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51 Tasting Notes

drank Iced Green Tea by Panera
51 tasting notes

Heard a lot of buzz about this one, so I stopped by Panera Bread this morning and grabbed a cup :) aahhh refreshing way to start my day. Kinda fruity and exotic and pretty weak on the grassiness but yet still a solid icerr. Apparently its national iced tea day today so happy iced tea day everyone :) All in all content with this one, gave a great start to another great morning in Sunny South Florida. Now its time to hit the sea for some fishing, yup yup if you didnt know im a pretty die-hard fisherman.. :P

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This blends pretty nicely together as it has two excellent teas ( which i had the pleasure of tasting alone as well) . Let’s start with the white that also has some interesting coconut flavors in it , which is not too dominant but still present if you try really hard to taste it. It has a chai taste with the cardamom included which gives it a pretty good flavor and of course the cinnemon with not too much inside. Samurai Chai Mate is pretty unique on it’s own as well and amazing for that caffeine kick for you caffeine fiends out there! All in all if your a super chai lover you won’t like this too much because it’s kind of a version of a chai, a lot weaker than the traditional chai flavors as well however, if your not too keen on chai teas you’ll enjoy this one. Even if your not the biggest fan of teas you will like this one i’m sure of it and I stress that the caffeine hype is pretty intense as well. No wonder teavana puts this one up front because it’s very likeable.

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Pre-Glee Tea : this was an excellent quality pearl tea! I was impressed by the flavor and passionate texture behind this luxurious tasting-rich tea. However the taste of jasmine was very present and when I say very I mean way too much. I enjoy a little bit of jasmine but this was too much. If your into jasmine and rich, heavy teas. This one is for you!

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On it’s own, this tisane is pretty average. Nice berry flavor with a nice zesty lemon twist. Not
much more to that, but combined with a rooibos or another tea (iced) it’s an absolute treasure and a must for summer tea drinkers! Blending with blueberry bliss also from teavana is excellent. So rating this tisane on it’s own is difficult because I think of the wonders it would be blended. On it’s own this tea is pretty boring and sticks to the same two flavor pattern the whole way through and is kinda boring but has a nice taste, very kid friendly. Overall I will try it again but absolutly iced and blended. Can’t imagine this one hot.

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drank Lady Shanghai by Teatower
51 tasting notes

Wow! Firstly what a great tea to close off a meal. Had this one at Gotham Steak in Miami,FL and it was excellent. Had great flavor to it, the green grassiness was well balanced just perfectly green. The papaya mango mix was excellent as well, I’ve been used to having a lot of berry teas now, but this was differently fruity in an unbelievable way. Almost 100 for me. Where it lost it’s points is where it got a little rosy became a little too flowery for me. One of the best teas I’ve reviewed on steepster. Added a little bit of honey to it, and it made it perfect! I don’t usually add any sweetner but the rosiness was getting annoying so i just over powered it with some honey. Highly reccomended to have papaya and green together. They compliment each other so well. I did have it at a restaurant and it was probably the best part about the meal. I don’t come across a tea this unique this often :)


Holy moly — you weren’t kidding! Extra-hoorays! :D

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drank Blueberry Bliss by Teavana
51 tasting notes

Backlogging for this afternoon:
Very fruity green rooibos! Nice and light not too heavy on the tea boldness but has a nice blackcurrent flavor! Had this one ICED and it was beautiful. Even for non tea lovers, it’s a nice summer drink on a hot day. Like Rabs said earlier, gotta go through a few not so good ones to get a good one! This was so true today! Absolutly delicious, reminded me of like a blueberry lemonade but not too tart, just a little. Ahhh just so darn refrehing! A nice thumbs up from me :)


Hooray! Finally the turning point! :D


This was in the afternoon, had one this evening, one of my faves I’ve had in a long tine!!!! It wasn’t a bad day after all haha :P

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drank Youthberry White Tea by Teavana
51 tasting notes

This tea iced is very appropriate for hot summer days, when ICED. Can’t even imagine this one hot as it’s super flowery and berrylicious! This tea has a very light essence and tends to be pretty tart at times. I think bashing this tea and saying that it’s terrible wouldn’t be useful at all, I won’t say that I enjoyed it because I didn’t, I even cringed at the taste of the flowerliness and over pummel of berries. However I have to give credit where credit is due, it’s a nice & light beach summer iced tea. Maybe blended with something else it would be okay, would have to experiment with this one. But as I grabbed this at teavana today don’t think I’ll be going back for this one. 2 for 2 today for teas I disliked. What’s up with me today goshhh haha


Maybe you’re just getting the bad ones out of the way for the rest of your visit?


Good way of looking at it :D Tonight im in the mood for a green tea.. mmmmmmm


Don’t you hate bad tea days? Much worse than bad hair days, IMO. Hehe!

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drank Earl Grey by Tazo
51 tasting notes

One of those elaborate flaboyantly aromasized teas that are just over the top with perfumation! However it’s really how bad do you want the caffeine. I was pretty out of it this morning, a cup of this woke me up and got me ready to conquor a day. To be honest, I don’t think I’ll be having this one again, after two sips I was ready to put it down. It has some enjoyable moments, but earl grey in general isnt my cup of tea. I enjoy heavily aroma teas, but as long as its an aroma that I enjoy. DIdn’t enjoy this one at all…. Smelled like an evil concoction of bergamot. Just saying. Time to enjoy the beautiful florida sunshine while Im here :D

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drank Samurai Chai Mate by Teavana
51 tasting notes

First ever visit to an actual teavana store as I live in Canada and there are no teavana’s nearby :(
so as I landed in Miami Florida the first thing I did… Teavana!!!! Tried this as a sampler then ordered a cup :) pretty solid, lots of spices kinda of over doing it but I admired the amount of flavor they were able to pack into this particular tea . Lots of cinnemon, a little too much if you ask me but it’s a chai and chai’s are supposed to be like that, kinda why I was never a huuuuge fan of chai.
The blend with the red rooibos was facinating and had a interesting first couple sips. By the end it got tiring and overdone . It left me with a bloaty tea feeling, however all in all, I was impressed by the flavor. So as it wasn’t my favorite , some will enjoy it if they are big fans of chai. It gave me quite an energy boost as I may add as when I get off a plane I always feel out of loop.


What a buzz on this one!! Gonna keep me awake for days. Shouldn’t of drank this one at night

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