753 Tasting Notes

drank Glitter & Gold by DAVIDsTEA
753 tasting notes

After first seeing this tea in store, I was hit by a wave of nostalgia. The gold ball sprinkles took me back to childhood, making and decorating Christmas sugar cookies. I had to pick out a few and just hold them, then ate them, totally brought me back. So I know this is going to be a good tea, no matter what it tastes like.
Now to the tea, it is very good. A little sweet for my taste (sweet on its own without adding any extra sweetener). There is a bold, strong taste of vanilla, the vanilla is almost spicey, but the spice is not overpowering.
The dry loose leaf tea is visually appealing, and for me, this always makes things taste better. There is a sweet aftertaste that lingers on the back of my palate.
I would like to try blending this tea with a chai mix.

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drank Super Ginger (organic) by DAVIDsTEA
753 tasting notes

Went to the mall with my mom, and we had our usual order of sushi. Mom wanted to try tea with it, so we went to the Davids and ordered this tea to go (mom’s pick). This was the first time I had this tea. I already have a ginger I love at home but I thought this one was worth a try.
It definitely is SUPER ginger. It was very strong ginger, almost to the point where it burns your tongue, but not quite. It was very good and complemented the sushi very well. We had it plain, but I think it would have also been good with some sweetener in it. It doesn’t leave an aftertaste which is a bonus. Even though it is a strong flavoured tea, it almost helps to clear your palate after the sushi.
It got my nose to start running, so I can definitely see how it would be a good tea to have when sick or with a cold.
I did enjoy this tea but will probably not buy any for home. I think it is worth to have with the sushi lunch.

Edit note: I brought the tea bag home as Davids put lots of tea in the bag. It made an excellent re-steep. The only issue was I somehow got some soya sauce (from the sushi) on the bag, so it was a little bit salty. But it worked pretty good with the ginger tea. I might have stumbled on something here :P


Well all sushi tastes great with Ginger and Soy sauce so why not mix them :) however I would refrain from adding any wasabi…..unless you REALLY want a spicy KICK!!! Did the tea pair well with sushi?? or did you have it before or after?


It paired well, we drank it while we ate. I will probably have this combination again, next time I go.

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drank Focus by Tazo
753 tasting notes

Someone left a few of these tea bags at work in the “need a tea, take a tea, have a tea, leave a tea” pile. It is ok, not bad but certainly not amazing. It feels like someone tried to dress the tea up with whatever flavours we left over in the cupboard. I can definitely taste citrus oil and cocoa. While it is not making me focus it is certainly waking me up. There is a mildly sweet cocoa aftertaste that lingers. There is a chicory flavour that seems to mask the flavour of the mate tea. It also feels like my mouth is coated in a fuzzy substance after drinking this tea.

I should have known better that if the tea was in the community sharing pile, it probably wasn’t the best tea, otherwise it wouldn’t have been left there.


I like the “need a tea/leave a tea” notion. Tea drinkers are a minority at my work, but have a “my stash is your stash” policy.


I have the same thing. I have a stash of tea at my desk and everyone knows where to find it (that is, if there are no good teas in the need a tea pile).


I wish we had a pile like that at my office. I am the only habitual tea drinker…however, whenever anyone wants a cup they know whose office to look in!

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I am in love. I could spend the rest of my life with this tea. Seriously. This tea is sweet, hot and spicey. Smells and tastes delicious. You can taste the oolong tea, but it is well balanced with the spicey flavour. There is a very slight orange citrus flavour, it is more sweet than tart. The sweet spice is strong but not so strong that is burns your tongue. It also leaves a nice sweetly spiced aftertaste. This would definitely make a great after meal tea. I can imagine it blending well with a fruity tea/herbal. Looking forward to more cups of this and experimenting with blending.

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I was served a spiced mandarin a few months ago. It was so good. I thought I would get something like it. That’s been a challenge! Nothing seems just right- too spicy, too much orange, not spicy enough. I just cant find that nice balance. I had called and ask her where she got it – it was a swap and wasn’t properly labled. So I’ll never know, but the hunt continues.


I can send you some if you like :)


I would love that. Look through my cupboard and see what you would like for swap.

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drank Strawberry Cream by Teavana
753 tasting notes

This tea is DELICIOUS! I think it could definitely be considered as a dessert tea. Reminds me of eating strawberries with fresh (liquid) cream. It is a very relaxing tea. I am drinking it for breakfast and it seems to fit perfectly. The strawberry taste is slightly artificial but is not disappointing at all. The liquid feels thick, like drinking real cream. I did not need to add any sweetener, but I think I could get away with putting some in next time. I definitley can see if you steep it for too long the strawberry taste would get bitter. Pleasantly surprised by this one.

180 °F / 82 °C 2 min, 30 sec

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I have had such a bad day at work. I came home and found my tea delivery. So excited! Somehow it washed away the bad day.
I ordered this tea to use for iced tea. But I decided to try it hot, partly because the other new teas I ordered have caffeine, so I will have to wait to try those.
This tea smells delicious. Sweet and fruity. It also tastes delicious. It tastes like strawberry kiwi gum or candy. I added a little bit of rock sugar to sweeten it up.
I used 1.5 tsp but I think I might use 2 next time for a bit stronger taste.

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec
Anthony Bazic

don’t you really love that! A lovely package just to make the day not a total loss…think of warm summers in the months to come!

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drank Pecan Pie by Steeped About Tea
753 tasting notes

I am not a big fan of dessert teas. To be honest and fair, I have not tried a lot of them. For some reason they just do not seem appetizing to me. I thought I would give this one a try. While hot, just steeped, it tasted mostly like a sweet rooibos. After it started to cool, I could really taste the buttery, nutty, pecan flavour. It does have a distinct sweet pecan pie taste and smell, . I am surprised that I actually sort of like this tea. I think it would taste very good iced. I am still sitting on the fence regarding dessert teas. I think I will have to try more and see what happens.

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drank Wild Orange Blossom by Teavana
753 tasting notes

I cold brewed this one. The beet root gave it a beautiful ruby red colour. The taste was much more blunted then when brewed hot. It is much less citrus and mild tasting when cold brewed. I added 1/4 cup whit sugar to sweeten it up. I think I would prefer this one brewed hot, or brewed hot then iced.

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drank Chai by Lala's Blend
753 tasting notes

I have been working on this recipe for a while. I think I have got it to where its awesome, my personal opinion of course. Any suggestions welcome though.

Put 1.5 to 2 cups of cold fresh water in a small pot or sauce pan.
Add 1 tsp whole cloves
1/2 tsp black peppercorns
1 cinnamon stick
1 nutmeg, cut in half
1/2 inch fresh ginger thinly sliced
1 whole star anise, or 1/2 tsp of broken peices
4 whole green cardamom pods, crushed

Bring to boil over medium high heat. Then turn down to low medium and simmer for 10 minutes. Then remove from heat, add 2 tsp CTC assam tea, steep for 3 min.

Strain into a cup. Add 1 tsp white sugar, and 2% milk to taste.


Notes: I have tried using allspice but do not like the flavour.
If you simmer for too long the black peppercorns make the mixture quite peppery.
I do not like using any powdered form of the above spices. The nutmeg needs to be cut in half in order to release the flavour.
I tried using rock sugar, brown sugar, honey and maple syrup to sweeten it, but still come back to using white sugar.
I have tried using darjeeling tea, blending darjeeling with assam, and blending with green tea, but I prefer straight assam.

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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This is a loose leaf tea.

Appearance of dry tea: particle of tea, lemon myrtle visible.
Smell of dry tea: tart citrus smell, moreso grapefruit than blood orange. Makes me only think slightly of a blood orange when I smell it.
Appearance of liquor: dark purple, opaque.
Taste of liquor: heavy, thick liquid. A tangy citrus taste. There is a sharp aftertaste that lingers. Does not taste like, nor remind of blood oranges at all.

Overall, although not bad, I was disappointed in the flavour of this tea, I will most likely not purchase this tea again.

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I am a lifetime tea lover.

I did foray into the world of coffee for a period of time, but I returned to my true love. I still, however, enjoy a good cup of java.

My all time favorite tea is Earl Grey, which I drink every morning, the stronger the bergamot the better. I definitely prefer natural oil of bergamot to artificial flavouring.

I mostly like black and dark oolong teas. My current favs are Fujian blacks, Keemun and Assams, and Wuyi oolongs. I gravitate towards anything with lychee in it. I also drink a lot of herbal blends but am wary of hibiscus. I do not favour mate, or pu’erh tea, although I have found a few blends that I like. (I so badly want to like straight pu’erh tea but it all tastes gross to me. I keep trying though). Rooibos, green and white teas fall somewhere in the middle. I find myself gravitating towards heavily roasted oolongs and teas from Paris/France based companies.

I love iced teas and cold brews.

My current tea goal is to make the perfect cup of chai from scratch – almost there…I think.

I am in love with the whole experience of tea.


Saskatchewan, CANADA

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