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I chose this tea because I found the idea of Green Papaya interesting and a little something outside of what I would normally choose. But because it tends to be sour, I chose the Imperial Matcha base for this, thinking that the sweeter, better tasting base would help offset some of the Green Papaya’s more acidic nature.

And I was correct … I find this to be delightfully balanced. Tart but not too sour, and very nicely sweet. I’m actually loving the Imperial base at the moment, I might have to start upgrading my orders from Red Leaf from this point forward. I like this a lot.

It tastes creamy and rich and sweet and just … oh-so-yummy. The papaya BRIGHTENS the bowl with its acid, I taste that note on my tongue toward the finish and into the aftertaste, and it is really pleasant. It is sour, but I don’t feel the need to pucker because of the balance brought by the sweetness of the Imperial Matcha.

Beautiful Matcha.

Edited to Add: We will be giving away this Matcha with these specifics (Imperial Matcha, Distinctive Flavoring) in a contest on SororiTea Sisters that will begin January 5th!

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Thank you to Em for including this in your Christmas exchange gift to me. It’s lovely! I kind of think I should have started my day with this, because this has the heft that I was looking for … that kept me drinking black teas today (including this, I’ve had four mugs of black tea, and I don’t usually have that many in one day) … then again, I might have stopped with this one and I really enjoyed those other teas. So maybe now is the time for business from a black tea!

It is rich and flavorful from the Assam and the Nilgiri, but it has a touch of lightness from the Darjeeling. This is still definitely a full-flavored tea, but, the Darjeeling does add enough lightness to keep it from feeling too overwhelmingly heavy. This is just right – a good kick in the cup when you need one.

The description suggests warm nutty tones and I get that … as well as touches of fruit throughout the sip. Astringent at the tail … but not overly so. It has rich malty tones, this would be awesome as a latte, but I like it quite well served straight too.

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Thank you TeaEqualsBliss for sending me some of this tea. Yummy!

This is so totally yum! Completely and utterly yum! Just what I have been craving without really realizing I was craving anything … after I started sipping, I just felt a sense of “ahhh… this is it.”

It has a nice kick of heat to it, but, it isn’t too hot. The chocolate is smooth, rich and creamy and manages to temper the heat from the chili so that it doesn’t become an overly spicy beverage. Oh, sure, it is spicy … but not TOO spicy. I’m not feeling the need to relieve my tongue from the heat, in other words. The sweet seems to counterblast the heat.

Instead, I feel this warming me up from the inside out, and I love that from a tea during this time of year. My husband, who hails from Minnesota, thinks that anything just over freezing is uncomfortably hot, so this house is typically on the chilly side year round. I … on the other hand, am a California girl and while I feel I’ve adapted to the Pacific Northwest in such a way that I’m proud to call it home, I’m still not quite as used to cold as someone who comes from a place buried in snow.

So this tea is warming me up (and the thermostats are turned up now that hubby is safely ensconced at work) on a very chilly day. It is deliciously chocolate-y (needs more chocolate though, LOL) and there is heat from the spice … I’d call it a mild-to-medium type of heat rather than a hot heat.

Very nice!

Butiki Teas

Hahaha, creative use of “counterblast”.


Thanks @ButikiTeas :)

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drank Red Vineyard by Fusion Teas
4842 tasting notes


I really like this. The flavor is less “wine-like” (although I did use that term when describing it in my full-length review of this that will publish later this month), and more wine-inspired … although I do get a fermented grape-y kind of taste in this too. The astringency at the tail of this tea seems to play to this.

The black tea is a full-flavored tea, strong but not what I’d call bold … it holds its own. The best part of this tea is the sweet, peachy flavors and the touch of strawberry, I like this combination of flavors.

A really good tea.

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On the Seventh Day of Christmas, DTerra Teas sent me this tea!


I enjoyed this first (and possibly only?) green tea in the DTerra Teas 12 Days of Christmas box. I loved the toasty sweetness of the walnuts, and the coconut added creaminess to the cup. I liked the fruit elements in this because it kept the flavors interesting. A very delightful tea!


Yum! I just ordered a couple of teas from della terra to try them out, I’m very excited! Thank goodness for steepster..I can broaden my tea brand horizons :)


Have you had Toasted Walnut from DavidsTea? I’m curious as to how it compares. I like TW (but it’s a bit finicky) and have a sample of this, although I don’t recall if I packed it or if it’s still at home.


I haven’t had the Toasted Walnut from David’s Tea, @Kittenna, I wish I could help you with a comparison, but, haven’t tried it.


No worries! I’ll do it myself later, I was just wondering :) I hadn’t ordered it, but received it as a sample with my first Della Terra order.

I ♥ NewYorkCiTEA

Oh this one sounds good! And different!

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drank Butter Brandy Cake by 52teas
4842 tasting notes

I cannot believe I am the first one to review this … especially since I make it a rule to wait a minimum of three weeks before I try the 52Teas blends. (more of a guideline than a rule, but, I will say that the monthly subscription program does make this easier to accomplish)

Yum! This is good. Very different … but good.

The flavors of a buttery-brandied-cake meld together with the rich black tea base. The cake seems to come out more toward the finish, and the aftertaste is sweet, but there is a twinge of brandy in there too. Sweet and yummy. This is a tea that is really so different from anything I’ve tried that I need to spend a little more time with it.


Sounds amazing!

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This is another tea from tattooed_tea for Day 6. (Fruit being another choice for breakfast!)

Mmm! This is one of the nicest cranberry/orange blends I’ve tried. I love the spice! The spices hit the palate right from the start, and then I taste the flavor of orange – sweet and a little bit tangy, and the tart notes of the cranberry. It’s very fragrant and flavorful and the flavors are very forward. They aren’t shy!

The black tea is also strong enough to stand up and be counted among these powerful flavors. It has a richness to it, so it surprised me to read the description and learn that it was a Ceylon. I thought maybe a Nilgiri. It is smooth, earthy, even a touch malty … and finishes with a slight astringency.

A very enjoyable cuppa!


I too loved this one! I have not made a tasting note yet as I have been too sleepy to do so then had other things I had to get done. It IS delightful though!!!

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drank Pom-Magical by Della Terra Teas
4842 tasting notes

On the sixth day of Christmas, Della Terra Teas sent me this tea!

As usual, this is a bit of a backlog, because I had this tea a couple of days ago so that I could schedule this review for today: http://sororiteasisters.com/2012/12/19/on-the-sixth-day-of-christmas-della-terra-teas-sent-to-me/

This tea is one of three exclusive teas from the box. It’s really nice. This is one of the few teas with hibiscus in it that I’m not finding myself wishing the hibiscus wasn’t in there. Actually, I felt the hibiscus really added a nice dimension to the cup (and that is not something you’ll hear me say often when it comes to hibiscus). Then again, I only steeped this tea for 2 1/2 minutes so it didn’t give the hibiscus a whole lot of time to impart that thick, heavy, tart syrup-like taste and texture, it was just enough time for the hibiscus to give the cup just a bit of tartness which played well to the pomegranate flavor.

Really nice.

(by the way D’Terra Teas, if you wish to change up the description or add a photo for this tea listing, please feel free, I used what was on the card in the envie/box for a description, and I don’t know if you want to get more detailed than that or not … and the only photo I had was the one that I took and it’s not great.)

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drank Chance Combinations by Custom
4842 tasting notes

This chance combination comes courtesy of tattooed_tea, who, for their contribution to the 12 Days of Christmas swap had Day 6 – Six Geese a’Laying. This brought to mind “eggs,” which brought to mind “breakfast.” So, we were sent a bounty of tea samples today! This is a combination of Pancake Breakfast and Maple Bacon teas, both from 52Teas. I’ve been wanting to try these two teas together because I’ve been bugging Frank for a blend that is pancake, bacon, pecan and caramel. Yes, I realize that sounds crazy, but I think that Frank could pull it off. I have faith in him. But he hasn’t yet accepted the challenge. :(

So, I combined both the pancake and the bacon teas into my teapot, and now have a yummy pancake and bacon breakfast tea. I added a pinch of salt (this brings out the bacon-y taste) and a drizzle of maple syrup – because I had it in the cupboard and thought some maple is good, more maple is better – and I’m loving what I’m drinking. I have my new little mug cozy on my cup (thank you Em for this lovely and useful gift!) and even though it is almost 9 am on my daughter’s first day of winter break and I could be sleeping right now, I couldn’t sleep and sipping this tea is the next best thing.

Thank you tattooed_tea … I’m loving this!

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Having a cuppa this evening … a nice white tea … sweet, mild, smooth. Fruit notes. Crisp, airy notes mingling with a hay-like note. Pleasant, just what I needed this evening.

Rebecca Lynn

I like the name!

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