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Just got this today. It tastes pretty good. Mostly like spice and citrus.

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Alright, so this one smells nice. It’s mint. The peppercorns add an interesting flavour. I didn’t really taste the white chocolate though.

On the plus side… there was no liquorice.

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I wanted to like this, I really did. It smells like it’s trying to be Nutella. The flavour is little hazelnut, but mostly liquorice. Don’t even know why that was added, since it gives the tea a medicinal taste.
And I can’t really taste the oolong or the chocolate.

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Thats a bummer. Licorice is a no go for me, I’d be so mad if I got it by accident.

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Watching Doctor Who always seems to make me want tea. This still smells awesome. I love the creamy lime flavour. It goes really well with the Witch’s Cauldron as well. In the words of Nine… that’s fantastic!


I had this last night. We seem to be on the same tea wavelength recently.

Lariel of Lórien

I wanted some after reading your review.


haha we are each other’s inspirations :)


I would have LOVED to have tried this one.

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It’s a cold rainy, day here. So I needed some tea to warm up. I do like the smell of mint brewing in the afternoon. There is such a nice mint flavour too, it even goes well with my peppermint bark chocolates.

And I can now acknowledge… Winter is coming.


After reading this, all I could think about was the smell of mint brewing – I had to make a cup to enjoy

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This is actually my first tea this weekend. I’ve been drinking hot apple cider and apple juice a lot. It kinda tastes like a more mild breakfast tea. Though that could just be a sign I need to try more pu erh.
Anyway, it’s good to have on a windy Autumn day.

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It’s post-Halloween. I got this today instead of yesterday. I like the little ghost sprinkles. Smells fantastic, I do so enjoy the scent of chocolate blueberries. And the flavour is like that of the chocolate fruits I had at a costume pot-luck last night. Like having something for warmer months and a holiday treat all at once.

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Merry Samhain! This is really part of the Harvest Collection, but I saved until Halloween. It’s pumpkin, so it counts.

I so love the smell of pumpkin spice in the morning. Tastes like a sweeter version of the chocolate pumpkin pie. Might have been a little better as just caramel and the pumpkin bits.
Still, it fits the mood for today and my cravings for fall flavours.

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Did I forget to review this? Pretty sure I’ve had it before.

Anyway, it smells nice. Like cinnamon and apples. The yogurt comes out more in the flavour. Not bad, but might be better sans yogurt.

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After many years of drinking coffee, I’ve recently become a tea convert.

Faves- Black Tea (Preferably Chinese- Most Gold/Golden), Assam, Nilgiri, Oolong
Likes- Pu-Erh (Shou), Green (Chinese or Japanese), Interesting Tisanes, Dessert Blends/ Flavoured Teas, Masala Chai, Honeybush/ Rooibos, Ceylon
Dislikes- Smokey Teas, Hibiscus, Licorice Root, Chicory
Exploring- Sheng Pu’erh, White Tea, Sticky Rice Mini Tuocha
Fruity Flavours- Lychee, Muscat, White Peach, Fig, Apple, Bergamot
Other flavours- Rose, Lavender, Vanilla, Cream

95- 100: By Yavanna, it’s amazing!
89- 94: my favourite
85- 88: it’s fantastic
81- 84: really like
75- 80: like
70- 74: it’s okay
69 and below: meh
unrated: still unsure


Sandia Mountains, New Mexico

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