1118 Tasting Notes

Time for more tea and this shall be yet another sample that I can remove from my cupboards. I have been busy trying to find some cool designs to make with my laces on my new shoes but there are so many designs out there I’m just not sure what to pick. I also made an orange sponge cake this morning to surprise my husband with when he gets home.

Anyway let me get to the review. I have 5 pearls/balls and shall be using my new teapot again to brew them. Unfortunately they have very little scent whilst raw so at this point I can only imagine what they will taste like other than the musky malt scent I could detect.

Once steeped the tea is dark brown/red (mahogany) in colour with a rich malt aroma with a musky sweetness.

So far this tea is very similar to other black tea based pearls/balls but this one seems to be a little muskier and not as sweet. The malt is rich with a cocoa like sweet/sourness to it and dark musky tones. It’s smooth in body with those sour tones coming through just before the after taste of thick malt.

It’s so similar though to other pearls that I am wondering if they all come from the same manufacturer? I mean they are from the same place being Yunnan, China.


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Today I decided to finish some samples that are taking up space and I really should aim to remove the samples from my cupboards (both real and virtual). This morning I received my Adagio order which included their personaliTEA so I may as well test the teapot with my samples. :)

This tea is dark green/brown in colour and consists of thin and fairly long curly shapes. There is a sweet nutty scent with woody yet floral and fruity tones. A lot going on there but it’s pleasant.

Once steeped the tea is light yellow in colour with an uplifting floral earthy scent. For my first cup I waited roughly 1 minute from when the water was poured from my new teapot into my cup.

In flavour this green tea has grassy, nutty, floral, sweet, freshly woody and fruity. In essence this tastes like you would expect and imagine from a green tea but this particular blend is magical. The more I drink this tea the more I can taste all of these different flavours. There are many different layers to taste and each one works well with the other.

Now let me explain my flavours and descriptions. The nutty factor is similar to almond crossed with a peanut or sesame seeds, it has that dry slightly salty and rich flavour that is not overly strong but very noticeable. Amongst the nuts are sweet grassy tones (like fresh cut grass) with a kick of floral hues that remind me of peony blended with a crisp almost pear like fruitiness.

I was honestly not expecting much after my first experience with Chicago Tea Garden which was not a happy one when I sampled their Sticky Rice Pu-erh Tuocha (which was really not to my personal taste). This tea however has impressed me with it’s combination of flavours and as a whole it’s character.

I’m happy to drink this and watch the world go by while I’m looking for a nice orange cake recipe. Bliss.

180 °F / 82 °C

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From Pouchong to Oolong now whilst I’m still working away to make sure my orders go out tomorrow. I do love making jewellery.

A few sips in and I’m reminded of this teas earthy woody tones. Very nice.


Didn’t know that you made jewelry. Sounds like fun!

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drank Pouchong by Canton Tea Co
1118 tasting notes

My last pot of this delicious Pouchong is being used to fuel me this morning. I need that something special to pick me up after having a horrible night. 3 fish died last night and 1 of those I had to euthanize after his incurable illness took a turn for the worst. :( RIP Cardinal, Danio and Ken.

I have a large order of 30 necklaces to custom make on top of my other orders so I really should get a move on today and hope that it takes my mind off the events of last night. For now I have tea, loving cats and work to focus on.


Yu make necklaces? Ooh pics!


@Sil Yes I make my living by making and selling jewellery. Here are a few examples of my work :)



Ohh, those are lovely. You have quite a talent. <3


@Ramvling Thank you very much that is kind of you to say :)


Condolences regarding the fish.


Lovely! Man if you’re ever in Beijing there’s a market here you need to check out. It maxed me wish I could make something with beads and stones…and super cheap

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In appearance the loose tea consist of dark brown an medium brown leaves that have been broken down into small pieces. Amongst the Oolong are light yellow/orange curly leaves that give the blend a sweet an floral orange scent. Orange is a personal favourite of mine in smell and taste and I must say this tea as a whole smells divine!

Steep One – One Minute
Orange in colour with a sweet yet floral orange smell. Very nice start, the orange is dominant with sweet, waxy, floral and creamy tones which overall create a strong orange presence. The Oolong is in the background with baked/toasted and earthy tones which compliment the orange very nicely. I’m surprised by how strong the orange is but it’s a positive thing for me.

Steep Two – Two Minutes
Dark amber now in colour. The orange has mellowed a little now which in a sense makes it taste more like an orange as in fruit rather than flower. It’s very refreshing and still full of flavour. Almost like eating warm orange segments. The Oolong is not very noticeable now but there is still a touch of baked flavour that enhances the orange to stop it from being just another fruit tea.

Steep Three – Three Minutes
Orange in colour. My third steep is still strong and fresh and well worth drinking. More subtle than the previous two steeps but strong enough to be fruitily pleasing. It’s still creamy and sweet too with the waxy element extremely reduced.

This is honestly one of the tastiest orange teas that I have ever tried when it comes to the flavours as a whole. I could not think of any improvements that could be made to enhance my tasting experience and I am over the moon that I picked this tea. I feel like a bit of a suck up but I’m being honest

I will definitely have to buy some of this soon and would recommend to any other orange or fruity Oolong fans. It has certainly warmed up my dark, rainy English day.

PS. I’m on my fifth cup and there is still lots of life left in this tea.

For pictures please view my blog. http://kittylovestea.teatra.de/2013/02/23/orange-blossom-oolong-warms-a-rainy-day/

185 °F / 85 °C

Ooh, I love orange blossom oolong.


I love orange blossom, but have such a hard time finding a tea that lives up to the name. Your post makes this one sound divine. Will definitely have to try this one!

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drank Lemon by PureAromaTea
1118 tasting notes

Today has been relaxing for the most part but I started with an active morning (of shopping) so my energy levels are now very lax. Pure Aroma Tea were kind enough to send me a sample of their lemon tea. Lemon is usually a morning tea to help wake me up but I am in dire need of energy right now.

The tea is Congou based and has that fabulous rich, malty and slightly floral scent which is masked behind the strong and sour but fresh lemon. Amongst the dark brown twisted Coungo leaves are a sprinkle of dried lemon peel pieces which have a pleasing contrast.

Once boiled my tea has a gentle lemon scent with a little floralness that resembles lemongrass rather than lemon peel.

In flavour the lemon (which still tastes like lemongrass rather than lemon peel) is quite mellow with no tartness and only a flash of sourness. The Congou is rich and floral with smoky malt tones which blend nicely with the lemon. Overall the strength is fair and would be suitable for people that do not like their tea too strong but can always be increased for those of us who prefer large flavours. It tastes fresh and of nice quality and is a little different than your basic lemon tea which is mainly due to the lemongrass factor. Still very tasty and a nice every day style lemon tea.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

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I just finished a small bowl of tofu stir fry with rice and wanted to finish the experience with a green tea. Gunpowder has been on my mind recently and I have two boxes of this brand (for some reason) so I might as well give it a try now.

The loose tea consists of dark green small balls with not many but a few stalky bits mixed in (so not great quality but this was only cheap). It didn’t smell of much either other than having a peppery floralness.

Once steeped this tea is dark yellow in colour and has retained it’s un-steeped scent.

In flavour it’s darkly floral with a slight toasted with a little sweetness.
There are also cabbage like vegetal tones which compliment my stir fry rather well.

As far as strength goes gunpowder greens are generally one of the stronger tasting greens and this is no exception. This tea always makes me think it’s an Oolong in disguise.

It’s nice enough for everyday drinking but the quality isn’t great so really you get what you pay for.

180 °F / 82 °C

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My husband is off work this week to use up his remaining holiday before it gets renewed next month. That means we can have our usual pot of tea this morning which is a ritual that I love. So I opened my cupboard and found this Earl Grey first. It’s a little smoother and tastier than I remembered but not enough for me to change the rating. Still it’s cheap and cheerful.

Today’s agenda? No idea :/


Those days without agenda are the best!!

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I’m 26 years old from Leicester, England named Kayleigh. I have a wonderful husband called Richard whom I am very lucky to have in my life.

I started off many years ago drinking herbal and fruit teas which over time peaked my interest in trying new types. Eventually I began to import and sample many different teas and cultures which I still do today. My life goal is to try as many teas and ways of having tea as possible.

Tea wise my cravings change constantly from pu erh one month to jasmine green to the next and so on.

I adore cats and have four of my own called Honey, Cassie, Mr Soots and Ivory.

I also have two fish tanks which thankfully my cats have no interest in. They house an array of tropical fish and shrimp.

I am a proud vegetarian and have been for the majority of my life. When I say vegetarian I mean just that as well, no fish or seafood, no chicken now and again, no animal products such as gelatine and cochineal.

I also enjoy watching Japanese Anime and horror films.

I am always up for tea swaps so if you see anything in my virtual cupboard then please contact me.

A short list to help swapping with me easier though honestly I am not fussy and am willing to try anything. Plus the notes below are usually, sometimes I love a tea that has an ingredient I tend to dislike and other times I hate a tea that I thought I would love.

Likes: Any fruit but especially melon and orange, vanilla, all tea types (black, green, white etc), nuts (any), flowers, ginger, chai.

Dislikes: Licorice, aniseed, clove, eucalyptus, lavender.



Leicester, England, United Kingdom



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