384 Tasting Notes

drank Bamboo-Pomelo by TeaGschwendner
384 tasting notes

i do love this tea.

no sugar…. lovely and refreshing, right before bed.

the world is unsettled these days. i have no explanations. some say astrology predicts it, others say there are periods of time where this is just how it goes…. i just wish i could help more.

in the meantime, this tea settles.


That was me through all of October. Coincided with astrology as well.

Terri HarpLady

I think that was me the entire year of 2013…
A month from now I’ll be 55, my 5th palindrome birthday!
I have a good feeling…


ahhhh, you guys are great! =0)


Sooo glad I sent you some of this! Seems like a long time ago now. I’m almost at the point of reordering from my first 100g bag.


this is the first review from MY bag! lol…. i bought because of the sample you sent me!


Heh. I know. Just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy that I’ve helped you find some new tea to love.

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hey! i think i’ve finally nailed this one!!! 2 minute steep (not 4), oolong setting vs full boil, cream, no sugar.

this is my progress so far! although…. jardin bleu is still my fave =0)

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drank Marzipan by TeaGschwendner
384 tasting notes

hmm, brief view of the other reviews of this blend and those are not the experience i have had!

reading their reviews i overleafed and extended the steep time….whew! strongly marzipan!!! no problem!!! makes me wonder if they revamped the blend since then?

added a half teaspoon of agave syrup… noooooooot necessary, lol. a bit of cream with it was very nice.

smooth, not astringent. naturally sweet…. i think it might make a nice latte, and might be even nicer with a bit of contrasting spice added— nutmeg? i seem to be on a nutmeg kick!


It’s definitely nutmeg season!

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drank Marzipan by TeaGschwendner
384 tasting notes

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drank Autumn Spice by TeaGschwendner
384 tasting notes

so far this one is my least favourite TG tea…. not bad, just not as remarkable as the others i’ve tried. this also doesn’t follow my definition of a chai.

impressions: a vanilla tea. quite subtle. fruit tones that are very mild… some orange, less apple. some spice, but again not strong.

i do find this vendor impressive… i won’t ascribe numbers yet. i need to play with methods, timing and temperature.

=0) we will come to an understanding…. i am certain of it.

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drank Mango Indica by TeaGschwendner
384 tasting notes


i taste ripe, golden orange mangoes sliced and adorning the tea cup my son served me with….

i didn’t think i would get to try this one. i bought it for him (he likes all things mango and i don’t expect this bag of tea to last long, lol).

this blend is happily rooiboos free (!!!), light, fresh, i get an aroma of mangoes on the tree, of rind, but within the taste fruit and texture are the only layers. the mild fibrous tissue, juice spilling over my fingers and getting under my nails, the mild piquant but not spicy aspect of mango…. absolutely brilliant!

the very best tea blenders give spielberg and houdini…. they are illusionists and absolutely persuade me to suspend my disbelief. TGTeas…. you are among them. wow oh wow.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

Sounds delish


They really are magic-makers. I think everything I’d enjoyed so far, I’ve really loved.


there is only a single regret affiliated with my EU tea addiction (seeing as i have now officially branched out from france) is that i am also roped into SHIPPING charges. sigh.


Was shipping yuck? I found mine reasonable when I grabbed my first order.


no, it was totally fine actually! under 10$ =0)

and just so you know, there appears to be no shipping charge with zen tea at the moment?


I’ve yet to ever pay shipping with Zen. :) They’re wonderful!

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smells divine…. absolutely, evilly, amazingly, calorie carryingly like a chocolate mousse with a perfectly ripened raspberry reduction decadently dripped over top. i’ve never smelled the like.

but the taste has a curl. no. no no no no. maybe if i say it backwards: ON ON ON ON!


dammit. literacy only works if you use it =0(


Oh crappy. I hope someone else in the house can enjoy this instead.


i was going to offer it to you, actually.


Jeepers, how did I miss this? I’m just having my first cup now. Feel free to send it along if you’re still wanting to get rid of the rest!

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drank Tamarind Pop by Butiki Teas
384 tasting notes

this one is just not working for me tonight. hmmm.

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drank Rhubarb Cream by TeaGschwendner
384 tasting notes

new tea companies are so much fun to sort through… maybe even more so on low down dirty bad days like today.

i had concerns. it has been that bad a day….. but the tea smelled sooooooooo gooooooood. i mean wow. new germany tea company getting-to-know-you tap dance. should i? shouldn’t i? maybe i should just leave it for a better day….. aw, hell! maybe the tea would turn everything around! i put the kettle on.

the smell only got better. i was reminded of my gran’s kitchen with stewed rhubarb on the stove. it had the kind of smell that burned my fingers and my tongue, got me yelled at and lectured….. of course with standards like that (and the day i’ve been having) of course the smell and the taste didn’t match. sigh.

and then i had a moment. i was such a pest as a kid…. always wanted sugar on everything and thusly got it on virtually nothing. so when i ate my stewed rhubarb it was always with plain cream… no sugar, no nothing. and i always thought i was so hard up.

i really was a pest… i added plain cream. my day is much better. if you like stewed rhubarb this, my friends, is your tea.

smooth, tart but not bitter. cream component with no random chemical inflections. believe the 2 min steep.

sorry i’ve been a grouch today. don’t know what my problem’s been.

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec

Not enough sil. ;)


I love stewed rhubarb also! Haven’t tried it with cream though, only sugar. :-)


not enough what, sil?

@caile, i highly recommend rhubarb and cream. =0) quite awesome.


Your problem…. You said you didn’t know what it was… Clearly. Not enough sil :)

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i know why MissB sent this to me. 1) not a caramel note in sight. 2) the smell!!!!!! wowza! the name is totally accurate too.

when i was a kid my gran would have a tin of cassis sucking candies in her mammoth sized purse…. opening the tin smelled just like this blend! juicy, tangy, robust, intriguing! a hint of astringency from the assam which is the perfect compliment to the black currant. i genuinely do get a sense of juiciness.

nice balance. definitely drinking a tea vs juice…. very nice. this blend makes me happy. i’ve had a number of ‘meh’ experiences lately. this was not one of them!!

thank you MissB!

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

I bet you would love black currant jam. Too bad this fruit is banned in US. I buy imported occasionally in Russian stores.


Banned in the US???


I believe JustJames is based in Canada, where black currant isn’t banned. But also, the fruit isn’t technically banned in the US. Growing it is banned in some states. I’m still trying to figure out whether that ban extends to black currant products manufactured elsewhere, but I suspect it doesn’t.


Also, many black currant products are available for sale on Amazon, though that’s not a guarantee of legality :)


banned in the states? REALLY? now i have to look that up….. must know why. hmmmm.


It was banned as a vector for a pine tree disease. :) I looked it up too, then got distracted on the internet!


something to do with white pine specifically, buuuuuuuuuuut the ban was overturned in NY? not done yet….


Thanks for the link. I still don’t find it in Brooklyn so I didn’t know about ban overturn.


dunno, but apparently NY is one of the states allowed to grow them…? but we’re also outside observers, boychik ;-) just because it’s on the interweb don’t make it so! lol.


I live in the area where I don’t have to buy groceries in supermarket. I mostly shop in ethnic markets and lots of exotic fruits and veg available super fresh. That is why I’m a little puzzled. But I will look it up on web maybe it’s special orders.


rules and regulations also change according to who’s in power. might be that legally it’s allowed on a federal level, but not on a municipal level.


Wow. I’m thrilled you enjoyed this, and even more thrilled at the ensuing (and fascinating) discussion. Definitely learned something new today!


i know! who woud have thought black currants could constitute the tree equivalent of a weapon of mass destruction?!! lol.

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Time For A ReWrite!

A good friend of mine on here kindly asked me to do the Steepster world a favour and list my allergies front and center (fair enough, lol):

-COFFEE … rare, nasty, not even a bit funny if i’m exposed. (call me original)

-ROOIBOOS … is a new appearance. under certain circumstances i’m okay with it (ie if it’s GREEN and paired with mate) but because i have an auto immune disease i try not to poke at things.

*NOT an allergy, but an abnormality that drives my tea buddies bananas, i AM INCAPABLE OF TASTING CARAMEL AND TOFFEE. so i thought i’d list it at the top too. it’s very annoying. they smell great!!?

Hi! I’m James!

I’m a student: double major of human geography and psychology with the intention of chasing a double doctorate. (reading that over it occurs to me again that i must be crazy).

i’m a live and let live sort. i look and see alot of silver linings. my discovery of tea has only served to further that viewpoint. for me tea is art and nuance, watercolours and bold brushstrokes….

swaps are grand things! the element of surprise in a tea swap completely trumps forrest gump’s chocolate box life metaphor, lol.

favourites: french teas dammann freres, mariage freres and nina’s paris especially.

i have recently discovered a german tea company that has romanced me: tea gschwendner (sp?)

mandala teas is brilliant and a company i count on.

justea and tealet are companies i study because of both their exceptional products and and business models, as well as their work with farmers who are TOO POOR for fair trade certification. this is highly relevant to my studies.

90-100 i need more
80-90 i might need more, or it might be a respect vote
below 75? it was likely an oops buy. my evolution into french teas has vastly focused what i like!!

however, i’m always open to trying things.

dislikes so far: guayasa, darjeeling, most peach teas.


Victoria, BC

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