“One day I decided to try to have a complete day without tea, and I was quite shaken. I was quite disturbed”

I’m Kathleen, I’m 20 and I like tea. And cake. And coffee. A lot.

My favourites are black, creamy and light teas – though I am partial to a little fruit or spice, or a lot of peppermint. I am trying to expand my tea horizons, however, so expect a multitude of varieties in my reviews as I further explore and record these discoveries. I like to fill my between-tea-breaks time with baking (but mostly eating!) cakes, cooking and exploring healthy food, and hikes. I am also a huge coffee aficionado, my bean-to-cup coffee set-up is a daily source of immense pleasure! My tea is usually accompanied by a book (as a literature and history student it’s kind of a necessity). On tea breaks I’m currently working through Marquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude as it is my Easter holidays, though it should probably be Paradise Lost!


York, UK

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