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Second place in my “Butiki green tea face-off” goes to… Spring Twist! This was yet another fantastic tea from Butiki.

One thing that really struck me about this tea was how much it reminded me of my beloved Laoshan White from Verdant. It really is very similar in flavor, the only difference to me is that this one is maybe a little less complex and a tad less sweet. The flavors in this one also reminded me a bit of the Huangshan Mao Feng that I had earlier. I get the same sort of corn flavor and fresh juicy vegetal flavor, only this one is lighter in body than the Huangshan Mao Feng. I also taste a little bit of a floral and fruity note in this tea on top of the vegetal, corn, and nutty flavors. This is delicious.

And as I side note, I tried this one cold-brewed, and it is absolutely one of the best cold-brewed teas I’ve every had. It was so silky, smooth, sweet and refreshing – and the buttery nature of the tea came out even more.

Thanks, Stacy, for another wonderful tea. I will review the rest of the teas in the green tea face-off tomorrow.

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I had a little “Butiki green tea face-off” on this stormy day. I brewed up and compared this, Butiki’s Spring Twist, Dragon Tip, and Sencha Superior and determined that this was my favorite out of the four.

The leaves are beautiful. I always love when a particular tea’s leaves are large and uniform, it’s a sign of high quality and lots of care being put into the tea’s handling. And I also love the fact that this tea is organic.

As for the taste, the biggest thing that comes to mind is how incredibly fresh it tastes. It’s extremely vibrant, juicy, and mouth watering. I get a great, juicy vegetal sweetness melding with flavors of sweet corn and raw nuts. There is also a bit of that “buttery” taste that I love in green tea. This is an absolutely fantastic tea and will definitely go on my list of tea’s to re-order. It’s really brightening up this dreary day.

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drank Florence by Harney & Sons
169 tasting notes

It’s hurricane madness over here on the east coast! We’re in the beginning stages of the storm and people are freaking out. There have been emergency broadcasts on virtually every channel, stores everywhere are closed and sold out of virtually every commodity, I have off school today and tomorrow and everyone’s locking themselves in their houses and preparing for the worst.

In the midst of all this insanity, I thought a cup of tea was in order. I haven’t had much luck with this one so far, but with the low price of it in mind I suppose it’s not so bad. I’ve just found that with this one and Boston the flavors just seem very artificial. But today it’s behaving a little better. I added sugar this time and it’s pretty decent. It’s reminding me of a cup of hot chocolate with a little bit of nut and tea flavor mixed in.

Hesper June

Stay Safe, Friend!
All of you folks on the east coast are in our thoughts and prayers.


Definitely time for a cup of tea! Be careful out there!

Charles Thomas Draper

I evacuated from Margate, NJ yesterday to higher ground. The pics I’m seeing are frightening and the storm center is still 5 hours away.


How close to the coast are you specifically. Hope all is well for you, keep us updated.


I’m in southeastern PA, so we’ll definitely have it a little easier than New Jersey. But thanks everyone, I’m sure everything will be fine. Where did you evacuate to, Charles?


Wishing safety to all of you affected by this nasty storm…


stay safe

Charles Thomas Draper

I’m offshore in Egg Harbor Twp at a hotel with my dogs


All the best to you! Keep us posted on the What tea to drink during the hurricane thread discussion!

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This is another matcha that Azzrian sent me and man, this one is good. This is about as close as flavoring can get to tasting like real cookies and cream. While it’s good on its own, my favorite way to enjoy this particular flavor has been adding it to my daily vanilla Spirutein shake. It makes the shake taste AMAZING and helps give me a great boost in the morning.


Glad you liked it!

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This is a sample I received from Azzrian, thanks Azz. I’ve been very curious about Red Leaf’s flavored matchas as a lot of people really seem to enjoy them. I decided to brew this one up today as it’s a beautiful day, nice and cool while still being sunny and bright. This matcha really seems to fit that mood.

I wouldn’t say the watermelon flavor is exactly natural tasting, it’s verging on candy-like but it still tastes bright and fresh somehow. Despite the matcha being “starter grade” in this particular matcha, it’s still smooth and only has a little bit of bitterness. Really, I don’t see the point in paying for a high-quality matcha as an option for a flavored matcha anyway.

But this one goes down smooth, it’s nice and refreshing, and most of all it’s just a nice change from the typical tea-fare. Thanks again Azzrian, I’m gonna have to order some of Red Leaf’s matchas for myself.


You are so welcome! :)

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drank Laoshan White by Verdant Tea
169 tasting notes

I was a little skeptical of this tea before trying it, and that’s because I was a little disappointed with the Laoshan Green when I tried it. I mean, it was a good tea, I just think that Verdant’s poetic descriptions can get my hopes a little too high sometimes.

This one, however, was even better than I thought it would be. This tasted how I imagined the Laoshan Green would taste. This was what I wanted. It’s extremely smooth with luscious silky mouthfeel. The prominent notes are green beans and maybe a little bit of spinach (but not in the same way as a Japanese green). Besides that, there’s a pleasant mineral taste that fades into a sweet, delicate finish. But there is more to this tea flavor-wise that I just can’t put my finger on. There’s something enchanting about it. It’s the definition of refreshing, and this has been my go-to tea lately for moments of calm and meditation. It just puts me in a great, relaxed state of mind.

I absolutely LOVE this tea.


Me too. It’s like a best kept secret. I can’t understand why any is left. I’ve shared it with tea buddies who rave that it’s ethereal and down to earth good. For me the flavor is delicate but lingering…I keep coming back to it.


I need to drink this!

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This is another one of my favorites from Butiki. I was really intrigued with the fact that this is from Kenya, it’s something totally new to me and it’s very cool that I was able to try it.

First of all, I must say that the dry leaf is absolutely gorgeous.It is composed of large, twisted and evenly graded leaves. There’s a lot of consistency in the size of the leaves and not much dust or fragments. The color of the leaf is about half dark cocoa and half golden, and the golden portions have a sort of fuzzy appearance. And when you look at the leaves in a pile they seem very “fluffy”. I don’t know, I’m just a sucker for the visual appeal of golden-tipped teas.

As for flavor, this tea is EXTREMELY unique compared to other black teas I’ve had. It’s actually very hard to put into words but the best I can come up with is notes of oak and other fragrant wood, along with a slight fruitiness and very slight cocoa notes. There is absolutely no bitterness or harshness to this tea, it is very smooth and drinkable.

My description doesn’t do this wonderful tea justice, it’s really something you need to try for yourself, and I would highly recommend trying it. I know that it was a new experience for me.

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This is one of my favorites out of the many teas I ordered from Butiki. It makes a smooth morning cup or a great afternoon pick me up.

It’s a fairly malty tea, and that’s the biggest thing that jumps out and me, but there are other subtleties that make this a great tea. After the malt, I notice something that reminds me very strongly of cherry. And along with that, there are slight notes of raisin and cinnamon.

This is a very comforting, smooth cup. Delicious.


Yes, I can see that…raisin, cherry

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drank Milk Oolong by Mandala Tea
169 tasting notes

Wow. I’ve only had one other milk oolong but this one just puts it to shame, no contest. I’ve been brewing it gongfu cha style and I’m on the 6th steep but it keeps on giving.

The last milk oolong I had tasted more like a tie guan yin with heavy florals and not so much creaminess, but this one possesses an extremely rich sweet cream scent and flavor. I would almost swear it was flavored if I didn’t know better. There are also notes of spinach and mint. This tea feels like a sublime dessert.

Thanks for the sample, Garret.


I am so pleased that you dug it, my friend! We just got done doing 4 days at a music festival of brewing in excess of 100 gallons of tea and having a non-stop tea bar going! The Milk Oolong was incredibly popular there!! Salud, my friend!!

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I can’t believe I’m the first to review this. It seems like most people on Steepster go to Butiki for flavored teas, but their straight teas from what I’ve tasted have been great, and this one is no exception.

This is an excellent tie guan yin. I brewed this one gong fu style in my competetion tasting set, 1 minute each steep. First of all, like the description says, it’s an incredibly silky tea. The thing that struck me most, however, was the incredibly refreshing nature of this tea. I felt as if I was sitting outside in the grass on a comfortably warm day, eating a bowl of vanilla bean Haagen-Dazs while the smells of flowers permeated the air and the sound of a running stream trickled in the background.

But enough poetics… This tea is delightfully silky, floral, sweet, creamy, and posesses a fantastic mineral quality with a vanilla bean aftertaste. Wonderful.


I like their straight tea’s the best too!

Butiki Teas

Fantastic description, very poetic. Your review is enticing me to do a gongfu session with this tea before lunch. :)


man, this is so poetic…I wonder if all Tie Guan Yin from AnXi tastes the same. I have a friend who had me sip some. I was blown away by its fragrance

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My name is Kyle. I love good tea, a good book, the great outdoors, and I am passionate about music. I also find enjoyment in writing and mountain biking here in beautiful Central Oregon.

Tea is a hugely misunderstood and under-appreciated gift in the western world, and my hope is to spread the gift of quality tea. It is communion between the passion of man and the raw beauty of nature. It is art, and it is therapy. I hope you enjoy my writings.


Bend, Oregon

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