes because other types of milk are too thin. A local tea shop owner here told me that soy creamer works really well. I find that the almond milk has a creamy thickness to it that lighter cow milk and soy milk don’t have. There’s also a nice sweetness to the almond milk I use, so it was a really nice treat!

and in just reading the other reviews, I think that adding BROWN SUGAR needs to happen in my very near future…ummm that’s basically a pumpkin chai pie latte.


If you want really thick milk, try adding the sugar to the milk before you froth it.

Jackie T

definitely definitely trying this tonight! thanks!


I always use skim milk in mine! I didn’t know any better and I Iike it just fine, so I guess I will keep on.

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This is insane. I’m not a huge Earl Grey drinker, my dad is, but I bought this to host a tea tasting at a work retreat (breaks were centered around self care so I did this during one). This has a definite vanilla flavor, and such a fresh strong bergamot, but there is something else. Some other little kick. It is such a smooth tea, I would even call it beautiful, it’s an artistic blend.

If anyone would like to try some of this, I bought more than I will drink and I’m more than happy to share it. I love that it’s local for me, the owner of the shop is the nicest guy ever, and I have never been disappointed by his teas. OH! And you can order online, his prices are nice and teas come in tins! www.vermontlibertytea.com

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drank Pumpkin Chai by DAVIDsTEA
156 tasting notes

I was so excited to try this since it has such great reviews here. Thank you to Vanilla Beans for yet another extraordinarily generous sample of an incredible tea!

At first I thought this was a lot like Della Terra’s Grandama’s Pumpkin Pie but at the end of the sip I get that chai spice that sets is apart. The pumpkin adds a little sweet tasty extra to the chai. I made it with a third original almond milk and two thirds water and it was such a great treat to settle in with for the night.

Another one I will be adding to my DAVIDs official shopping list!

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drank Red Velvet Cake by DAVIDsTEA
156 tasting notes

I wanted my 100th note to be something I really love. Thank you Vanilla Beans for this extremely generous sample!!

I love it. I don’t taste a huge difference between this and Birthday Cake besides the type of tea of course, but that makes me like it even more. I love the sweet vanilly baked cake flavor that just fills your senses, and now I can have it caffeinate me!! This is going to be on my list for my first DAVIDs order in a large size. It smells amazing, and it tastes even better.

I’m finding a great love in DAVIDs dessert teas over Teavana’s, I get this artifical sugar dried pineapple flavor in every Teavana tea but I feel I can enjoy each DAVIDs tea separately as it’s own. I am so excited that I got to try this, and Vanilla Beans sent enough samples of amazing teas to get me through until my DAVIDs order!!

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I sipped this baby this morning while I was cooking some bacon pancakes…i’ve already reviewed it, just logging it!

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Last cup of this baby, so it’s out of my cupboard now. I won’t reorder it yet but if I get a craving for it I’ll do it.

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I got this from tattooed_tea, thank you!

I think that this is a nice oolong (though I’m not well versed with oolongs) and the banana is VERY faint. At first sip I was disappointed by that but the more I drank it the more I enjoyed really tasting the tea and just having a hint of banana. It was refreshing, and that hint of banana didn’t taste artificial.

I love that I have a couple cups left of this, but it’s not something I’ll likely be ordering from DAVIDs.

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Born and raised in Connecticut, went to college in Vermont, and moved back to work after a year of service.

I love sweet, decadent, desserty teas the most but I also appreciate a strong refreshing cup of green or white tea. I recently started a matcha smoothie morning, sometimes mate or black tea, then black tea and rooibos throughout the day, and whatever my little heart desires most when I get home from work!

I’m obsessed with Della Terra, DAVIDs, and 52teas because they have the best dessert teas but also have a selection of some more straight things too. Recently tried Simpson and Vail and LOVE them too!!

I don’t have a rating system, I just kind of guess. I think I should make a rating system…

85-100 I want this in my cupboard always
75-85 I like it but I’m not rushing out to buy more immediately
60-75 Probably not going to want more than the sample
40-60 I don’t like this tea, I wouldn’t recommend it, and I won’t drink it again
0-40 This wasn’t even worth the sip.

Ok let’s try that for a bit now.



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