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I’m in the mood for something black or dark after dinner so I chose this tea.

The leaves are a beautiful combination of silver, red, and brown shades in little cute, squiggly pieces. Dry and wooden in scent.

This tastes as dry and wooden as it smells, but at the same time it’s slightly sour and slightly floral without being sweet. It’s not too thick in strength which makes it rather refreshing. The after taste is sour and wooden but it lightens to leave a musty, earth tone.

It’s quite nice but not one of my favourites in terms of Darjeeling, nice for every day but not for special occasions. At least not for me. May try this iced shortly and see what the difference is.

Boiling 3 min, 15 sec 6 tsp 20 OZ / 600 ML

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Oh my word, has it really been two months since I last wrote? :o Many apologies! During that time I was studying for a Driving Theory Test which I have now passed and in honesty I went to a bit of a dark place and had to lift myself back up. I drank tea but did not feel like doing much of anything, I’m sure some of you will understand. It’s behind me now and I’ve had my time to recover.

Today I have had approx four mugs of this which includes a re-steep. It’s been helping me get through my day very nicely, a random pick this morning after breakfast. The leaves are beautiful, brown that turns green in the water and smells lightly of brown sugar and dry wood.

Flavour has been incredible all day, remaining consistently sweet, earthy, wooden and with a slight sour hint in the after taste. Not enough to be malty but almost, more sour wood but fairly thick.

I think this is one of the nicest Bai Mu Dan that I have tried, even with the re-steep it’s delicious!

Will work on a new KittyLovesTea blog entry featuring an award winning Canton Tea Black so stay tuned for that. Also keep an eye open for more SororiTea Sisters posts :D Will be working on one in a day or two.

Oh and ps – I’m listening to Spotify as I just joined and must say I’m loving this song at the moment, if you like rock/metal then check it out.

Red Is The New Black – Funeral For A Friend

165 °F / 73 °C 2 min, 30 sec 7 tsp 20 OZ / 600 ML

We missed you! Very glad you’re feeling better!


Thank you looseTman :)


You’re welcome!


Welcome Back!! :)


Thank you mrmopar :)

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It is with thanks to my wonderful international friends that I can proudly review this Davids Tea sample. From Canada all the way to the UK!

My first thoughts on this tea are of the scent, which I was met with as soon as I opened the packet. Sweet yet spicy cinnamon stick tones mixed with light herbs and wood with a dry, nutty finish. Chai like but super duper cinnamon-esque. As a huge fan of cinnamon I find it particularly charming!

In appearance the small/fine Rooibos blend is met with large, rough pieces of what I believe to be apple and cinnamon stick. Giving it a rocky, desert feel.

I followed the steeping parameters given by Davids Tea which can be found further up in the Tea Description.

Once steeped I am met with a delicious spicy cinnamon scent that reminds me of ‘Red Hots’ candy. My childhood was built around that candy! This scent takes me back.

In flavour the cinnamon bursts through with spices behind it before softening into a sweet, light, herbal blend that lingers in the after taste. It’s a little dry but still acceptable. In terms of Chai there is a spicy touch about it but the heavy cinnamon makes it completely different, it takes the idea of Chai to a new level. And similar to scent, this does have nutty notes which are increased by the dryness. Tried to consider which type of nut but came to the conclusion it tastes mixed and I couldn’t differentiate it.

Also I can’t help but taste ‘Red Hots’ candy when I take small sips of this. It’s pure nostalgia in a cup!

Overall I really enjoyed this tea. It truly is cinnamon heavy and though it does offer a spicy Chai element and slight Rooibos flavour (which others may find more pleasing) I am taken aback in awe by the simpleness of it. Plus it has to be said that this being Organic is the ‘icing on the cake’ so to speak.

Chai? Yes please.

Cinnamon Chai? Heck yes please!

Nostalgia? All the time. :)

For more information on this tea please view my SororiTEA Sisters post.


Glad you liked it!

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Not an in depth review of this for now but quick notes are better than no notes. I’m playing The Sims 4 with my husband as well as cooking dinner hence why this is just quick!

When I bought this tea it intrigued me, the written information on the listing says this is a Yunnan Menghai Chen Ripe Pu Er (hence the title) which is a little vague but the wrapper says it’s a Yunnan Tse Chi Beeng Cha from a company called Kunming Hechangxuan Tea Industry Co LTD in Yunnan, China. My Chinese is not great, but I believe Beeng Cha is pressed tea ie cake. I found this article which is an interesting read on explaining what Tse Chi Beeng Cha means. http://www.puerh.fr/en/article/tong_and_yunnan_chi_tse_beeng_cha.htm
I suppose the old saying is true, you do learn something new every day!

The cake had wonderful large leaves. I posted pictures on Instagram if anyone follows me :)

In flavour this is very smooth with: dry wood, damp fresh soil, dry musk and rich malt tones. At least in the first few steeps. Also became sweet which was a pleasant addition, it kept the balance smooth.

Still balancing food and playing, while also talking via whatsapp on my phone, but I have time to explain a little of my methods. I’m steeping this in my Yixing teapot which is roughly 370ml. Rinsed twice for 20 seconds and starting with 30 second steeping time whilst increasing it 15 seconds for the first few steeps.

After that it just softens in flavour and strength the more you steep it, but it remains smooth and clean tasting. I’m not going to sugar coat it, this was a nice Shu but it is by no means amazing. For the price I have no complaints at all! My husband liked this one as well. May age this for a couple of years and see if the flavours become more complex, but we shall see.

Flavors: Musty, Smooth, Wet Earth, Wet Wood

Boiling 7 g 13 OZ / 370 ML

I love the Sims! I used to play that all the time.

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This tea smells nice but at the same time it’s a little strange, like a mish mash of flavoured sweet fruit lipglosses combined into one. Somewhat artificial and overly sweet! It’s steeped scent is also the same.

Yeah…. it tastes as it smells….so like lipgloss. I know I’ve said it a lot but seriously, it’s like applying a vast amount of fruity lipgloss and then licking your lips. It’s chemical, waxy, synethetic, overly sweet, plasticy and the whole crazy flavour just lingers in the after taste. While it is very unusual and unpleasant at times it’s not terrible, just not for me. I had a friend that loved to eat lipgloss, literally she would run her finger around my chocolate orange lipgloss tin and eat what she could scoop out! Maybe she would like this tea…

170 °F / 76 °C 3 min, 30 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 250 ML

Yuck, I’ve totally experienced lip balm-like teas in the past. So weird. Your comment also reminds me of how I used to get a lot of ignorant comments growing up regarding the taste of lip balm. I’d mention how a particular lip product tasted like wax, chemicals, etc, and I’d get “Ewwwwww, you don’t eat your lipgloss, Fjellrev! You’re supposed to just apply it.” Like, are people that stupid? It hits your tastebuds while you talk throughout the day, lick your lips, etc. Your friend is a special case, however haha.


And here I am thinking that the reason lipgloss has flavour is because you end up eating it throughout the day lol. I wonder why else they think it’s flavoured? This brew went straight down the sink !

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drank Vanilla Matcha by DAVIDsTEA
1300 tasting notes

The first time I tried this it was made traditionally, which is was certainly not meant for. Today I made it into an iced latte as a pre dinner treat. The resulting tea still tastes mocha like to me, even my husband said “Yum! Chocolate flavour”. So very disappointing! Yet at the same time it is nice. Nice enough that my cat Honey stole some of it from my Chawan. And between you and me she keeps giving it the “get in my belly” look and more than once has she moved in ‘for the kill’.


Not surprised! I only tried their Mocha matcha and these two smelled exactly the same in the store. Like what’s the point.

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The buds are a blend of green, cream, brown and pink tones with some downy hairs present which give them a high reflective shine. They smell soft yet earthy, floral and herbal with some sweetness.

Steeping Method: Gaiwan 100ml
Water: 100C
Leaf: 5g

First Steep
30 seconds
The liquid is extremely light in colour with a gentle musty and earthy scent. Flavour is just as soft but has a sweet, floral yet earthy notes that are slightly damp. Also a hint of smoke.

Second Steep
45 seconds
Remains soft but with a slight increase in the earthy notes. Also the hint of smoke is more noticeable, though it remains fairly creamy and floral.

Third Steep
1 minute
Less sweet and no smoke to speak of, but it is still earthy and floral. Reminds me of a mature Bai Mu Dan.

Fourth Steep
2 minutes
Extremely light and all that remains is the soft, floral aftertaste.

A very mild tea that was refreshing throughout. I do love the buds, the colour and shapes of them are wonderful to steep. Due to it’s severely mild nature I am not sure what to think of it exactly, it was nice, it was different, but would I want this often? I don’t think so. It may perhaps be too delicate for my palate.


i think the tea smelled bad while it was steeping :/ the tea was ok just the steeping smell

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Also known as “Grapefruit Earl Grey”, this Award Winning blend certainly packs a citrus scented punch. Whilst raw it has a wonderful grapefruit, rose and floral scent that is very refreshing but super citrusy at the same time.

In flavour this is lightly sweet with moderate grapefruit and rose petal tones which offers a refreshing taste compared to it’s dark black tea base. Somewhat perfumed but in a wonderful way! Every time I drink rose petals in tea it makes me feel beautiful, and this tea holds no exception. Behind the floral and citrus notes is a dark, malt base which holds the lighter flavours together.

Throughout the flavours remain consistent, even as it cools, and I would say that the balance of flavours was delightful! An inventive twist on the classic Earl Grey but a blend that keeps itself ‘close to home’.

Overall I would say this makes a pleasant change from your classic Earl Grey but keeping the elegance and debonair vibe it has accustomed over the years. While it may not take the place of some of my beloved Earl Grey blends on my shelf, I admit the grapefruit is a wonderful extra in the early afternoon!

So, grapefruit in an Earl Grey? Yes please!

For more information please read my SororiTea Sisters post.

Flavors: Grapefruit, Perfume


Sounds amazing!

Red Fennekin

Yay – I’m really glad to hear that you liked it! :D It’s definitely one of my favourites to come back, especially as an afternoon tea!


I love citrus-y earl greys….yum!

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Well, it seems Leicester is having some super strong winds at the moment. I was sorting out my wardrobe after losing weight and going down a few clothes sizes (half way towards my goal) when tea time beckoned. Downstairs I trot to put the kettle on and as I looked out of the window I found one of my garden fence panels on the floor. I’ve spent the last half hour trying to fix it but the wind is raging and the rain is falling, my husband has yet to give up though I think another 5 minutes and he will come in. I don’t think it’s going to survive, but never mind, now we need to save up for a new fence.

Before all of this happened I made this tea and left it to cool somewhat. The bags are pyramid and see through, the ingredients appear fresh and full size which is pleasing. Scent is very herbal with some citrus in the background, like lemongrass.

Steeped it smells slightly toasted, herbal and refreshingly citrus. Taste is rather thick and herbal with chamomile being distinctive, not too strong either. The chamomile develops into a sweet lemongrass flavour that lightens to bring a slight bitterness from the green tea base. Though the mouth is left with a refreshing after taste, though a little dry at the same time.

This is alright actually, not brilliant but a nice enough herbal blend with the added bonus of green tea. Plus I love the fact that this was sent as a gift all the way from Taiwan! This is what they drink there apparently, herbal teas are very popular, just as much as Oolong is.

Flavors: Citrus, Herbs, Lemongrass

Red Fennekin

Leicester isn’t alone there – it’s been awful and windy up here recently too!

Red Fennekin

The tea sounds really tasty, though :D

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Yesterday my parents picked me up for lunch as it had been a while. Our first stop was at Lidl because apparently they had some vouchers so I had a look around and spotted their tea selection, my eyes immediately spotted this pear and apple tea. It’s only a tea bag but it sounded refreshing and I thought it was good for iced tea in the coming summer.

This morning it is my breakfast tea, it sounded particularly nice this morning and I needed to try it out anyway. The bags smell lightly fruity and sweet but not very strong.

Once steeped the aroma is fairly strong and smells of pear and apple, it’s very clean and pure smelling. Much nicer than I anticipated given the lack of scent in raw bag form.

Flavour is medium strength with some sweetness, apple and pear tones (which I can distinguish from each other) and a level of cream in the after taste. Tastes like fruit flavoured water that’s gone warm from being left in the sun. It’s nice but I would say standard in terms of fruit tea flavour. The bag is a little dry and it’s not as juicy or fresh as loose leaf would have been, but I think it will meet it’s purpose and do well as an iced tea.

Don’t get me wrong, this is nice and the flavour is there, I just find something missing.

Flavors: Apple, Cream, Pear, Sweet


I wanted to ask if these particular tea bags have string attached to them?


No they do not have string attached. They are just a plain tea bag.

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I’m 27 years old from Leicester, England named Kayleigh. I have a wonderful husband called Richard whom I am very lucky to have in my life.

I started off many years ago drinking herbal and fruit teas which over time peaked my interest in trying new types. Eventually I began to import and sample many different teas and cultures which I still do today. My life goal is to try as many teas and ways of having tea as possible.

Tea wise my cravings change constantly from pu erh one month to jasmine green to the next and so on.

I adore cats and have four of my own called Honey, Cassie, Mr Soots and Ivory.

I also have two fish tanks which thankfully my cats have no interest in. They house an array of tropical fish and shrimp.

I am a proud vegetarian and have been for the majority of my life. When I say vegetarian I mean just that as well, no fish or seafood, no chicken now and again, no animal products such as gelatine and cochineal.

I also enjoy watching Japanese Anime and horror films.

I am always up for tea swaps so if you see anything in my virtual cupboard then please contact me.

A short list to help swapping with me easier though honestly I am not fussy and am willing to try anything. Plus the notes below are usually, sometimes I love a tea that has an ingredient I tend to dislike and other times I hate a tea that I thought I would love.

Likes: Any fruit but especially melon and orange, vanilla, all tea types (black, green, white etc), nuts (any), flowers, ginger, chai.

Dislikes: Licorice, aniseed, clove, eucalyptus, lavender.

My rating system
I have my own way of rating teas that makes each one personal. I have different categories, I rate each tea depending on what it is made of. For example: I rate green teas in a different way to black teas or herbal teas. So black, white, green, Pu Erh, Rooibos, Oolong, blends and tisanes all have their own rating system. That way I can compare them with other teas of the same or similar type before for an adequate rating. And when I do give top marks which is very rare I am actually saying that I would love to drink that tea all day, every day if possible. It’s a tea that I would never turn down or not be in the mood for. So while I agree that no tea is 100% perfect (as nothing is) I am saying that it’s as close as it comes to it. After all, in my book the perfect teas (or close to perfect anyway) are ones that I could drink all the time. That is why you will find a high quality black or Oolong will not have as high a score as a cheap flavoured blend, they are simply not being compared in the same category.


Also a proud SororiTea Sister


Leicester, England, United Kingdom



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