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Screw it. I don’t care if this IS a cheap, low-end teabag – I am quite enjoying it. The description is mostly dead-on. This is all sweet apple and cinnamon with a hint of creamy sweetness on the back end. I’m not tasting any chocolate notes though. This is a nice, caffeine-free evening tea for chilly weather.



It doesn’t matter what it is, or what others think. All that matters is that you are enjoying it. :)))


Welcome to the Cheapster Steepster’s club. Room for one more. I am smitten with Candy Cane Lane at the moment.

adagio breeze

Haters gonna hate.

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Lovely as always. I had this for breakfast in my travel mug. It was actually too pastry-esque for my mood. Just heavier than what I wanted, though I didn’t know that before I started drinking it. Still, it was delicious! I’m looking forward to trying the Brioche Free now that there’s a non-black tea version of this.


And a big thanks to moraiwe for the swap!

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Mmmm. Lovely bedtime tea. I even managed to finish this one! Unlike many of my bedtime teas which I forget about halfway through…

The lavender and chamomile really are beautifully balanced here. It’s soothing without being cloying or overly floral. I had some lavender scented oil going last night too, which complemented the tea just right. Come to think of it, I did sleep better than usual…

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Mmm. Strawberry and cream in equal measure, but light. The base tea is smooth and grassy, with the strawberry and cream flavors serving more to complement than overwhelm it. Like!

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drank Taurus by Nina's Paris
488 tasting notes

Thank you to Sophie and Laurent from Nina’s Paris for the sample!

This is a nice, juicy strawberry tea. Tart and sweet. Somehow I’m still not picking up on the creaminess though. Maybe I brewed it wrong? I used 1 rounded tsp for 8 oz, boiling water, for 5 minutes. I have enough left for another cup so I can play around with it again.

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Nom nom nom. I wanted something tropical for dessert and this really hit the spot. The pretty dry leaves smell of mango, as does the brewed tea. The taste is very natural. For whatever reason I’m getting mango rather than guava, but that’s just fine by me! There’s also the faintest hint of ginger here to keep it from being too sweet. The tea even holds up nicely to a second steep. Thanks to Stephanie for the sample!


I agree @ mango not guava, but tasty!

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The spices are nicely blended, but it’s just missing something… it’s like the bottom just falls out towards the end of the sip. I fear the rooibos isn’t a strong enough base, leaving the chai feeling kind of thin. It gets better as it cools, though. The ginger comes out to play and there’s a touch of sweetness to compensate for the weak base.

Overall – meh. There must be a better non-black-tea chai out there. I wouldn’t refuse this if offered, but there are a lot of bagged teas I would choose first.


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drank Movie Night by DAVIDsTEA
488 tasting notes

Ok… still more caramel apple than caramel corn. And artificial tasting. I tried using more leaf and steeping longer, but that didn’t really improve the flavor. Ugh. Not a fan.

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Bleeegh. I’ve been on the search for a nice chocolate tea. This is not it. I bought this a few months ago and hated it then, but I decided to give it another shot before reviewing it. Oh the regret. At least it gave me a little energy boost, I suppose.

This tastes like diluted spiced hot cocoa. Not even high quality hot cocoa. Just watery chocolate with a little bit of kick. And a dry, powdery aftertaste. I tried salvaging it with some rice milk, but that somehow just made it worse. I imagine it might work well brewed in cow’s milk. I can’t drink that so someone else will have to run the experiment.

Speaking of which – first person to PM me gets the rest of the bag!

UPDATE: Claimed!

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drank Korean Sejak by DAVIDsTEA
488 tasting notes

This brews up nice and light. The first steep is very delicate and vegetal, maybe a touch grassy. I didn’t think of it as seaweed-y until I read some of the other notes for this tea. Now that’s all I can taste! Funny how suggestible people can be sometimes…

This holds up to a resteep nicely, though the seaweed flavor is definitely stronger in the second steep. There’s also a buttery quality mid-sip.

Overall, not bad, but I’ve had better.

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