drank Birthday Cake by Butiki Teas
381 tasting notes

Finishing off the last of this that Sil sent me. I’m liking it better tonight than I have in the past. The dry leaf has a vanilla frosting scent, the brewed tea smells like cake batter, and the brew itself is much improved with the addition of some agave syrup. The sweetness helps bring out the vanilla frosting flavor (though I’m still not getting any cake). The syrup also gives this a smoother mouthfeel than the sugar did, so the frosting doesn’t taste quite so from-the-can. There’s still a weird frosting-flavored after-texture, like a film on the roof of my mouth. It’s not as coarse as it was before, though. Still not a huge fan, but bumping my rating a bit.

Aaaaand sipdown!

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