I received a sample of this tea from their catalog. Yay samples!

When I sniffed the tea bag, I only smelled the vanilla. (This could very well be due to my so-so culinary smelling abilities, but eh.) The aroma of the liquor, which had the clear, orange red tint of rooibos, smelled of the pomegranate. When I drank the tea hot, the flavor was tart – maybe partly due to the inclusion of hibiscus. I’ve had more tart teas (see RoT’s hibiscus tea, which I only drink iced), so this wasn’t so bad. The vanilla, meanwhile, appeared during the aftertaste. When the tea cooled to warm, verging lukewarm, it tasted a lot better. The pomegranate was not as tart and the vanilla had more of a presence. I think I would prefer this tea iced. All in all, pretty good.

Boiling 7 min, 0 sec

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I began drinking tea because its complexity fascinated me. I love learning about the history, the manufacturing processes, and its place in various cultures.

My favorite teas are Japanese greens, and my favorite herbal tisanes are peppermint, lavender and chrysanthemum. I’m beginning to get into Wuyi oolongs and Chinese blacks, and am always open to exploring African teas. The only teas I truly dislike are fruity tisanes and the ones that have too much fruit. (Hibiscus, you’re alright if you’re cold.)

I’m an MFA graduate (nonfiction writing, specifically about nature), and an amateur birder as well as a tea enthusiast. I also like exercising, Tolkien, and Ancient Egypt (for the time being).

How I rate (I’m so used to the American grade system…….):

96-100 I absolutely adore everything about it. One of my absolute favorites. Like ambrosia!!

90-95 Superb quality and very enjoyable.

80-89 Delicious! Pleased with the overall quality.

70-79 Simply, I like it.

60-69 Overall “meh”. Not bad, but not terribly good.

0-59 NOPE.

If there is no rating – I don’t feel experienced enough to rate the tea, or said tea goes beyond rating.


Westchester, NY

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