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Backlog: A really excellent Japanese Black tea. I’ve not had a lot of Japanese Black Teas, maybe fewer than a handful, but, I’ve loved those that I’ve tried. They are delicious, sweet with an earthy, sort of raw sweetness, reminiscent of raw sugar. There is a raw sort of earthiness to the flavor as well, but, at the same time, it’s remarkably smooth, with no bitterness and very little astringency (it’s there, but you have to really focus on finding it to find it. Deep notes of cacao, again, it almost tastes like raw cacao, but, every once in a while I also taste a hint of roasted cacao too. Very intriguing this tea, it just pulls me in and keeps me captivated. I love it.

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drank Tulsi Ginger by Happy Earth Tea
4840 tasting notes

Thank you to TeaEqualsBliss for sending me some of this.

I had chili earlier, and I make a spicy chili. And now my tummy is starting to feel a bit unsettled, so I thought some ginger might help settle the stomach. Plus, it will also warm me up!

There is a good amount of ginger to this blend, but, there is enough Tulsi to sort of taper the peppery heat of the ginger a bit. It’s still rather warm from the ginger, though. I really like the combination of tulsi and ginger – the tulsi has a slight earthy/herbaceous kind of flavor going on, as well a very subtle minty note. It’s a very gentle flavor and a nice contrast to the strong spice of the ginger. Kind of like a good cop/bad cop thing going on with my tastebuds!

Certainly an enjoyable, soothing, warming cup.


I can already notice a calmer tummy … so this stuff does the trick!

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Thank you to Purrfect Cup for this tea to represent Eight Maids a’Milking in our 12 Days of Christmas Tea Swap! Yay! I have been wanting to try this forever … but somehow I always forget to order some when I place my orders with Butiki Teas!

This really is a perfect tea to represents eight milking maids. It’s so creamy and the cream taste here reminds me very much of the flavor of raw milk. I have not consumed a lot of raw milk, but, there were a couple of times in my youth when I visited a neighbors farm at breakfast time and I was treated to a glass of raw milk.

And the cantaloupe is amazing in this as well. The moment I poured the hot tea into my teapot, I could smell the cantaloupe – the aroma filled my kitchen. The flavor of the cantaloupe develops, with the first few sips of this being more about the cream than the cantaloupe, and now that I’m mid-way through my cup, the cantaloupe seems a bit stronger than the cream.

So yummy. YUM!


You hadn’t managed to try this yet?!


Nope, not until this evening.


Wow… Haha


I’m surprised too! :)

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drank Eight Candles by Della Terra Teas
4840 tasting notes

On the Eighth Day of Christmas, Della Terra Teas sent me this tea!

Oh yum. YUM YUM YUM! I love this tea. It is so good. Yes … vegans, I’m sorry, but these are real marshmallows and not vegan ones. But, trust me when I say that this tea is WORTH going off the vegan diet for one cuppa. But, be warned that one cuppa may soon turn into two, and two into three … This tea is that good.

I think I like this even better than the Dubbele Chocolade. Yes, this is DTerra’s BEST tea. YUM!

OH… here’s my full-length review: http://sororiteasisters.com/2012/12/21/on-the-eighth-day-of-christmas-della-terra-teas-sent-to-me/


This is my favorite Della Terra Tea as well. Trying to convince them to keep it year round :)


Sweet! I should have some on its way here… hopefully….

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drank Pumpkin Spice by Adagio Teas
4840 tasting notes

The artisan who makes my soap sent me a sachet of this tea along with my last order of soap. She used to be one of my very best tea customers when I sold tea. :) It is nice that she thought of me and included some tea with my order!

I don’t hate this as much as it would appear most of Steepster does. Then again, after having gone round and round with the black tea base of Adagio, I have learned a thing or two when it comes to steeping their flavored black teas. A slightly lower temperature (just below boiling) and steeping for 3 minutes (or even just 2 1/2 minutes) produces a pleasant cup. Oh… and let it cool a few minutes before taking that first sip. About three or four minutes will do it. It tames the astringency significantly. It still is certainly not the best cup of tea I’ve ever had, but I’m not hating it either. It’s agreeable.

The pumpkin flavor here IS odd, though. It tastes artificial. The spices are nice, but, the pumpkin just tastes off.

Overall, it’s alright. Not something I’d buy, but, more than that, I’m very happy with the thoughtfulness of my dear friend, the soap artisan, and I truly appreciate her thoughtfulness.

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When I saw this tea on the Nature’s Tea Leaf website, I had to try it. Just look at all those yummy chocolate curls! My mouth began to water just from me looking at the picture. And the picture does not lie! There are a bunch of little chocolate curls in this. Yum yum yum!

And this is really amazing. The yunnan is a perfect choice for a chocolate flavored tea because of the natural chocolate notes in the tea … as well as the hint of spice notes which accent the chocolate very nicely. The vanilla bean adds some creaminess to the cup without making it taste too much like milk chocolate … this has one of those dark chocolate truffle tastes … like the kind of confection you might buy in one of those expensive chocolate shops (you know, the kind of place where I can only usually afford one or maybe two pieces of chocolate … but it’s OH-so-worth-it!)

Amazingly good. Bravo Nature’s Tea Leaf!


My NTL want list is getting longer!

Terri HarpLady

yeah, this sounds awesome!

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Been a really busy morning and early afternoon so far, this is my first cup of tea! I chose it because I wanted something fast and easy … and since this is a sacheted tea, it is definitely easy. While that is the one “con” as far as this tea goes (Obviously, I’d rather it be loose leaf), because it’s one of those silky sachets and not a paper tea bag, I don’t taste paper (a plus!) … and really, this is so good. I love it.

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drank White Coconut Dulce by TeBella
4840 tasting notes

First of all, thank you Rachel for this, your submission in the 12 Days of Christmas tea swap! YUM!

This is really good. It’s cooled off quite a bit as I’ve not been sitting here sipping (fixing dinner!) but it is REALLY good cold too. It is sweet and creamy and delicious.

Rachel – you picked a really good one for 7 Swans a Swimming!


Thanks. Glad you are enjoying it :)

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I chose this tea because I found the idea of Green Papaya interesting and a little something outside of what I would normally choose. But because it tends to be sour, I chose the Imperial Matcha base for this, thinking that the sweeter, better tasting base would help offset some of the Green Papaya’s more acidic nature.

And I was correct … I find this to be delightfully balanced. Tart but not too sour, and very nicely sweet. I’m actually loving the Imperial base at the moment, I might have to start upgrading my orders from Red Leaf from this point forward. I like this a lot.

It tastes creamy and rich and sweet and just … oh-so-yummy. The papaya BRIGHTENS the bowl with its acid, I taste that note on my tongue toward the finish and into the aftertaste, and it is really pleasant. It is sour, but I don’t feel the need to pucker because of the balance brought by the sweetness of the Imperial Matcha.

Beautiful Matcha.

Edited to Add: We will be giving away this Matcha with these specifics (Imperial Matcha, Distinctive Flavoring) in a contest on SororiTea Sisters that will begin January 5th!

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Thank you to Em for including this in your Christmas exchange gift to me. It’s lovely! I kind of think I should have started my day with this, because this has the heft that I was looking for … that kept me drinking black teas today (including this, I’ve had four mugs of black tea, and I don’t usually have that many in one day) … then again, I might have stopped with this one and I really enjoyed those other teas. So maybe now is the time for business from a black tea!

It is rich and flavorful from the Assam and the Nilgiri, but it has a touch of lightness from the Darjeeling. This is still definitely a full-flavored tea, but, the Darjeeling does add enough lightness to keep it from feeling too overwhelmingly heavy. This is just right – a good kick in the cup when you need one.

The description suggests warm nutty tones and I get that … as well as touches of fruit throughout the sip. Astringent at the tail … but not overly so. It has rich malty tones, this would be awesome as a latte, but I like it quite well served straight too.

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My favorite teas are Yellow Teas with most Oolong teas at a close second. As far as “flavored” teas go, I love Earl Grey, Chocolate and Jasmine teas.

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