4423 Tasting Notes

drank Acai Berry Blend by Fusion Teas
4423 tasting notes

This smells AMAZING! The dry leaf smells very fruity and flowery and it is absolutely making my mouth water. The brewed tea maintains much of the fragrance that I noted in the dry leaf, but smells maybe even a teensy bit better because now I can drink it instead of just smell it. haha! Seriously, though, there is a bit more of an Oolong floral note to the brewed tea, however, it still smells fruity and delicious.

This tastes as good as it smells. To be honest, I didn’t expect to like it as much as I do. I don’t typically go crazy over Acai berry flavored things – I mean, I like them OK, but, I’d prefer just about any other berry over the acai. But it all works together well here.

It doesn’t taste strongly of BERRY … at least, not in this first infusion. It has a smooth Oolong flavor that is lightly floral, and this melds wonderfully with the berry notes, providing a taste that is sweet and a little tart, and quite tasty. It is really quite different from any other berry flavored Oolong that I can recall tasting… but I mean that in a good way. This is so unique. It is not your run-of-the-mill berry flavored Oolong. It’s really nice.

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drank Apple Sencha by Den's Tea
4423 tasting notes

I received my order from Den’s Tea yesterday afternoon, and they were nice and included this tea as a sample (I requested it, but, they still didn’t have to! It was very nice of them to do so!) This is one that I’ve been wanting to try, but, I really wanted to focus on the iced teas with my order since it’s summer … so I’m grateful that they sent me a sample of it.

This is really good! The flavor is sweet and light, like it’s been flavored with apple juice or cider without the spices. It has a very crisp, fresh kind of taste to it.

Very good. I might have to get more of this when the weather gets cooler – it has a very autumnal feel to it.


As it cools, this one becomes even better. The apple really pops!

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2nd infusion: This is more peppery this time – but again, it’s a savory peppery taste, not a spicy or even a tongue-tingly kind of peppery. The mint comes in underneath. The green tea tastes smooth but less creamy.

It would be difficult to choose which one I prefer. Both infusions are really amazing.

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When I first opened the pouch, I inhaled deeply to take a big sniff of it, and I could really smell the cardamom and the coriander – especially the coriander. Another quick sniff offered hints of mint … but a peppery mint. Tulsi? And yes, the crispness of peppermint. This is one that I didn’t even need to read the description of to know what was in it – the nose knows!

It smells amazing – slightly peppery and citrus-y and warm, together with hints of green vegetables. The brewed tea has a very savory element to the aroma. Yes, I must agree with Bonnie, this is very Thai-food-like … it makes me want to have a big plate of pad thai in front of me (of course, it’s not unusual that I want pad thai!)

The flavor is really amazing. Sweet and creamy, the spices are not as strong as the aroma had led me to believe they would be. Yes, I taste them, but they are in balance with the tea – not overpowering it … and it smelled like that might be the case. It smelled very lovely and strong, however, it tastes very lovely and well-balanced.

The spices are warm but not spicy … they have hints of sweetness as well as a peppery tone that is more of a savory pepper than a spicy pepper. Hints of citrus. Green beans. Tasting a bit like a stir fry with green beans that have been cooked to a crisp-tender stage and then carefully cooked with a delicious, savory sauce.

As I continue to sip, I taste the hints of tulsi, as well as the peppermint. I am glad that the peppermint is not a strong flavor, instead, it seems to enhance the flavor of the tulsi that is slightly minty and peppery. These two components lend to the fresh taste of this tea, to the crispness, and the lightness, keeping it from tasting too heavy or too laden with spice.

Very yummy! I will definitely be re-steeping this to see what happens.


Yes it does make you want to eat! I bought some pudding to make a flavored version with this tea this weekend. Infusions are so much fun. Infusion into coconut milk would be nice. Even slushing it…gooooood! This makes my imagination go crazy!

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drank Irish Breakfast Tea by Twinings
4423 tasting notes

I have KeenTeaThyme to thank for sending me a bag of this. Thank you!

Twinings is a company (or shall I say “are companies”?) that confuse me. It seems like there are two different companies: Twinings and Twinings of London. There are two different websites and they appear to have different teas. This has confused me for several years now.

Anyway… this is from Twinings of London. Since the package in the picture and the packaging of the teabag that KeenTeaThyme sent me appear similar, I’m going to forge ahead with the belief that I’m putting this tasting note in the right place.

This is really not so bad for a bagged tea. I’d certainly prefer loose leaf as I’ve said many times, but, given its limitations as a bagged tea, this one stands up to those challenges pretty well. It is a good, strongly flavored tea. Rich and hints of malt. Sweet caramel-y undertones. And I’m not getting a strong bitterness from it, and I even steeped it for a full 3 minutes which I don’t normally do except that it is a bagged tea and because I have to pour the boiling water into a teacup to steep it (I guess I don’t have to brew it this way, but, it seems the most convenient method of brewing a bagged tea), and the temperature drops when being poured into a teacup even if it’s been warmed (which it hadn’t been), I decided to go for the 3 minutes.

Gah… I feel like I’m babbling. So, I’m going to stop now. This is really quite a decent tasting tea. Not the best I’ve had when it comes to Irish Breakfast blends, but, I didn’t expect it to be since it is a bagged tea. But it is drinkable.


Now that I’m halfway through the cup, I can also taste the paper of the teabag. And it makes this much less enjoyable.

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I received a generous sampling of this tea from TeaEqualsBliss – thank you.

This is pretty good as far as night-time herbals go. I think that the decaffeinated tea actually helps this tea along … giving it a pleasant mouthfeel – this isn’t thin the way herbals can be sometimes.

My first few sips were enjoyable, but then I started to notice a funky sweetness to it – so I quickly re-read the ingredient list and noticed that stevia is on the list… yep… tastes like it.

I don’t eat/drink a lot of stevia … but the more I do have it, the more I’m beginning to notice a very saccharine-y kind of taste to it. And that’s not a good thing. I think that this would be infinitely better without the stevia. It’s drinkable, but, not something I’d drink on a regular basis.

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Mmm… This is really good. I’ve had Matcha Infused Senchas before, but as I’m finding with all teas, not all Sencha are equal, and this one tastes exceedingly fresh and has a very exuberant flavor – very lively … vibrant.

It has a very refreshing kind of flavor, and it has rejuvenating qualities to it as well, as I am starting to feel invigorated from within.

Very lovely tea, this.

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I cold-brewed this overnight, and am finding that this gets better and better as I continue to drink it. The first couple of sips were very strawberry-ish, with hints of a creamy background note. Now, as I’m nearly finished with my second glass, the chocolate and vanilla notes have developed, although the strawberry still seems to reign over the other flavors. It’s a really delicious iced tea though. Do I like this better than the original honeybush version? I don’t know! It’s been a while since I last had that … so its difficult to compare. But, I do really enjoy this. Very refreshing.

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drank 2nd Flush Assam by Tea Horse
4423 tasting notes

I started my day with steeping not one, but two pots of this tea today.

The first pot that I steeped was slightly oversteeped, I think, because I tasted bitterness but not much else. It was that “oops, I oversteeped the Assam” kind of bitterness, so I drank about half a cup of that before I decided I’d start over.

And this second pot is MARVELOUS! Sweet with caramel-y tones, and rich and malty. So very comforting and cozy. Even though it is still summer, this tea makes me feel like it’s autumn outside. It’s got that kind of coziness to it, it’s the kind of tea you want to curl up with on a cold day. And even though it is warm outside (not too hot, thankfully) because the heat hasn’t managed to make it’s way inside I can still sort of imagine it IS fall (my favorite time of year) and it is cool and it makes this kind of comfort the more enjoyable.

So, the lesson for today is: don’t oversteep this Assam. The first time, I steeped it for 2 minutes, boiling water, in my Breville. The Breville is key with this, because it does stay hotter than other brewing vessels do (at least, that has been my experience). The second time I steeped it for 1 1/2 minutes, boiling water, in my Breville. And it is perfection.

LOVE this Assam.


i feel you will enjoy assam more if you just steep in water at first boil. Add 1 tea spoon (abt 1:5gram) for a cup, steep for 2mins and enjoy the cup.. Though assam is not famous for re-steeping..


I did not re-steep this tea, I steeped a new measurement of leaves after my attempt which did not turn out so well. So I made two pots of tea this morning with this tea – but both were first infusions.

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I’m enjoying this. The chocolate has a deep, dark chocolate-y flavor, but, I do notice a slight artificial note to it that seems to be expressed most when I really focus on the flavors. This note doesn’t really detract from the other flavors, though, and the rest of the flavors are very enjoyable, so this is still worth a try, especially for those who enjoy the contrast of a spicy chocolate tea.

What really won me over with this tea is the chili and how it plays out. It starts out very subtle, with just a hint of spiciness … I wouldn’t even call it “spicy” but rather a gentle warmth. But by mid-cup, the heat has developed and there is a warm twinge throughout my mouth, starting from my lips, all the way to the back of my throat. It is that tempting heat that says “take another sip for even more fire” and being someone who loves spicy, I comply!

But it doesn’t ever become such an inferno that I need to rush to the kitchen in search of something to help clear my palate. I like the way the heat lingers. It’s a very enjoyable sensation … at least for those who enjoy spicy!


Makes me wonder if I’m intrepid enough to toss in my own dried chilis into some of my scraps of chocolate tea.


Hey, try it! If you don’t want to infuse the chili … maybe just put the dried chili in the tea for a couple of weeks, and then retrieve the chili and see how it turns out.


There you go … I hadn’t thought about tossing it in dried!


This sounds delicious!

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