771 Tasting Notes

drank Cherry Blossom by Harney & Sons
771 tasting notes

This is a bagged tea in a silk bag. It smells very strongly of sour cherry, or more like sour strawberry candy. On brewig the liquor is clear yellow. It smells strongly vegetal green tea but also has a sweet sakura cherry smell.

The taste is great! It tastes very much like sweet sakura tea, not flavoured black tea, etc, but the traditional cherry blossom tea. There is a faint green tea taste.

I am finding with most Harney and Sons tea that they taste better once starting to cool. This tea does leave a bitter aftertaste, which I would attribute to the cherry flavour.

I also find that most of Harney’s tea bags contain a lot of tea and are good for re-steeps. I re-steeped this one and it tasted exactly the same as the first steep.

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i think most of the tea bags are supposed to be for 12oz. at least that’s what i remember reading from the samples that I received. So i seem to get a lot of mileage out of them


I was actually brewing it in a 16 oz travel mug at work. Ha ha.

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drank Royal Wedding by Harney & Sons
771 tasting notes

I first saw this tea in a local book store around the time of Will and Kate’s royal wedding. I was determined not to buy into the whole gimmick of this royal wedding thing, so I passed it by. Then I went home and wanted it so badly. But when I went back it was all gone, too bad for me.

I finally made an order from Harney and Sons and couldn’t pass up on this. Although I was disappointed I could only get it in bag form.
The silk tea bags have a generous sized amount of loose leaf tea in them, not the broken dusty bits, but real nice loose leaf.

The smell of vanilla and almonds had permeated the whole box before I even opened the tin. Smells delicious.

On brewing, it makes a lovely golden liquor which does remind me of a wedding or celebration. It tastes like vanilla, nutty, creamy, almond. Very delicious. It is slightly sweet, but not too sweet, which works well with the nutty flavour. It has a slight astringent aftertaste but it is not unpleasant.

It reminds me of sitting outside in late season summer, in the evening, with Disney cartoon birds chirping, just enjoying a cup of tea. As I drink it I am craving Scottish style shortbread. I would not call this a dessert tea, but I think it would be great after an evening meal.

I think it tasted best when it cooled to about 75C, I’m just guessing on the temp. As it cooled even more, it had an increasing astringent aftertaste.

Because the tea bag was so large I re-steeped. It made an excellent re-steep, however the taste was much more vanilla and not so nutty.

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Josie Jade

Oh this just reminded me that I think I have some of this somewhere that I need to try. Sounds delish!

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I originally bought this tea to make iced tea, but I decided to try it hot tonight.
The dried herbal mix smells of sweet strawberries and kiwi. Very fruity. Once brewed there was almost no smell. There was no taste at all except for a strong astringent aftertaste. I added some German rock sugar and this helped slightly. As the tea cooled, there was a sweet strawberry and fruity smell. The taste became stronger and you could definitely taste strawberry. I didn’t taste any kiwi. There is still a strong astringent aftertaste.
I brewed this as per the directions on the package: 1 tsp, almost boiling water, 6 minutes. But next time I will use more tea and steep for longer.
Because the taste is getting stronger as it cools, I think it would make a better iced tea, or even cold brewed tea.
Overall I am satisfied with this blend because it is the first strawberry blend I have tried that actually tastes like real strawberries. Almost all other blends I have tried are artificial tasting.

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mmm that sounds tasty


I think I need to experiment with it a bit more but I have high hopes for this tea. Also, I recevied my package from Harneys after work, so this was the only tea I could try due to no caffeine. Can’t wait to try everything else.


ooooh i’m jealous! I haven’t placed a harney order yet. Hesper June was just nice enough to send me a few samples that let me try a couple :)

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Received a sample of this from Sandy’sCuppa. It is super delicious. Dry it smells like whipped french vanilla icing. It has the same smell once brewed. I could hardly wait to try this one.

I am trying to increase my intake of green tea so I started cold brewing matcha every morning in a water bottle at work. I was just using plain matcha, which I quite enjoy. But I don’t know if I can go back to plain after trying this one.

It still has a distinct matcha taste, but there was also the sweet, buttery french vanilla flavour. Quite enjoyable. I still have a bit left over, so I am going to try it hot as well, possibly a latte.

I have my first order coming from Red Leaf, its currently in transit. I am going to be salivating until it gets here.

Mmmmmmm! Thank you so much Sandy’sCuppa!

Rachel J

How do you cold brew matcha? Just mix with cold water? Does it dissolve?


I mix 1/2 tsp in a 9oz water bottle and shake vigorously to get it to dissolve.

Rachel J

Interesting! Never tried Matcha before of any kind, but I was curious…

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drank Lemon by Lipton
771 tasting notes

The ultimate sick tea!

I spent the weekend babysitting two 5 year old booger factories. I am sure they spent the whole weekend trying to sneeze into my mouth and put their fingers into my food. I thought I had escaped unscathed but I was wrong. Couldn’t sleep last night because my throat felt like it was closing. Then all day today unless I had a Halls in my mouth I couldn’t breath or talk.

So I came home from work a made a cup of to tea with a healthy scoop of creamed honey. Felt really good while I was drinking it but back to razor blades after I was done :(

Well I’m going to have a freezie and off to bed. Hoping this doesn’t last too long.

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feel better soon!


I love to suck on a honey halls and drink a lemon tea at the same time when I have a sore throat. Get better soon :) Blessings


Booo :(


Thx for the well wishes.

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This is definitely a black licorice flavoured tea. The smell is of very strong black licorice. The taste is exactly like black licorice. But not sweet licorice, more bitter. It is not a bad bitter taste though, just like traditionally made black licorice candy. It smells like those licorice candies that you can get that are coated in sprinkles – licorice allsorts.
I did not much like this tea but I also am not a really big black licorice fan. It does, however, blend well with gunpowder green tea to mellow the licorice taste a bit. That blend also makes a good iced tea. Every once in a while I will pull it out and give it a taste or blend it with something.
I wish someone would make a red licorice flavoured tea, or a Nibs flavoured, Mmmmm.

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Thank you to whatshesaid for this sample.
I love root beer. This tea does taste like root beer, more specific, similar to Barq’s root beer.
I had enough to brew one cup. I brewed it hot, drank half of it. Definitely root beer. I enjoyed it hot. It was not too sweet, I could have added sweetener but chose not too. I let the rest of the cup cool and drank it cold. Also very good. It tasted very similar to flat root beer pop, which actually I quite enjoy as well. It had a more distinct root beer flavour cold.
I did a second resteep for about 7 minutes. Was still decent, just not as strong.
I am so disappointed this blend has been discontinued. Fingers crossed Davids Tea will bring it back or will come up with something even better.

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Glad you enjoyed it, sorry I didn’t have enough to share more! Now isn’t it completely ridiculous that they discontinued this in favor of the revolting Cherry Cola one!?


I know! I cannot figure that one out. I really enjoyed this sample, thank you so much for sending me some when you had so little left.

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drank Apricot by Bencheley
771 tasting notes

A long, long, time ago, in a land far, far away….. Well not really, but back when I was in university I received a gift of a tea for two. It was a small teapot with two cups and saucers, which would all stack together and there was several different decaffeinated fruit flavoured teas. The teas I remember were apricot, blueberry, apple, and lemon. I do not remember what kind of tea base it was, but just decaf black tea. For space saving, I took the teas out of the identifying boxes they came in, so I have no idea what the brand name of the teas were.

This was the best apricot tea I have ever had in my life!

And to this day I have been searching and searching for a similar tasting tea.

I unfortunatley told many friends and family of my search for this tea, and continue to this day to receive gifts of apricot tea. Now I love tea gifts, but I have an overabundance of apricot tea, that I don’t really like, because its just not the same as what I originally had.

This tea is ok. I mostly taste the flavour of the black tea. There is a slight apricot flavour but it doesn’t stand out too much. It also has a slight soapy aftertaste.

Every once in a while I get into my cupboard dedicated to apricot tea and re-try a few just to see if anything hits the right spot. The search continues…

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Someone offered me a box of this tea because they tried it and did not like it. Instead of just saying “well if you think its gross, I don’t want it”, I took it anyway. Having to try it just to see if it really is gross or not.
My nicest opinion is, I did not like it at all!!!!!
Its bagged tea. I was suspicious it may be a “weight loss tea” but there were no suggestive ingredients I was scared of.
Brewed it smelled delicious. Light sweet cinnamon and ginger. But on first sip I almost fell off the chair. It is super duper sweet licorice root and aspertame. I cannot taste anything else. The box does not list aspertame as an ingredient so I am not sure why I am getting this taste. On each subsequent sip it got stronger and stronger and 10 minutes later there is a licorice root aftertaste in the back of my throat.
I would not say this is a “bad” tea, but it certainly does not agree with my taste buds.

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I scored a sample of this from my sister. I am happy she purchased it becuase I most likely would have never bought it on my own. She continues to make fun of me for my tea obsession, but I think that secretly her obsession is nearing mine.

This tea smells exactly like Teavana’s Strawberry Cream, but it does not taste the same. For starters this Davids Tea is a herbal (Teavana’s is a white tea). The beet root gives it a beautiful ruby red colour. It smells like delicious strawberries and cream, and smells so sweet. But it does not taste very sweet at all. I did not add any sweetener to it, but I will have to next time. I think I will let it steep a little less time next time as well. It is on the verge of being bitter. I almost taste green rhubarb, not red. It has a strawberry taste to it, but it is an artificial taste. It is very creamy, which I like, but I dislike that the creamy taste comes from an artificial flavour.

Overall I am happy with how this tea tastes. I think it makes a great herbal, and would make a great iced or cold brewed tea. I would also like to try belding it with some green or white tea. Not as sweet as I had anticipated, but I can easily fix that :)

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I am a lifetime tea lover.

I did foray into the world of coffee for a period of time, but I returned to my true love. I still, however, enjoy a good cup of java.

My all time favorite tea is Earl Grey, which I drink every morning, the stronger the bergamot the better. I definitely prefer natural oil of bergamot to artificial flavouring.

I mostly like black and dark oolong teas. My current favs are Fujian blacks, Keemun and Assams, and Wuyi oolongs. I gravitate towards anything with lychee in it. I also drink a lot of herbal blends but am wary of hibiscus. I do not favour mate, or pu’erh tea, although I have found a few blends that I like. (I so badly want to like straight pu’erh tea but it all tastes gross to me. I keep trying though). Rooibos, green and white teas fall somewhere in the middle. I find myself gravitating towards heavily roasted oolongs and teas from Paris/France based companies.

I love iced teas and cold brews.

My current tea goal is to make the perfect cup of chai from scratch – almost there…I think.

I am in love with the whole experience of tea.


Saskatchewan, CANADA

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