860 Tasting Notes

drank Coffee Cake by DAVIDsTEA
860 tasting notes


I would not call this one coffee cake, maybe more spice cake, but it is all really similar, I am just being picky this morning.

This one tastes thick, there is some spice flavour, a bit of nuttiness. There is a strong vanilla component but it is a bit too strong, just verging on bitter. I am not getting any fruit flavours at all. Overall it is ok for a Davids blend.

205 °F / 96 °C 2 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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Used up the last of this sample from the GCTTB2 as a cold brew. It is definitely delicious as a cold brew. I only brewed for about 9 hours and am happy because it is just on the verge of getting too tart. Definitely a juicy watermelon candy flavour. I may have to put this on my shopping list…

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drank SBT: Bubblegum by 52teas
860 tasting notes

Rec’d this from the SBT kickstarter campaign.

The dry pouch smells like basic plain flavour bubblegum.

I brewed this up as per instructions and added some white sugar. I am kind of unsure how much I added because I made it last night while I was tired, but probably a tbsp or two.

It tastes ok. Not amazing. I have had better bubble gum teas. The black tea base seems to be light but it is present. The bubble gum flavour is quite powerful at the beginning and is quite artificial, but then what bubble gum flavour isn’t artificial. This one also reminds me of hints of the razzleberry SBT.

It is a good thirst quencher, but not my favorite flavour.


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drank Sugar and Spice by DAVIDsTEA
860 tasting notes


I have wanted to try this one for a while. This round of the GCTTB has been working out super good for me, there are a lot of teas in there I have wanted to try for a while.

I quite like Davids Glitter and Gold so I was assuming this one would be a long the same lines. This dry tea does smell like spice cake/coffee cake. There is definitely a sweet cinnamon scent.

The brewed tea have flavours of the black tea base, it is moderately strong. I am getting flavours of cinnamon and clove. Not really getting any apple flavours. Maybe a light vanilla. At the end of the sip I get a quick, very bitter flavour that I often get with an artificial flavour (I am assuming it is the vanilla).

Glad to have tried this one but I am going to stick to Glitter and Gold I think.

Edit: So as this tea cools, the black tea is getting stronger and it tastes very very earthy and mushroomy. I am wondering if it is pu’erh?? I looked up the ingredients but it is just listed as black tea. Anyway, this one is much better when hot.

205 °F / 96 °C 2 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 1 OZ / 29 ML

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drank Be Cool by Kusmi Tea
860 tasting notes


I am a spearmint kind of girl, but I settled for this pepperminty blend this evening. On first sip I can definitely tell there is something wrong. This is not peppermint. There is a bit of mint flavour but something is really throwing it off. Is that verbena I taste? Why yes it is, but that is not what is making it weird. I like verbena. Hmmmm. I almost wondered if there was chamomile in here. Chammomile = gross (in case you didn’t know that already). So I cheated and pulled up the ingredient list. Ahhhhhh, licorice. (No chamomile). Why would anyone mix licorice and mint. I obviously would not. There is some sweetness to the tea which does help to balance out the bitter black licorice flavour.

I am able to drink this one but had I looked at the ingredient list first, I would not have tried it.

205 °F / 96 °C 2 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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This is another a from my shopping list.

This came in a little sample tea bag. The tea bag is so cute, it is made of cloth, looks like terry cloth. But it makes me feels good about steeping it in hot water.

The tea smells ok. I am getting a bit of dry, dusty component in the base. But I can also smell the bergamot and sweet flowers.

The brewed tea is very light. Slightly floral. There is a minimal bergamot flavour to it. There are definitely citrus notes.

I am not sure if it is this tea or something I ate previous but it is leaving a bad aftertaste in my mouth. Sort of the same aftertaste you get after eating sour gummy candies.

I am really glad to have tried this one. There are a lot of teas in this box that have been on my shopping list for a long time.

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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This one smells so good. Like watermelon candies or bubblegum.

The brewed tea tastes just like watermelon candies or bubblegum. I added a few pieces of rock sugar before I tasted it, and it seemed to work.

I would love to have this one iced!

This is my first taste of Herbal Infussions and I am impressed so far.

205 °F / 96 °C 2 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

Unfortunately their customer service leaves something to be desired. I am glad you enjoyed the tea though :)

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drank Lady Grey by Steepers
860 tasting notes

From the GCTTB 2.

I added this one to the database. I hope this is the right tea.

As most of you know, I love the Earl. However, I am a bit unsure about his Lady. Some blends I like, some blends I don’t.

This one is definitely very lemoney. There is a peppery lemon rind taste. Very minimal bergamot which is a bit disappointing.

This is a very light blend, smooth with a slight kick from the lemon rind.

205 °F / 96 °C 2 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 1 OZ / 29 ML

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drank Cream by Adagio Teas
860 tasting notes

From the Great Canadian Travelling Tea Box Round 2!

I am excited to finally try this blend. It has been one of the teas on my shopping list almost since I joined steepster.

I may or may not have tried Adagio teas before. I think this might be my first, but I could be wrong.

The dry tea smells very nice. A nice black tea with a sweetness and creaminess to it.

It brewed up really nice. I got no bitterness or astringency. There is definitely a black base present, but it is sweet. I am definitely getting a creamy taste and mouthfeel. However, it is similar to a powdered coffee whitener taste, which I am not saying it bad, it is just not real cream. I feel like I am also getting some hints of vanilla and nuts, maybe hazelnuts. At the beginning of the sip, the liquor is quite thick, but by the end of the sip it is quite thin.

I have read a lot of reviews on Adagio that complain of the base tea. But for this one, I think it is good. However, as I stated above I don’t think I have had a lot of experience with Adagio. You know you’re addicted to tea when…you can’t even remember which teas you have tried!

Also in other news, I think I am back :) I posted a while ago about being super busy. As some of you have noticed, and commented, I have been kind of lurking behind the scenes mass liking tasting notes every once in a while. But I think things should be settled down now. We will see.

In other other news, I was stalked and terrorized by a bee today. I am sure it was entertaining for my neighbours to watch.

205 °F / 96 °C 2 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

Welcome back and beware of those devious bees!


It was partially my fault. I was weeding my flower beds and I set my metal bucket full of weeds down and apparently there was a bee on the ground under it. I heard the be “squeak” (for real) so I removed the bucket and there was a poor bee limping around. I thought I had wounded it so bad it couldn’t fly. So I was debating wether or not I should mercifully kill it instead of leaving it to suffer when it took off flying. It would circle me so I went to the front yard and came back 15 min later and then it came back and circled me again, so I went in the garage and when I came out to finish it was still coming at me. I survived though, and apparently the bee did too.


Hahaha a squeak…I’m glad it survived! That bee is probably sharing this harrowing tale with its bee friends at the same time as you are now :)

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drank Frozen Green Tea by Tim Hortons
860 tasting notes

So I went into this fully knowing it was going to be some kind of syrup slushie. But all I can say is: Yuckie.

Definitely way artificial. And it doesn’t taste much like green tea to me at all. It is super duper sweet and actually quite bitter. I will choke it down but definitely not purchase again.

I think I’m going to stick to the “syrup masquerading as tea” drinks that I already know I like.


Sooo gross! A friend came over the other day and was like “you like green tea, right! Here try this”

And I did
And then I had to scrape the taste off my tongue….blehhhhh

It’s like they took the dregs of oversteeped, bitter green tea and decided to make a drink out of it. I can’t believe people enjoy that. Next time he comes over I think I will make him a red leaf cold smoothie so he can taste something delicious made from green tea!

I suspect it only sells because people are like “green tea is good for me so I will force myself to drink it…mmmmmm…?”


Or it’s just “if I have enough sugar in it then it will taste fine!”

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I am a lifetime tea lover.

I did foray into the world of coffee for a period of time, but I returned to my true love. I still, however, enjoy a good cup of java.

My all time favorite tea is Earl Grey, which I drink every morning, the stronger the bergamot the better. I definitely prefer natural oil of bergamot to artificial flavouring.

I mostly like black and dark oolong teas. My current favs are Fujian blacks, Keemun and Assams, and Wuyi oolongs. I gravitate towards anything with lychee in it. I also drink a lot of herbal blends but am wary of hibiscus. I do not favour mate, or pu’erh tea, although I have found a few blends that I like. (I so badly want to like straight pu’erh tea but it all tastes gross to me. I keep trying though). Rooibos, green and white teas fall somewhere in the middle. I find myself gravitating towards heavily roasted oolongs and teas from Paris/France based companies.

I love iced teas and cold brews.

My current tea goal is to make the perfect cup of chai from scratch – almost there…I think.

I am in love with the whole experience of tea.


Saskatchewan, CANADA

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