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drank Masala Chai by Adagio Teas
41 tasting notes

Not bad. I’ve had this for a long time but never finished it off. I believe I over-steeped it today, since I lost track of my timer. What use is a timer without an alarm?

The tea is flavorful (I may have loaded extra tea in there because I like muh chai’s strong) and robust. I think it’s a nice solid chai to have in your cabinet when the urge strikes. But, I will continue looking for other more amazing chais. Of course.

So overall it’s good. Affordable adagio easy drinking tea. Nom.

Boiling 6 min, 0 sec 3 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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drank Dean by Custom-Adagio Teas
41 tasting notes

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That’s much better. I got the oolong flavored sample pack from Teavivre. Thankfully it comes with two packets, so you get to do a little trial and error before running out!

Instead of using 212 degree water for 3-5 minutes like the package said (and failed miserably last time) I dropped the temp to a more usual 176 for my oolong, and 4 minutes.

It made this TASTY and smooth. I’m a big fan of milk-flavored things from Japan, so was a bit sad when I didn’t like this at first. The milk can easily taste “sour” to me when this is too hot.

In other news, staying up until 3am playing a video game about a civilization that frequently starves and freezes to death is somehow ironic. (Thanks Banished!) AND causes painful headaches in the morning o_o

Mmm milk tea to soothe my insomniac wounds.

175 °F / 79 °C 4 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 14 OZ / 414 ML

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Not feeling this. I followed the directions on my little sample package, and was not impressed. I feel like boiling was just too hot for this tea. It came out tasting bitter and more like spoiled milk.

Going to try again with a lower temperature. The 176 mark has been treating my other oolong’s very well.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 14 OZ / 414 ML

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I had no idea what Osmanthus would taste like. I’m still not 100% certain. Floral and pretty?

This tea is mellow and soft, easy to drink. Very nice, actually. It’s my day-after-valentines-day-carb-fest tea. lol

175 °F / 79 °C 4 min, 15 sec 2 tsp 14 OZ / 414 ML

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Delicious! When I finish the rest of my samples, I’m buying this one.

It was a soft, gentle tea with little wafts of strawberry. Through the day I’d take a sip and get a little smile. Strawberries do that to me. Lovely.

175 °F / 79 °C 4 min, 15 sec 2 tsp 14 OZ / 414 ML

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Sad sad day. I was expecting my delivery of samples from Joseph Wesley earlier this week. Despite tracking saying it delivered, it had not! So, this weekend the package finally arrives. With a note INSIDE from USPS saying they’re sorry, my package was lost and or damaged in the mail…. etc. It was obviously repackaged. … blegh.

I was so depressed, you have no idea. I’d been looking forward to trying these teas out since before I ordered them. I got a sample of each variety : I only received 3 samples and 2 labels. The rest, I assume, were “lost” in the mail. Love our US mail!

I email Joe (apparently he answers the emails himself. You can FEEL the heart from this company!) and he’s sending me new samples to replace what was lost. Such a fast response! You can tell they care about every cup of tea their customers have. :D Pretty incredible company. I love the simplistic approach they take to tea. It’s been so much easier getting my boyfriend interested in tea when I approach him with sites like Joseph Wesley. He appreciates the straightforward and simple mentality.

So this is the only tea I received that still had the label attached. So, I’m impatient, and eagerly got myself a cup together. Despite the fact that this tea may or may not have been upended on the floor of some mail-room.

This is almost iconic black tea. Simple, easy to drink. My boyfriend said he would love to drink this instead of black coffee “when you just want some caffeine”.

Personally I love it. It’s an easy-drinking black tea, with an plenty of flavors to dwell on. My favorite part is the sort of after-taste it leaves on the tongue after a sip. Herbal, slightly tangy, really fun actually. What’s more to say? Classic black tea. :)

190 °F / 87 °C 2 min, 30 sec 2 tsp 14 OZ / 414 ML
Joseph Wesley Black Tea

Thank you for the nice comments. I really appreciated your understanding with the mail fiasco. The new package was put in the mail today and I am keeping my fingers crossed that the box arrives the way it was intended to arrive; with great craft and care. I hope that you enjoy the other teas as much, if not more, as you enjoyed the #3. Cheers, Joe

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drank Coconut Vanilla White by TeaFrog
41 tasting notes

Delicious. Exactly as advertised.

This is a really enjoyable, easy to drink tea. It fits the bill for when you’re craving a creamy, soft, satisfying but yet light tea. My boyfriend, who hates coconut, even enjoyed this. It has the great qualities of coconut without coming across like a pina colada. Very enjoyable.

Accidentally oversteeped my cup though. :D

Flavors: Coconut, Vanilla

180 °F / 82 °C 5 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

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I discovered a love for tea when I started trying to eat healthier. I try to follow a Ketogenic diet (that a very low carb diet, more info here: http://www.reddit.com/r/keto). It has solved so many issues for me. Ranging from Weight to Acne to PSOCs to my mood. Keto has saved my soul.

Downside? No carbs! The pleasure foods of our society are so damaging and so abundant. I needed to find something I loved and adored in order to remain on keto. One place that lacked for me was drinks. I used to be a diligent Mountain Dew drinker so converting to water was a horribly boring task. Tea fills that void and so much more.

I began with Adagio and their Fandom teas. My dorky English-major, video game, anime-loving heart was stolen. Then the collection-bug was struck and here I am. Estatic there’s a website that’s the equivalent of Scent base. (Did I mention my BPAL addition?)

I either drink my tea plain, or make it into Butter Tea. I’m seeking teas that are wonderful plain (without sugar/cream/etc needed). Right now I’m still VERY new to the tea-world, so am not positive what teas I prefer. We’ll find out!

My rating system, roughly:

100 = I will Marry You.
90-99 = Adore. Stockpile time!
70-89 = Good. Wishlisting this stuff!
50-69 = Decent, will finish my stock but not likely to buy again.
40-49 = Not a fan. Will try to sell/trade/give away my stock
00-39 = Crap. Maybe I’ll give it away. Maybe I’ll use it as fertilizer.

I’m also interested into getting into the trading scene! So feel free to contact me if there’s anything in my cupboard you’d be interested in swapping. I have an endless wishlist!


Sioux Falls, South Dakota



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