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I saved some of this tea from last night to try iced this morning. It takes on completely different characteristics when it’s iced. It’s very thick and muscatel, edging on being astringent but not quite. It’s also a little dry in the after taste but it still has some sweetness and floralness to it. It’s as though it’s a completely different Darjeeling.

It’s nice iced, especially since it’s stronger which is what I like but it has some astringency and that means I have to be in the right mood for it. This morning I’m lucky in that I don’t mind it but it’s not as nice as I expected.


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Another tea from the EU tea box (first round).

This tea is silky, sweet, musky, floral and overall subtle. Lighter than a lot of Darjeelings can be but still with a nice sweet impact. Like honey but with earthy tones to it and much lighter.

As much as I adore Darjeeling this is a nice tea but it’s not as strong as I like my Darjeeling to be. I prefer stronger muscatel tones, perhaps even second flush. But this first flush would be perfect for hot summer nights and maybe even iced for a picnic. I will have to try that.

205 °F / 96 °C 2 min, 45 sec

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This morning I decided to use the last of this tea (which was roughly 10g) and make a large batch of just over 1 litre. Part of it was drank this morning with breakfast and a few cups were left over which became perfect for iced tea. It’s very nice actually, iced it has a wonderful musty/earthy tone that is stronger than when it’s hot. The fruity tones are also stronger when it’s iced.

It’s as smooth iced as it is hot and I’m sorry that I didn’t try this sooner.


Lately, I’ve been choosing my tea of the morning by reading Steepster notes, if I crave it after reading the note and it’s in my cupboard, that’s what I have.
This morning, you’re my choice, kitty! This is delicious and i have just enough left for a nice pot too, thanks :-)

Dag Wedin

A cup of assam in the morning sure is a good way to start!

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Another tea from the first round of the EU box. I decided to steep a large batch of this one so I can have enough for my new flask to turn it into iced tea. I think Rooibos and lemongrass would make a nice iced tea combination. Anything to get me through work tomorrow :)

It’s a nice blend, simple, sweet, lemony, smooth but very delightful. I love lemongrass teas but have not tried it blended with Rooibos before, probably because I’m not a huge fan of it but together they work well. The balance is nice, the Rooibos is a little heavier to start with but towards the after taste the lemongrass shines through. The Rooibos is thick so it does have that unusual chemical flavour but luckily it does not last for long.

I can’t wait to see what this is like iced, possibly better than it is hot.

Boiling 8 min or more

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I was lucky enough to be chosen as a winner for the pre-launch, I asked for an Oolong and received this wonderful Formosa Jade Oolong. Thank you River Tea

Brewing this tea in my new kettle teapot which can hold up to 1.5 litres and has a retractable egg steeper. I brew three large spoons of Oolong and infused it in 1 litre of water for three minutes.

My result is a yellow tea with a mild yet sweet and floral scent.

The flavour is also mild but tastes sweet, almost honeyed, and has a fresh, floral and fruitiness to it. Rather like subtle forms of honey suckle flowers and lightly toasted peach slices. Not only is it light but it also has a buttery after taste too.

A nice Oolong that will be perfect to use in my new flask to take to work. Due to it’s sweetness and general lightness I’m imagining it would be amazing iced.


195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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My second tea from the EU box.

While my husband was making this tea he said it smells like TCP, not exactly what I want in a tea. It does smell chemical, not sure it’s TCP like but maybe like a floor cleaner.

I can taste thick Rooibos and some vanilla which also has some sweetness. I can’t taste any champagne or anything similar. It’s now a bad blend but it it’s too Rooibos heavy for my personal liking. It was not a lost cause though because my husband may have disliked the scent but enjoyed the flavour.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

Is it the same chemical note you got from Studio 54?

It’s SO much fun to read someone else’s reviews of these teas.


No not the same as Studio 54. The chemical in this blend is related to the Rooibos. I often find that strong Rooibos blends have an unusual chemical scent and flavour and this one was a perfect example to that. I like Rooibos if blended equally with other flavours but this one was just too heavy for my liking. My husband liked it though, he asked for more.


All the standard rooibos you get in your average Swedish tea shop is VERY heavy, just like this one – everyone imports from pretty much the same German companies, so there’s definitely a lack of variety.

Now I’m really excited to read your Rouge Provence review!


I hope TCP doesn’t stand for what it stands for in my neck of the woods! Because I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have been able to make myself taste it! :)

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drank Studio 54 by Bönor & Blad
1081 tasting notes

This is my first tea to sample from the EU Tea Box since it’s return to base. While adding them to my cupboard the flavours caught my attention on this one which is why I jumped at the chance to try it first. I have been in the mood for something sweet but delicate and hopefully this will be perfect.

Hmm..unusual flavour. It tastes like artificial yet perfumed strawberry which is a new experience for me. The black base is at least light enough and sweet enough to be pleasant. Champagne? Well I can’t taste anything, unless the perfume I get from the strawberry is supposed to be it? Cream? That I will vouch for, it’s lightness gives it some creamy qualities that make it easy to drink. Though I have mentioned the black base is light it is also malty, a nice earthy quality to contrast the sweetness.

Overall it’s a nice tea, somewhat artificial but pleasant enough. Perfect for those times where you are not fussy about what you have.

Boiling 2 min, 45 sec

Yeah, I agree – it’s that ‘champagne’ note that makes it weird, definitely. Their strawberry tea is very natural-tasting, so that has to be it.

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I’m 26 years old from Leicester, England named Kayleigh. I have a wonderful husband called Richard whom I am very lucky to have in my life.

I started off many years ago drinking herbal and fruit teas which over time peaked my interest in trying new types. Eventually I began to import and sample many different teas and cultures which I still do today. My life goal is to try as many teas and ways of having tea as possible.

Tea wise my cravings change constantly from pu erh one month to jasmine green to the next and so on.

I adore cats and have four of my own called Honey, Cassie, Mr Soots and Ivory.

I also have two fish tanks which thankfully my cats have no interest in. They house an array of tropical fish and shrimp.

I am a proud vegetarian and have been for the majority of my life. When I say vegetarian I mean just that as well, no fish or seafood, no chicken now and again, no animal products such as gelatine and cochineal.

I also enjoy watching Japanese Anime and horror films.

I am always up for tea swaps so if you see anything in my virtual cupboard then please contact me.

A short list to help swapping with me easier though honestly I am not fussy and am willing to try anything. Plus the notes below are usually, sometimes I love a tea that has an ingredient I tend to dislike and other times I hate a tea that I thought I would love.

Likes: Any fruit but especially melon and orange, vanilla, all tea types (black, green, white etc), nuts (any), flowers, ginger, chai.

Dislikes: Licorice, aniseed, clove, eucalyptus, lavender.



Leicester, England, United Kingdom



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