638 Tasting Notes

drank Alice's Blend by Alice's Tea Cup
638 tasting notes

Sad sad sipdown. I still really like the rose-candy aspect of this tea. But it’s quite finicky. A 3-min steep at 190f today came out astringent. It was still good, but when I get a cup of this tea right it can be great. It’s really hard to get right though. So probably not a restock despite its tastiness.

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drank Camomile by Bonomelli
638 tasting notes

Sipdown! Sadly, I oversteeped my very last cup of this. I forgot about it for 10+ minutes and it got bitter. Still drinkable, but bitter is not a flavor I want in a chamomile tea. The bitterness mellowed out as the tea cooled though. Tasty and convenient, but not a restock because the packaging is weird (the teabags are just loose in a cardboard box).

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drank Coco Chai Rooibos by DAVIDsTEA
638 tasting notes

Sipdown! I’m not really up for writing a detailed tasting note, but I want to remember for the future that I really didn’t like this one. The clove is too heavy, the rooibos is too weak a base for the spices, and the coconut is doing something weird. It’s not totally gross but it is not pleasant either. Good riddance.


I wasn’t a fan of this one either.


Yay! I’m not alone!

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I’m drinking a locally purchased lemongrass/ginger herbal blend that comes to me courtesy of Stephanie. Thanks! Most of this actually went to my brother, since he loves lemongrass. But I made sure to keep a good cup’s worth for myself to try.

This is pretty darned good! It’s simple, straightforward, and elegant. The flavor is lemongrass up front. It gently transitions into a nice ginger flavor mid-sip. The ginger comes out fully at the end and lingers pleasantly. I added a big teaspoon of manuka honey to see how it would impact the flavor. It definitely softened it. The beginning of the sip is now more honey than lemongrass. The ginger flavor is also tempered by sweetness, leaving a lingering taste of ginger candy. Yum! I liked it better without the honey, but it’s delicious with honey too.


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The breakfast place across the street from work makes decent breakfast sandwiches. Inanely, their breakfast special makes it cheaper to get a sandwich and coffee than just a sandwich. Thankfully, they let me sub out tea for coffee.

This is my current favorite breakfast special tea. The flavor is creamy and dead-on for its name. As the brew cools, the flavor turns to more of a generic stone fruit – peach or maybe apricot. Still enjoyable, just different. I can’t quite get over how creamy this one is. It’s like the herbal tea version of a smoothie. Nom nom nom.

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Eep! I have the bagged version of this and managed to get through the whole box without a chance to write a tasting note! That’s because this has been my go-to afternoon tea at work and i rarely write tasting notes at work.

I quite enjoy this tea. It’s great for a caffeine-free afternoon lift. The chamomile hits up front and transitions smoothly into a pleasantly tart citrus. I could swear there was a lingering hint of ginger at the end of the sip today, but there’s no ginger in the blend. The hibiscus supports the flavor rather than getting in the way. I’m hoping to restock this one fairly soon. Meanwhile, sipdown!

ETA: This blend does best with a really long steep time. Like 10+ minutes.

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Despite (or perhaps because of) the dreary weather, I really wanted a fruity Butiki this morning. I almost didn’t make this one because I can’t appreciate the smell of a tea when it’s in my travel mug. Thankfully, I decided to go for it anyway. It’s been a one-thing-after-another kind of morning and this tea definitely helped me be more tea about it all. Even without any sugar and without being able to smell the tea, the perfect watermelon flavor comes through.

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Many thanks to Stephanie for sending me some of this. It’s nice. The sip starts out with just the right amount of ginger, then fades into a fairly strong sage flavor. Both flavors linger strongly – the ginger on the front of my tongue and the sage on the back. Alas, I’m not picking up on any of the other flavors. I can see how this would be good with honey or blended with a camellia sinensis base (or both). No rating until I can experiment some more with this one.

sipdown, but not for long.


I’m glad I saw your note, I haven’t been on steepster all weekend :)

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I found myself craving black tea this morning. I don’t actually have much black tea in my collection anymore, since I’m not really supposed to be drinking it. I got this one from an Amoda box. It’s not bad, but it didn’t really hit the spot either. This definitely has honey notes. It has a savory note that I always think of as mushroomy. I’m not picking up on any other flavors though. This is a decent black, but it’s not as robust and complex as I was hoping. Ah well. At least it didn’t make my stomach hurt much.

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I was sure that I had already logged this. This came to me through the Secret Pumpkin swap back in the fall from both BrewTEAlly Sweet and RogersCK. Thanks! BTW, BrewTEAlly Sweet has been gone for a while. Anyone know if she’s ok?

This is another fall tea that I’ve been hoarding. It is suuuuper tasty. The chocolate and pumpkin are definitely here, but what makes this shine for me is the pumpkin spices. They are just perfectly balanced. I will miss this tea, for this drink is a sipdown.


I was actually thinking about BrewTeally the other day and how I don’t remember her posting anything lately. She headed up about three major swaps in a row. I think she is just taking a Steepster break. #steepstterburnout

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