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BrewTEAlly Sweet kindly sent some of this along as a bonus when I bought a few teas during her stash sale. Thanks!

Meh. There’s a distinct vanilla scent here, but I’m not picking up any vanilla flavor. There’s a creaminess that’s probably attributable to the vanilla, though. It complements the slight astringency of the base tea. As the tea cools, the vanilla flavor comes through more clearly. I’m not picking up any rose scent or flavor to speak of. Overall, this is passable but not worth the risk of hurting my stomach by drinking a black tea.

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BrewTEAlly Sweet kindly sent some of this along as a bonus when I bought a few teas during her stash sale. It’s been on my shopping list for a while, so I was pretty excited to try it a few days ago.

I stuck to package directions (1.5 tsp at 200F for 5 mins) at first and ended up with a nice cinnamon brew reminiscent of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, or maybe just cinnamon toast. It really lacked the body that I was expecting from a bready tea that has so often been compared to American Tea Room’s Brioche. It held up to a second steep, but still felt thin.

Today, I used much more leaf (about 2.5 tsp). What a difference! Overleafing is definitely key here. The result was a smooth, full-bodied, sweet, bready, cinnamon-y tea. Nice. It held up well to a second steep, too. Thanks for the taste, BrewTEAlly Sweet!
BrewTEAlly Sweet

My pleasure :)

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drank Darjeeling Green Tea by Chamong
541 tasting notes

My first tasting note for this tea was 9 months ago. I finally stopped hoarding it and finished off the last teabag today. Took me long enough :)

I still quite like this tea. It’s drier and less floral than I remember, but age is probably a factor in that. It’s good for a quick work brew. This goes on the “ideal cupboard constant stock” list for sure.


i always find comfort n ‘constant stocks’. =0)

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I got this through BrewTEAlly Sweet’s stash sale. One of my side goals in tea world is to find a good chocolate tea, so this seemed like an interesting candidate.

I love how Verdant blends look – like herbal potpourri. Lots of nice big tea leaves and sizeable bits of flowers, herbs, and spices. This one smells very cinnamon heavy. I got two good steeps out of it. The third one was drinkable, but thin.

I noticed that others have really picked up on the mint here. Me, not so much. The first steep was primarily chamomile and cinnamon, as was the second. Both had a wonderfully full, silky mouthfeel. The second steep was creamier and more chocolatey.

I like this, but not so much that I feel the need to ever have it again. Which is fine, because sipdown!

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drank Lime Chiffon by Della Terra Teas
541 tasting notes

I was sure I’d already written a note for this, but apparently I was wrong. Anyway I’m having this as a bedtime tea and it is quite lovely. As it cools, it tastes just like lime sorbet. Super duper yummy. It’s hard to say whether I like this or the lemon chiffon better.


It’s really nice cold brewed too!

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Stacy sent this as a sample with one of my previous Butiki orders. Thanks!

This tea is quite nice. The first steep is heavily spinachy, with a touch of sweetness and a smooth, buttery mouthfeel. There’s a pleasant apricot note that comes out at the end of the sip. Citrus notes really pop out in the second steep, leaving a minty fresh aftertaste. I didn’t feel up to a third steep, but I suspect this tea would take it well.

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drank Imperial Label by Kusmi Tea
541 tasting notes

I abandoned this mug after making it and learned that this tea is actually better cold than hot. The citrus flavor really comes out and makes for a nice, refreshing drink. Good for summer, but also a nice accompaniment to a Mediterranean meal any time of year.

Thanks for the taste, oOTeaOo!

EDIT: This yields a nice second steep.

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I got this from BrewTEAlly Sweet‘s stash sale. I really enjoyed it as a full-bodied cinnamon tea that held up easily to 3 steeps. I didn’t pick up on the tulsi at all :( I really enjoyed this, but I’m not sure if it would make it into the regular rotation.

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Thanks to whatshesaid for the sample!

I liked this more than I expected to. I am not a big fan of coconut flavor, but the coconut in this tea is very natural and well complemented by the creaminess. The base tea also comes through nicely. I got two good steeps out of it, with the second revealing greater depth and complexity. This won’t go on my shopping list, but I would recommend it to coconut fans.

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I’m having this as my breakfast tea this morning. I actually fainted at work yesterday in the middle of presenting something. It was mortifying. Now I’m dreading the fallout and don’t really want to go in. But since I have no choice about that, I decided to fortify myself with one of my favorite teas. I accidentally steeped it at 180 instead of 165, but it still came out wonderful. Dead on flavor. Not too sweet or artificial tasting. Soothing and invigorating at the same time. All around a great cuppa.

This is the end of my sample from BrewTEAlly Sweet (thanks!), but it’s not a sipdown because I picked up two ounces during the Black Friday sale.


oh my gosh, that sounds scary and ugh. i’m glad you’re ok though. i used to faint all the time as a teenager in the most embarrassing places—once in the girls locker room while taking a shower after gym class!!—and it sucks.


Thanks. I think the biggest damage was to my pride (luckily?). Work turned out to be much less humiliating than I feared :)

My sympathies for the constant fainting in high school! As if being a teenager isn’t already hard enough. Hopefully your use of the past tense means you’re not just passing out all over the place anymore.

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