4359 Tasting Notes

drank Chance Combinations by Custom
4359 tasting notes

My Matcha of the Day… I do have five new Matcha that I’ve not yet tried, but, I also have quite a few opened Matcha that I want to use so that I do not have 513 containers of Matcha going at once. So I made myself a deal (or ultimatum) … finish off at least one opened Matcha before opening a new one. This will definitely put a bit of a halt on my Matcha purchasing, since I need to write reviews of new teas to get my gift certificate updated. This will probably ALL change once Read Leaf Tea puts up a new sale of a Matcha I’ve not yet tried. LOL

Anyway… today’s combination of flavors is fig and caramel. I loved the fig, I loved the caramel, so I was interested to see how well they went together. Answer: very well! I prepared this traditionally – that is, not as a latte, but with hot water, whisking in my new chawan – and it tastes really good. The Matcha stands out as the strongest flavor, but that’s alright. I’m drinking Matcha. I want to taste it.

The fig and caramel compliment each other nicely. Sweet, vegetative, and delicious. I love how the caramel goes with the fig, although, I do think I prefer these two flavors separate. Good, but, separately, these were even better. I’m thinking tomorrow, I’ll combine the fig and the boysenberry, and see how that goes.


Sounds delicious yum figs.


Ohhh now now if you don’t open more of the new matcha how ever would you make more mixes, creations, and concoctions?? You MUST open MORE matcha! LOL sorry just aiding and enabling!


Well, the plan is to just use what I have now, try to use up at least 1. I can do that. Just 1? Before I open another?


LOL yeah I think you can – I could – butterscotch because NOTHING else could make that one any better and I would not want it any way but the way it is. So which ONE have you decided to finish off?


LOL well, actually, I think I’ll finish off the Watermelon, which I haven’t actually been drinking. I realize I’m doing it wrong. LOL


Mostly because I can’t imagine watermelon going with anything and tasting any better… maybe the boysenberry. Maybe I’ll try that tomorrow… boysenberry and watermelon. Hmm…

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drank Chance Combinations by Custom
4359 tasting notes

I’ve been putting together some sampler boxes over the last couple of days (I still have one available here: http://liberteas.teatra.de/store/products/petit-amuse-sampler-box-upcycling-a-box-sharing-some-tea/ ) and I had just a little bit left over of the Caramel Praline Delight from Ovation Teas so I combined it with a bit of my Blend of black teas. The result is really yummy… It still tastes quite a bit like the caramel praline delight but this might be even better because the blend of black teas seems to fill out the background even more.

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drank I Want Some More by Rooibos Suite
4359 tasting notes

Thank you to TeaEqualsBliss for sending me some of this rooibos blend.

I kind of chuckled when I re-read your tasting note on this… it’s kind of funny that the tisane “left you wanting more” and the name of the tea is “I Want Some More.” An ironic name for a tisane, then, yeah?

Anyway… I have to admit that the description of this tea scared me just a little bit, and it’s got me hoping that it’s just coffee flavoring. I don’t want to be up all night (it is 12:45 am!) and I don’t want to start feeling sick around 3 am from drinking coffee. But I didn’t happen to read the description until after I actually started brewing the tisane, and I’m not one to toss a pot of tea unless it doesn’t taste good.

First impression: Eh… this is alright. It’s not bad … but it’s not really good either. It’s just very average. Very mediocre. Kind of blah and boring. Not at all what I would expect from the name of the tisane … unless what its meant by it is that whomever this “I” is indeed wants MORE flavor from the tisane. They want something more than what they’re getting. Because I can’t imagine actually asking for more of this, as is. Not with a world of teas and tisanes that are actually much tastier.

It also seems to me that the description is a bit off. It suggests that the sip starts off with a “creamy” coffee note. Well, I get coffee, but I don’t get a creamy coffee taste. I just get coffee. And the coffee is not followed by a “fruit crescendo” but more of like a jumbled flavor that is very difficult to describe. I still taste the coffee … but it is no longer a concise coffee taste, it is more like left over coffee notes from the start of the sip that have been clouded (Clouds in my coffee, hehe! Oh, yes, I do think that this tisane is making me a bit silly), anyway… the roasted coffee notes are sort of jumbled by a woody, funky taste that doesn’t taste at all like fruit. The finish does not taste like amaretto, either. It tastes nutty, but not amaretto.

It’s just kind of weird. And the flavor doesn’t really improve as the tisane cools, either.

Just very average, and not something I’d really ever want again. Kind of blah. It’s kind of like taking a vacation at the in-laws instead of going somewhere fun – it is still nice to get away and have some time off, but, there are numerous things you’d rather be doing. This tisane is like that. It’s alright and certainly drinkable, but there are other teas/tisanes I’d rather be drinking.


Ha! Your last paragraph is perfection. I can’t think of a better analogy for a disappointing tea.

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drank Golden Oolong by Peony Tea S.
4359 tasting notes

Today is apparently the day of the Golden Teas. Well, at least this one and the last one that I had … but it wasn’t really intentional. I just grabbed tea from my seemingly endless supply of samples that I have yet to taste and this is what I came up with.

And I’m glad that I did, because this is awesome. It’s a bit different from a typical ‘green’ Oolong in that it has more focus to it … the floral tones are sharper. This is not a soft, delicate Oolong, the flavors here are well defined and really pleasant. Honey-esque tones bring sweetness to the cup. It is remarkably smooth from start to finish, and the astringency works together with the floral notes to provide a sort of tangy, tingly sensation at the finish. The aftertaste is sweet and flowery.

A very nice Oolong, I like it when I get a nice surprise like this from an Oolong!

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drank Golden Stars by Butiki Teas
4359 tasting notes

At first, I got a very delicate tasting tea… almost too softly flavored. It has a nice texture, it’s like a very thin broth. As I continue to sip, though, the flavors begin to define themselves. I taste the buttery notes, and a hint of citrus brightens the cup a little. The vegetative tone dominates the flavor, but even that is quite delicate. As the description suggests, it has an artichoke like taste to it. I taste more artichoke than spinach here … and I like that this is a mild vegetable taste and not so much a sharp grassy taste. The citrus intensifies as I continue to sip, it is a bright, lemon-y note that comes in near the finish and lingers well into the aftertaste. Very nice, I’m glad I gave it a chance after the first couple of sips… I like how the flavor has developed. It is still on the soft side, but, I kind of like the delicate nature of this.

Geoffrey Norman

I’m more and more impressed by Butiki’s selection every time I visit their site.

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drank Tangerine Spice by Kally Tea
4359 tasting notes

Really good.

I’m not sure if the flavoring here is an orange flavoring or a tangerine… and possibly I’m just being too picky. I happen to prefer tangerine to orange, because the tangerine is lighter and sweeter than the orange, but in the context of tea flavoring, the two are similar enough to one another that it is difficult to discern one from another. Then again, I’ve never really done a side-by-side to compare the two.

Back to the tea at hand though, I’m really liking this. The cinnamon is gentle, almost a sweeter cinnamon as opposed to a hot cinnamon, although it does offer some warmth to the cup. It isn’t overly spicy. The delicate quality sets the tone for the overall cup, and the spices are also a bit more subtle as is the citrus. It’s a nicely balanced cup, one that I find to be very enjoyable as the weather appears to FINALLY be taking us toward autumn! I’m so ready for it!!!


hmmm this sounds yummy. i’ll have to check it out when i’m allowed to officially order new tea from vendors

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This is my own combination – not one that was custom ordered from Red Leaf… I used 1 part Boysenberry Matcha from Red Leaf and 1 part Cheesecake Matcha from Red Leaf, and enough hot water and just a bit of warmed half & half to make a tasty boysenberry cheesecake Matcha latte. YUM!

Surprisingly, my order from Red Leaf did arrive yesterday, although I had come to the point where I wasn’t expecting it to. It arrived rather late in the day, but, that’s OK. It still arrived!

But rather than opening one of my new pouches, I decided to have one of the Matcha that I already have opened (Rather than having 739 open packages of Matcha in the house) and save the new Matcha for another day.

This combination is one that I’ve been anxious to try since I tried the boysenberry (it really is amazing on its own!) … and it works as a cheesecake too. For all-out boysenberry flavor, go with the boysenberry alone though, because the cheesecake does mute some of the strong boysenberry notes, but the tart tingly taste of boysenberry tickles the tongue in the aftertaste and it’s yummy! All the flavors are represented here, the boysenberry, the cream cheese, even the buttery pastry, but, I notice them more in the aftertaste than I do the actual sip. It’s yummy, but I think I prefer the boysenberry on its own, and the cheesecake is better with the caramel Matcha than the boysenberry.


and wow… it’s gone already… that’s the thing with Matcha… it disappears so quickly. No lingering over a bowl!



Yogini Undefined

wow that sounds delicious!


I have both of these flavours in the mail right now..I’m going to have to try this combo! Sounds delicious.

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This smells so good. I love the smell of Earl Grey Creme … possibly even more than the smell of Earl Grey without the creme… the creamy notes just meld so beautifully with the sharp notes of the bergamot.

It tastes good too. It is sweet and tangy. The vanilla tones are almost fluffy and they come together so perfectly with the bergamot that is no longer sharp, just pleasantly citrus-y and tart. The black tea plays the supporting role, providing a solid background of flavor to the stronger bergamot and vanilla. It all works very well together. It’s very, very tasty!

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This is a very enjoyable English Breakfast blend. The blend is very robust and strong, exactly what I want from a breakfast blend. It has a rich, delicious flavor. One of the better bagged English Breakfast blends that I’ve tried, but it is still limited by its sachet.

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I have always been a big fan of Oolong tea, but, I like some better than others. I didn’t expect to really like this one as much as I do, because it’s a darker Oolong, and most of the darker Oolong teas that I favor tend to be the Formosa Oolong teas. But this one really surprised me.

It is surprisingly light … and yet rich. It starts out very light, and as the sip progresses the flavor develops, starting out with sweet, subtle fruit notes and then slowly changing to a more roasted, even a charcoal-ish type of taste toward the tail of the sip. There are pleasant nutty tones toward mid-sip, and an undercurrent of honey-esque sweetness throughout.

Very nice, it reminds me of fall, when the weather starts to change and you can smell the aroma of wood and smoke coming out of the chimneys and filling the cool, crisp air. Then again, it could be that I’m just longing for autumn that everything is reminding me of my favorite season.


Your description of autumn really make me want to try it Autumn is my favorite season too. The wood and smoke aroma already starting here nothing like drinking a warming tea while the scent of Fall come through your windows

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