1300 Tasting Notes


A tea from the second round return of the EU-TTB (European Travelling Tea Box). From what I read it’s a bog standard black but that fits my mood fairly well.

It’s a light black tea, at least compared to British black tea bags, a drop of milk and sugar has been added. Flavour is light, malty and heavily watery. Very thin black tea, much so than I really prefer, even despite the long steep time. Husband also agree’s that it’s too weak.

Hmmm, perhaps British tea really is much stronger than most other bagged black world teas. Oh well, this goes well enough with my ginger biscuits.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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Another tea from the return of the second round of the EU-TTB (European Travelling Tea Box). Another reminder that signs ups are open to join in round three).

Mr.Jones is an entirely new brand for me to try and a quick snoop of their website shows they ship around Europe (Yay!). It may be a company for me to try in the future if this tea shows positive promise. At least I have that option anyway.

As far as rose goes I adore rose flavoured teas, this one is a perfect introduction for me. Opening the cute paper bag reveals a rather square teabag with a decent amount of filling and an overwhelming (though beautiful) scent of rose flowers. Sweet, perfumed, a little dry though on the whole exactly what I wished to smell.

Steeping times are not given so I will treat this like another herbal and use boiling water for 4—5 minutes.

Mild black tea base with heavy sweet rose flavour and a slight malty and smoky after taste. Strength altogether is rather medium so nothing too offensive/strong. The blend works well together, the black tea is complimented from the sweet rose while the malt adds depth and richness.

For a bag I say this is very nice, better than I had hoped. It’s still not as fresh as it could be nor is it perfect by any means but that doesn’t stop it from being a nice bagged rose tea. I may consider buying more of this :)

Flavors: Malt, Rose, Smoke

Boiling 4 min, 30 sec

I love rose flavored teas as well.


Rose tea makes me feel pretty as I drink it _


I never thought about it that way, but yes, it does.


^ I know that’s why I drink rose tea ;) I feel pretty. O so pretty. I feel pretty and witty and bright.


I admit it, K S. I laughed out loud. thanks!

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Taken from the round two return of the EU-TTB (European Travelling Tea Box). Just an fyi the sign up to join the tea box is open for round three if anyone is interested?

Served this Chai the way I usually take mine, with a few pieces of rock sugar and a splash of milk.

Smell is warming and mildly spicy, more cinnamon and nutmeg like above all else, so I suppose it does have a Christmas aroma.

Flavour wise it’s mild yet dark and the spice notes linger on the tongue. Cinnamon and nutmeg are still present but so is ginger and a little bit of pepper. I am not sure what the actual ingredients are as this tea is no longer sold but taste wise those listed above are what I liken them to (if they don’t contain those anyway). It’s fairly smooth at the start so the black base is not too rich or astringent. Nice strength overall.

In a way it’s like eating a cinnamon Christmas cookie. Oh God!…now I’m thinking of Christmas before my beloved Halloween! Keep calm and stay away from Christmas teas.

Flavors: Cinnamon, Ginger, Nutmeg, Pepper

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

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Large leaves of dark green and brown fill my Gongfu teapot on this beautiful afternoon. This High Elevation Green was a birthday gift from my husband (which was much earlier in the year). I’m currently sorting my tea cupboard to group similar teas together, at the moment my green tea binge has grouped my green teas together for today’s use with this being the first on my list.

The leaves have a mild seaweed like scent, perfumed though heavily mineral and green.

A 30 second steep reveals a light yellow tea that smells like mild flowers and grass. Flavour is floral with light perfume style flavour with some sweetness.

A further 30 second steep reveals a more mineral tasting green tea, albeit remaining light and floral. A little dryness in the after taste. Rather smooth and lightly buttery. Floral wise I liken it to sweet pea.

Another steep which was increased to one minute brings out the dryness. This is by far the lightest of the steeps, though the mild floral and light butter notes remain.

A very gentle green tea with light floral and buttery notes with some mineral green. Not a favourite but a solid light and pure tasting green tea, a nice palate cleanser.

Flavors: Butter, Flowers, Sweet, warm grass

170 °F / 76 °C 4 g 7 OZ / 200 ML

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My last tea before bed, just after something to leave a sweet taste in my mouth and ideally something to bring a wave of calm. Though I’m not a huge fan of chamomile I still found this blend interesting, after all I can’t judge what I haven’t tasted.

So in raw form it smells herbal and not much else, not appealing but not too bad. Once steeped it’s mildly minty and sweet, the chamomile is strong and honey like. Nicer than it’s raw scent anyway.

Well it’s not that bad actually, the mint is light and blends well with the chamomile, only a slight tartness to it but it vanishes pretty quickly. The chamomile is very sweet, like a mild honey. A little creamy too.

I like it, I’m happy the mint does not dominate though it does linger nicely in the after taste. The main attraction is the sweetness of it, and it’s lightness. The first sip made my husband yawn so it’s can’t be bad! I feel calm I suppose, relaxed, though it’s hard to scale.

Worth the gamble, happy to keep this on the shelf and see how it goes.

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Spears are us, or it is in the case of this tea. They are beautifully twisted and shaped, unusual cocoon style pieces with a chocolate like scent and a high black shine. It doesn’t sound like I’m describing tea, does it? Well in a way it doesn’t feel like it is either, but I’m soo looking forward to trying it.

3 spears in 200ml Gongfu
Time I was recommended is 5-6 minutes so I will stick with that

6 minutes later and I have an extremely pale brown tea liquid. It smells mildly malty and wooden with a slight herb tinge. Flavour is also oddly herbal, I am not sure what though… But despite the delightful oddness of it I must admit it’s pleasant tasting.

Another steep to see if it unleashes more flavours, the leaves are tightly wrapped so I feel it needs to open up more. After another few minutes it’s still mild but I can taste more sweet malt tones. Definite cocoa tones too.

Ok another steep, please open up leaves! Ok after ten minutes it’s still very light. So time to double up, it now has six spears in! Another 6 minutes or so to wait.

That’s a bit better, more floral now than before, though still sweet and malty dominating tones, albeit on a still very light scale.

It certainly is an usual tea, both in appearance and taste, but it’s subtly is just not for me. Sorry Blue Unicorn Reserve, you sound awesome but I just don’t love you.

195 °F / 90 °C
Terri HarpLady

I’ve tried a couple of blue unicorns, & they always end up tasting soapy to me after the first couple of steeps :p


I want this. LOL. Even though you didn’t love it, I want to drink a tea with “unicorn” in the name! LOL


I didn’t really like this one too much, either. I rarely say this about oolongs, but it was too mild for my tastes. I will admit that I bought it just for the name, though!


The name was the reason I wanted to try it, it’s the sort of name you fall in love with but in reality it’s just a fancy name on an average tea. Oh well, still happy to have tried it.

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Thought I would re-visit this tea tonight. It received top marks from my previous tasting. Tonight’s sampling is bliss, it smells and tastes like treacle toffee. Creamy malt tones keep it from being overly sweet…honestly for me it is perfect. If I want a black tea this has everything I look for. I’m sat in love with with this tea!

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drank Puerh Tuo Cha by Butiki Teas
1300 tasting notes

Right, today is officially Shu Puerh day and this is my third type of the day. Looking forward to trying this beauty. I adore opening tuo cha wrappers, it’s like opening tiny tea gifts.

Flavour is mild, nice warm earthy tones with a hint of pepper and spice in the after taste. No fish or damp flavours/smells. Also getting wood and malt tones and a hint of smoke which becomes apparent after a few steeps.

Nice and smooth for the most part, enjoying this very much. A standard shu tuo cha that guarantees satisfaction, my only gripe is that it’s not unique or memorable. Though certainly for a daily Pu Erh this is perfect.

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What can I say, these little tuocha are cute, and on top of that they have so many pretty flower pieces in. I can see pinks, reds and blues going on.

I’m finding this one lightly sweet and less floral than I was expecting. Though there is an after taste of something floral and herby. The Pu Erh is mildly earthy which is perfect against the subtlety of the flowers. It is sweet though, nicely so. Also has a mild refreshing after taste…reminds me of chrysanthemum.

Further steeps remain consistent. It’s not fishy nor too damp tasting (yay) so it’s easy to drink. My only fault is that it’s not floral enough for my tastes, I expected something perfume like from this tea…instead it’s more like a light floral mist.

Perhaps not quite what I was looking for but it’s nice non the less. Happy enough with this for now but I don’t think I would re order.

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After reading a review on a Camellia Flower Pu Erh cake from Oolong Owl I got a severe craving for a floral Pu Erh. I placed an order for one of these fabled God of Night Sweats cakes but since that won’t arrive for a few weeks I have had to go through my stash and find something for here and now. This rose Pu Erh will do nicely.

Oh and before I forget, here is a link to Oolong Owls review. Worth a read if anyone missed it.

So two tuocha in my Gongfu as normal, though one of them is missing a rose :( First rose tuocha I have had without a rose in it. Oh well, was bound to happen at some point I suppose.

It’s still a nice Pu Erh, as I remember, mildly floral and slightly sour but on the whole a decent tea. Cures my cravings for now anyway.


have you joined the cult then? With your own cake, you could probably rank priestess…


Priestess…that has a lot of appeal behind it. Will take a long time for it to arrive though :(

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I’m 27 years old from Leicester, England named Kayleigh. I have a wonderful husband called Richard whom I am very lucky to have in my life.

I started off many years ago drinking herbal and fruit teas which over time peaked my interest in trying new types. Eventually I began to import and sample many different teas and cultures which I still do today. My life goal is to try as many teas and ways of having tea as possible.

Tea wise my cravings change constantly from pu erh one month to jasmine green to the next and so on.

I adore cats and have four of my own called Honey, Cassie, Mr Soots and Ivory.

I also have two fish tanks which thankfully my cats have no interest in. They house an array of tropical fish and shrimp.

I am a proud vegetarian and have been for the majority of my life. When I say vegetarian I mean just that as well, no fish or seafood, no chicken now and again, no animal products such as gelatine and cochineal.

I also enjoy watching Japanese Anime and horror films.

I am always up for tea swaps so if you see anything in my virtual cupboard then please contact me.

A short list to help swapping with me easier though honestly I am not fussy and am willing to try anything. Plus the notes below are usually, sometimes I love a tea that has an ingredient I tend to dislike and other times I hate a tea that I thought I would love.

Likes: Any fruit but especially melon and orange, vanilla, all tea types (black, green, white etc), nuts (any), flowers, ginger, chai.

Dislikes: Licorice, aniseed, clove, eucalyptus, lavender.

My rating system
I have my own way of rating teas that makes each one personal. I have different categories, I rate each tea depending on what it is made of. For example: I rate green teas in a different way to black teas or herbal teas. So black, white, green, Pu Erh, Rooibos, Oolong, blends and tisanes all have their own rating system. That way I can compare them with other teas of the same or similar type before for an adequate rating. And when I do give top marks which is very rare I am actually saying that I would love to drink that tea all day, every day if possible. It’s a tea that I would never turn down or not be in the mood for. So while I agree that no tea is 100% perfect (as nothing is) I am saying that it’s as close as it comes to it. After all, in my book the perfect teas (or close to perfect anyway) are ones that I could drink all the time. That is why you will find a high quality black or Oolong will not have as high a score as a cheap flavoured blend, they are simply not being compared in the same category.


Also a proud SororiTea Sister


Leicester, England, United Kingdom



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