The Wilmington Tea Room in Wilmington, North Carolina
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I found this place on an exploratory trip to Wilmington and it was one of the many places that sold me on the city. It’s right on the wood-slatted river walk, in the dancing light of the Cape Fear River, near a wine shop, several restaurants, the farmer’s market and other amenities of Historic Wilmington. The service and management are all really friendly and knowledgeable, or will ask whomever they need to when necessary. Call ahead, for you may not have to reserve but I imagine it doesn’t hurt. The day after Thanksgiving they were open. The “places” details page only allowed one category as to when tea could be served, so I checked “afternoon tea” but it’s much more versatile. “Places” also only allowed one category of establishment, so be advised that it’s not only a tea room as I checked, but a shop with teapots, accessories and bulk teas. Tea can be served in the chic, European-style, old-fashioned indoor tea room, though it has a modern feel as well, with its ambient light from the River, and a lime, periwinkle and white decor. As feminine are the surroundings, I’d still take a guy there! Tea is also served riverside, where you can sit in wicker chairs around a wicker coffee table with a glass top, which we did, or small metal tables with those tiny ice cream parlor type chairs. People walk by but there’s just enough distance that they’re not right on top of you, keeping the space somewhat private yet friendly. When I found the Wilmington Tea Room, I reserved some seats for the next late a.m., and invited my Wilmingtonian girlfriends. We all loved it! The light and tasty scones and Devonshire cream added to the ritual and contrast but, more than that beauty, the teas (Earl Grey and Assam) were delicious. It was unanimous. One of my buddies is Australian with an English background, really knows her tea. I’ll go back as often as possible!



I was born in NYC, raised in DC, lived all over including Boston, MA; Venice and Sta. Monica, CA; Granada, Andalucía, España; Tampa, FL; Wilmington, NC; and now Gulfport, FL. I traveled around Italy a couple of years ago and would love to go back. Living in either of those Mediterranean countries at this point, without being independently wealthy, would not be viable as their economies are in a rough, rough patch, even worse than ours. Stay tuned…

I had a long career of career searching, during which I privately visualized a dream to build a freelance practice combining my various verbal vocations: translation, editing, writing, paleography and teaching. I had no rational hope this would ever happen but continued to prepare for a miracle just in case it should occur!

Then the opportunity found me. Now I live “….where the weather suits my clothes” and am establishing that freelance practice.
The environment and community in Wilmington, NC, enhance my mental, physical and spiritual health, something akin to the effects of many teas we Steepsters share and enjoy.

Aside from words, I have many passions, especially singing, playing, performing and listening to music, painting in watercolors, gardening, cooking, entertaining, easygoing nature hikes, art museums, travel to out-of-the-way and local but relatively unknown places. I am thrilled that I’ll be able to return to all of these passions, little by little.

Originally I came across Steepster by looking up “Ruby 18,” because I loved the sound of Assam and Oolong together. A lovely member, who lives just a few hours from where I now live, sent me a sample about a year ago! I could only tolerate one cup of black tea per day so it became all the more special! Now, aside from some delicious Oolongs, it’s all green for me, especially flavored with jasmine. Plain green, or jasmine with other flavors such as orange, just do not get it. I enjoy a smattering of herbals — and once it’s cooled I refrigerate fresh mint tea from my garden in summer, spring & early fall — but herbals do not cut it in the morning.

Steep away, me hearties.


Gulfport, FL



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