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980 Tasting Notes


Thank you Sil for this sample.

This tea smells dry and cocoa like with traces of overbearingly sweet yet sour fruit scent. Looking in the ingredients I can’t actually find any fruit in the ingredients which is strange considering it says strawberry mocha in the title. Still it does have a fruit scent but resembling artificial fruit if anything.

The Oolong comes through strongly in this blend but I feel it’s just too strong. While I love smoky, dark Oolongs I feel that the sweetness from the raw scent is now lost. I can also taste a bitter coffee flavour which does not bear too well with the dark, toasty Oolong. As for the chocolate/cocoa there is perhaps a little of it present in the after taste but I’m really reaching there.

So overall this smells unbelievably sweet though somewhat artificial but it actually tastes darkly sour with at best medium roasted Oolong and at worst a cup of coffee that was made with a few dregs of Oolong in the bottom to confuse the flavours.

No thanks Tealux, this is definitely not for me.

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 30 sec

They have better unflavoured IMO

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drank Lime Deluxe by ESP Emporium
980 tasting notes

It smells like lime but there is also a strong coconut element there too. Like some sort of posh tropical cocktail I could just imagine drinking on a beach in Hawaii…with Alex O’Loughlin from Hawaii 5.0 sitting next to me of course. wink wink

The flavour is strongly coconut again and it takes over the lime and citrus tones. The coconut is sweet and creamy, rather fresh and pure tasting which is a nice surprise. In the after taste there is a slight sourness from the lime which is where it really makes itself known amongst the blend but it remains very mild.

I really like this blend, it’s subtle but very exotic and fresh. I have a fair bit of this left too so I can try and play around with the temperature, maybe try it iced.

180 °F / 82 °C 2 min, 30 sec

I am so addicted to Hawaii 5-O right now. I watched a rerun during the summer and ended up recording all the previous seasons and now spend all week waiting to watch for each new episode.

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drank The Witching Hour by 52teas
980 tasting notes

Thank you Scheherazade for this sample.

This blend smells sweet and minty with subtle cocoa and herbal notes.

It tastes minty, sweet, smoky, chocolatey and rich. A delicious balance of chocolate and mint which is highlighted by a thick but sweet smoky element which lingers in the after taste. The overall strength is medium and as far as blends go this is very refreshing and tasty.

Such a treat to share a pot of this tea with my husband on my favourite holiday.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

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I brewed the last of this tea in a pot to serve with brunch. Since my husband is working at home today so I did a ‘fry up’ (soy burger, fried eggs, baked beans and toast) which will keep us going until dinner time.

Last time I didn’t think an awful lot to this tea, while it was nice and smoky it was not quite at my desired strength for a breakfast tea. Today I steeped it for longer and received much better results.

The tea is served with a drop of milk. The longer steep has created a much stronger and more robust tea than previously. It remains malty and smoky but so much so now that it is definitely more like a breakfast tea. My husband said he really likes this one, I may have to get some more for him.

Boiling 5 min, 30 sec

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drank Ceylon Uva OP1 by Tea Horse
980 tasting notes

My first cuppa of the morning and this one is served with milk and sugar. I received this tea as part of my monthly package.

Flavour is wooden, musky and dry. Quite strong and very suitable as a breakfast tea, baring in mind I have milk and sugar in it it could always be stronger if needed by having it black.

My husband is not a huge fan, says it’s nice but not brilliant. He can’t elaborate on that though other than to something is missing as a strong black tea for him.

Evidently this is a mixed review. I will have to try it again another time but keep it black and see if it makes much difference.

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec

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I received this as part of my Yunomi monthly club package. I enjoy playing Japanese RPG’s and drinking authentic Japanese tea :) So that is my plan for this lazy Sunday.

The loose blend is rather large in size and whilst raw smells dry and herbal but nicely so. In other words it’s not too strong like herbal teas can be.

Steeped with the 10 minute recommended guide line and using boiling water. My sample was 10g so I only had one pot worth of this.

Once steeped it’s brown in colour with a mild herbal, ricey and earthen spicy aroma.

It’s very aromatic and Japanese in flavour. Medium strength with a refreshing taste similar to mint but more herbal based and milder. It also tastes toasted with a slight sour after taste.

A very interesting herbal blend that I’m considering purchasing more of. Would make a nice bedtime tea, or even morning tea.

Boiling 8 min or more

I left a few mouthfuls to cool and forgot about it as I was so glued into my game. When I tasted what was left to finish my bowl I was met with a taste of coffee. It tasted like black coffee, no idea where it came from. More coffee tasting than other coffee teas I have tried. Weird.


I looked this one up to see the ingredients out of curiosity. It lists several herbals, but notably cats whiskers, Job’s tears, and heartleaf. Ha ha. Sounds like a witches cauldron brew for a longevity potion. As long as it works…


Haha, that’s hilarious, Lala…

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My morning tea today. I was drinking JD last night and though not hungover I feel a little lagging, I don’t think the clocks changing helped.

This tea has a spicy, rich and earthen scent. A little dry too. The colour of my tea is mahogany.

Flavour is very rich, musky, spicy and strong on first note. It becomes a little sweeter and malted as it cools slightly. Perhaps a little astringent in the after taste but it still makes a good morning cuppa.

I made a ring using the packet sealer whilst I enjoyed this tea. Took a picture :)

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

Oh neat, our time doesn’t change until next Sunday.

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A piece of chocolate marble cake and a pot of creamy pumpkin spice tea, what could be better?

It smells like spicy pumpkin very autumnal and delicious. Not overly thick either, of medium strength.

Flavour is spicy and sweet with vanilla and pumpkin. A drop of soy milk brings out stronger creaminess. The pumpkin blends in after a few mouthfuls and becomes less noticeable.

I would like a little more spice, perhaps a touch more cinnamon amidst the vanilla. It would make a nice late.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

With your second cup you get cake? I love your thinking!

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

You describe it so well. Glad you enjoyed it. :)

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My first ‘cuppa’ of the morning. I left this out to try last night but didn’t get the chance.

It smells sweet and heavily Rooibos based. A little fruity but not necessarily blueberry, as for the cheesecake it doesn’t come through in the scent at all.

Flavour matches the scent but there is no real blueberry or cheesecake like tones. It does taste berry but too hard to define and the Rooibos base is very thick and sweet. I was expecting butter from the cheesecake but there isn’t any.

This tea has pulled a name out of the air to draw customers in and disappoint them when they find out it tastes nothing like it should. There was no real definable blueberry flavour nor anything remotely cheesecake about this tea. What it actually tastes like is a Rooibos berry blend, nothing more and nothing less.

Boiling 7 min, 0 sec

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I am 26 years old from Leicester, England. I have been drinking tea for many years now and have been getting more and more appreciative about good tea’s. I like to try new and exciting tea’s and import regularly as a treat.

Tea wise my cravings change constantly from pu erh one month to jasmine green to the next and so on.

I adore cats and have four of my own called Honey, Cassie, Mr Soots and Ivory.

I also have two fish tanks which thankfully my cats have no interest in. They house an array of tropical fish and shrimp.

I am a proud vegetarian and have been for the majority of my life. When I say vegetarian I mean just that as well, no fish or seafood, no chicken now and again, no animal products such as gelatine and cochineal.

I am also an avid reader and enjoy curling up with a book (mostly crime, horror, thriller, literature genres) in one hand and a cup of tea in the other.

I also enjoy watching Japanese Anime and horror films.

I am always up for tea swaps so if you see anything in my virtual cupboard then please contact me.


Leicester, England, United Kingdom



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