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4221 Tasting Notes


Backlog: I really enjoyed this tea. I had a cup of it hot, and then brewed some for iced tea. Both preparations are delicious. Sweet strawberry, notes of cream and a slight pastry note which is more noticeable when it is cold.

Really, really good. Here is my full-length review: http://sororiteasisters.com/2012/06/02/strawberry-shortcake-tea-from-culinary-teas/

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drank Birthday Cake by DAVIDsTEA
4221 tasting notes

Backlog: I had a cup of this last night, thanks to DaisyChubb!

This is REALLY GOOD. This just may be my favorite rooibos blend yet. It tastes like a cupcake. So yum… This is definitely one I have to order and keep on hand. Love it.


Yaay! I ended up giving you the rest of mine and had to run out the next day and buy a bunch more. Can’t live without it I tells ya ;)


This one is so good! Only sad part is that it actually does have calories in it. 5 or 10 per cup?


well, still, at 10 calories per cup, it ends up being a whole lot less than a cupcake. Of course, if given a choice between a cupcake and this tea, I’d choose the cupcake I’m afraid… but I’d still want to have this one on hand for those times when I don’t have a cupcake available (which ends up being about 98% of the time).

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As it is now after midnight, I decided to have something without caffeine. I don’t know that the caffeine in tea really affects me all that much with sleeping when I’m tired … but, I don’t like to push it too much. And besides, I have enough caffeine-free tisanes in my stash to keep me busy.

I’ve been eager to try this. YUM! When it’s piping hot, I find that the flavors are a little disjointed, like a deconstructed custard-filled maple long john rather than a very obvious taste. It’s not like “Oh, this is a maple donut” – it’s more like “I taste maple and cream and pastry and honeybush.” But after it cools for about five minutes, the flavors really come together and it becomes the custard-filled maple long john I’ve been craving since Frank announced this blend. Once it’s cold (In other words, the stuff that had cooled in my breville teapot as I was sipping on the hot cup), it tastes quite good too … the flavors actually seem to taste better once its cold BUT I prefer it hot because there’s just something very comforting about a hot cup of Custard-filled Maple Long John.

As I have been typing this as well as my full-length review for the SororiTea Sisters blog, I find myself wondering if Frank called it Custard-Filled Maple Long John because it’s a lot of characters to type.

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My second cup (infusions # 3 & 4) was even better than the first. So sweet. The fruit notes and the floral notes seem to have melded into one unique flavor that is unlike anything that I’ve ever tasted … it is just so good. This cup almost hints at being creamy, but nothing like the milky/creamy/buttery green Oolong that you might be used to. This doesn’t have that overwhelmingly creamy note like other green Oolongs typically have (Not saying that the creaminess is a bad thing or a good thing … just indicating that this is different)

I really like this tea a lot for the fact that it IS different.


You are really making me want to stay up late for this one! But, I’m too old for that! Perhaps tomorrow! Sounds too good to wait for!

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I am loving this Oolong. I don’t think I’ve tried a “sun-link-sea” Oolong before, so I really didn’t know what to expect, but, based upon my previous experience with Fong Mong’s tea I was pretty sure I’d like it. And I do.

This reminds me a little bit of a magnolia scented Oolong, it has that delightful floral note to it, but there is more to it too. There is a fruit note to this … Tea Pantheon describes is as an apple-like flavor, and I can see that comparison, it makes me think of a dry, sweet-and-sour apple wine … if there is such a thing.

Where this tea differs from the typical magnolia scented Oolong is that it doesn’t have that very buttery-creamy kind of taste to it. It has a light softness to it, but, it isn’t overwhelmingly creamy. It has more of a spring flower taste to me: light, crisp and fragrant, with hints of greener vegetation in the background.

Very nice.


MMMMMMM Can’t wait to try more!


I got this sample as well – I can’t wait to try it! Waiting for when I can sit with it. :)

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drank Chai Indienne by Sands Of Thyme
4221 tasting notes

This is one that I came across after organizing my stash recently. It is a little old, but I’m not one for wanting to waste tea so I decided to brew it up today.

Hmm… it is really still quite flavorful, I can taste each of the notes – the spices, the vanilla, and the rose. Even the black tea. It’s a tasty chai, although when compared to the Vanilla Rose Chai from Tea Chai Te that I had a couple of weeks ago, I prefer the Vanilla Rose Chai. This may not be the fault of the tea, though, given the fact that it is a rather old sampling. Because of that, I’m not going to rate this one numerically, I don’t think it would be fair.

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I really like this Moroccan Mint. It is sweet and vibrant, soothing and refreshing. I had my first cup of it hot, and then decided I wanted a pitcher of it iced before I sent the rest of it to my SororiTea Sister (she does love mint), so that’s what I’ll be drinking tomorrow afternoon.

My full-length review of this tea will be appearing on SororiTea Sisters blog soon: http://sororiteasisters.com

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This is an amazing Oolong. It starts out with a distinct vanilla note that melds harmoniously with the natural creamy notes of the Oolong, it almost tastes like a cream filled pastry! As I continued to sip, I noticed a savory honeysuckle note emerge, as well as some Saffron-like flavors. The first cup of infusions 1 & 2 were primarily all about the creamy flavors, vanilla sweetness and so smooth and rich.

The second cup (infusions 3 & 4) were less creamy, but the creamy notes were still present, just not as strong as in the first cup. I began to notice a herbaceous quality emerge, and the honeysuckle-like notes became more of an orchid-like flavor. More floral, this time, less creamy, but still very good.

The third cup (infusions 5 & 6) was so different from the first cup that it is hard to believe that they are the same tea! The creaminess is pretty much gone at this point, but the floral notes are strong, and the vegetative notes have emerged slightly. This is also where I began to notice the fruit tones which are somewhat tropical. The tasting notes from Verdant suggest a juicy mango kind of taste, and I get that comparison, but this tastes more like a medley of tropical fruit rather than a distinct mango note.

An amazing Tieguanyin… AMAZING!

The Purrfect Cup

This one is a def. favorite! Glad you liked it too…must reorder soon.


Great review. “it almost tastes like a cream filled pastry!” How amazing is that!

E Alexander Gerster

Definitely an amazing Tieguanyin! It has a freshness of flavors, and the floral qualities in the first few steeps are well balanced and transform nicely to the fruity creaminess in later steepings. Thanks for sharing your great reviews… :)

The Purrfect Cup

Just got a sample of this with my recent Verdant order! :)

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drank Organic Kundaly by Butiki Teas
4221 tasting notes

Backlogging – I enjoyed this yesterday as well as this morning. Steepster has not made it easy these last few days. Frustrating, yes, but I love this site so much that I cannot give up on it!

This tea is AWESOME! Perhaps the nicest Nilgiri tea I’ve ever had. It is a bit lighter than most Nilgiri teas – it is still assertive but not quite as bold or as malty as other Nilgiri teas, but what it lacks in those areas it more than makes up for in a sweet, delicious toasted walnut flavor. Wow! It’s really quite amazing.


Wow quite a recommendation!


I love Butiki Teas. And Stacy is fantastic… very fast response time to questions, and of course, fast shipping and … their teas are great too.


I agree 100%


I have recently corresponded with Stacy, and I agree, she is fantastic.

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drank Fairy Dust by Tealish
4221 tasting notes

Thank you DaisyChubb for sending me some of this rooibos! YUM!

This is really good. The strawberry notes are especially strong, not just from the strawberry I suspect, but also from the kiwi which in my opinion tastes a bit like a cross between a strawberry and a melon. I taste hints of floral in the background, not strong, but, just enough to keep the palate interested in what’s going on back there. The overall cup is light, juicy and refreshing.

Really very nice … very tasty rooibos blend.


I should get this for my granddaughter, she’s got a set of fairy wings. She’s 18!

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